Pot cover provided with streaming grate

A pot cover and steam grate technology, applied to steam cooking utensils, cooking utensil lids, etc., can solve the problems of low thermal efficiency and single function, and achieve good results

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-05-21
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[0002] At present, in the catering industry and home kitchens, there are few suitable pot covers on ...
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The invention relates to a pot cover provided with a streaming grate. At present, a proper pot cover is seldom available on a frying pan in the catering industry and a family kitchen, and the pot cover is basically single in function and lower in thermal efficiency. The pot cover provided with the streaming grate comprises a pot cover body; the steaming grate is arranged at the inner edge of the lower part of the pot cover body by screw thread; the pot cover body is provided with at least two vent holes; the pot cover body is made from acrylic or toughened glass. The pot cover is made from the acrylic or toughened glass, so that other foods can be arranged on the pot cover at the later period of cooking, especially at the later period of stewing so as to be heated at the same time, and the effect is very good.

Application Domain

Cooking-vessel lids/coversSteam cooking vessels

Technology Topic

EngineeringThermal efficiency +3


  • Pot cover provided with streaming grate
  • Pot cover provided with streaming grate


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Example Embodiment

[0010] See figure 1 with figure 2 : A pot cover with steaming grate, comprising a pot cover body 1, the inner edge of the lower part of the pot cover body 1 is provided with a steaming grate 2 through threads, and at least two vents are provided on the pot cover body 1 The material of the pot cover body 1 described in the hole 3 is acrylic or tempered glass.


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