Air conditioner mounting rack

A mounting frame and air-conditioning technology, which is applied in the field of mounting frames, can solve the problems of poor working conditions, high labor intensity and danger, and troublesome installation, disassembly and moving of installers, and achieve the effects of low cost, simple structure, and reduced risk

Active Publication Date: 2015-09-23
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[0002] Household air conditioners are indispensable household appliances in people's daily life, and the existing outdoor air conditioners are all installed on a metal bracket fixed to the outer wall with expansion screws. When installing this rack, it is necessary to operate outside the wall. Especially when drilling outside the...
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An air conditioner mounting rack comprises a fixing frame, a movable disc, a hanging bracket, a lifting device and a pressure arm, the two ends of a telescopic transverse frame of the fixing frame is connected with the upper ends of vertical frames, the two sides of one face of each vertical frame are each provided with a clamping fixing foot, an upper rotating plate and a lower rotating plate of the movable disc are rotatably connected with each other, sliding tubes which are arranged on the upper rotating plate and the lower rotating plate are connected with outer tubes of the transverse frame of the fixing frame and upper sliding tubes of the hanging bracket in a sliding and sleeving mode, the lifting device is arranged on the hanging bracket, the front end of the hanging bracket is connected with the telescopic pressure arm, the lower end of the pressure arm is connected with an electric drill clamping fixing part, reverse drilling can be conducted on the air conditioner mounting rack, and an air conditioner external unit can be lifted and moved to an exterior wall bracket to be fixed by utilizing the lifting device of the mounting rack.

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Lighting and heating apparatusAir conditioning systems

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Fixed frameEngineering +1


  • Air conditioner mounting rack
  • Air conditioner mounting rack
  • Air conditioner mounting rack


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Example Embodiment

[0027] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings.
[0028] As shown in the figure, the air-conditioning installation frame includes a fixed frame 1, a movable plate 2, a hanger 3, a lifting device 4, and a pressure arm 5.
[0029] 1. Fixed frame.
[0030] Such as figure 1 As shown, taking a double-tube structure frame as an example, the fixed frame 1 is in the shape of "∏" when opened, the horizontal frame 11 is a telescopic double-tube frame, and its structure is a parallel double outer tube 111 with connecting rods 113 fixed at both ends, One end of the double pipe port is inserted into the corresponding parallel double inner pipe 112, the other end of the inner pipe is fixedly connected with a connecting rod 113, the mullion 12 is a fixed connecting rod 113 between the parallel double vertical pipes, and both sides of the frame are fixedly connected with The clamping feet 121 are perpendicular to the same frame surface and in the same direction as the vertical rod.
[0031] Such as image 3 , Figure 5 As shown, the clamping feet can be rectangular or fan-shaped plates or folded rods, and one of the clamping feet is provided with a hand-twisted fastener 122; or a connecting clip is fixed on the vertical pipe on one side of the mullion 12 The fixing foot 121, the clamping foot with a bolt rod, the bolt rod penetrates through the nozzle of the transverse connecting rod 113 on the other side, and the exposed bolt head is fastened by the hand-twisted fastener 122.
[0032] Such as figure 2 , image 3 , Figure 4 As shown, the fixed frame horizontal frame 11 has vertical folding pipes 114 at the lower ends of the two ends, which can be inserted into the vertical pipe openings at the upper end of the vertical frame 12, or there are vertical folding frames 115 at the lower ends of the horizontal frame. The lower end of the frame can be rotatably connected with the upper end of the mullion 12. The function of the folding frame is to fold and store the mullion below the hanger. When the horizontal frame 11 and the mullion 12 are placed at right angles to the window, the two vertical frames The clamping feet 121 on the side are placed on the inner and outer sides of the wall 7 on both sides of the window, and the hand-twisted fasteners 122 on the clamping feet are used to press against the wall. The distance between the clamping feet 121 on both sides of the mullion is greater than that of the wall. The contact surface of the fixed foot 121 and the wall 7 can be provided with a rubber pad to avoid damage to the wall.
[0033] The mullion 12 can also be set as an inner and outer tube that can be telescopically fastened, and the structure is the same as the telescopic tube of the horizontal frame 11, and the two mullions 12 can also be inserted together to form a ladder shape.
[0034] 2. Mobile disk
[0035] Such as figure 1 As shown, the upper rotating plate 21 and the lower rotating plate 22 of the moving plate 2 are connected by a rotating shaft 23, the double sliding pipe 24 of the upper rotating plate can slide on the horizontal frame double outer pipe 111, and the double sliding pipe 24 of the lower rotating plate can be Slide on the upper slide bar 31 of the hanger 3, and the slide pipe can be provided with hand-twisted fasteners 122 to adjust the positioning of the hanger. When the lower turning plate rotates horizontally, the slide pipe and the upper turning plate slide pipe are at right angles. The buckle 25 on the board can be buckled and fixed.
[0036] 3. Hanger
[0037] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 As shown, the upper and lower rows of the inner side of the front and rear end plates 33 of the hanger are respectively fixedly connected with a parallel upper slide bar 31 and a parallel lower slide bar 32. The outer side of the front end plate is also provided with an extension tube 34 with a clamp head. There are lifting devices 4.
[0038] 4. Lifting device
[0039] Such as Image 6 As shown, the hoisting device 4 includes a hoisting block 41, a winch 42, and a rope 43. The hoisting block 41 is equipped with a pulley 40 that can slide on the lower bar 32 of the hanger. The hoisting block is equipped with a winch and rope. One end is fixedly connected with the winch and coiled, and the other end is connected with a hook. One side of the lifting block is provided with a gear shaft 44 that is concentric with the winch, and a jack and a crank 45 are provided on it. The gear buckle 46 on the same side as the gear shaft can be buckled on the gear shaft bayonet to control the goods Lifting position.
[0040] 5. Pressure arm.
[0041] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 As shown, the pressing arm 5 is a telescopic single-arm rod or a telescopic tube frame 51 for inserting the inner and outer double tubes, and the inner and outer tube ports are inserted with hand-twisted fasteners 122 and a foldable rotating connection. The tie rod 54, the upper end of the arm is provided with a transfer connecting casing frame and elastic spring 53, which can be sleeved on the extension tube 34 outside the hanger front plate 33. The running length of the casing on the extension tube is the same as the drill bit 61 drilling length Correspondingly, the lower end of the arm is provided with a clamping member 55, which can be fixedly connected or rotated and positioned. The clamping member is a fixed base plate 551 with a buckling plate 552 with a rotatably connected, or a buckling strip with a fastening wire, The cavity mold sleeve formed by the combination of the two plates corresponds to the shape of the electric drill. The electric drill 6 can be clamped. The electric drill bit 61 is at right angles to the pressure arm and perpendicular to the wall. When the pressure arm 5 is pulled, the lower end drill bit 61 of the arm It runs inward synchronously with the sleeve and spring 53 at the upper end of the arm.
[0042] A socket is provided at the clamp and the lead is connected to the power source, and a push-type power switch 62 is provided at the end of the folding rod to control the circuit to close and open. After the power plug of the electric drill is connected to the socket, the power can be turned off at the rod.
[0043] The hand-tightening fastener 122 includes a screw or a bolt with a nut.
[0044] The sliding tube provided on the upper rotating plate of the moving plate corresponds to the shape and number of the outer tube of the horizontal frame to be sleeved, and the sliding tube of the lower rotating plate corresponds to the shape and the number of the upper sliding rod of the hanging frame to be sleeved. The number of square pipes or round pipes should be at least two, and generally no more than four. The appropriate number can be determined according to needs.
[0045] 4. Working principle.
[0046] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 As shown, the fixing frame 1 is placed on the window, the telescopic inner tube 112 of the horizontal frame 11 slides outward to reach the wall on the side of the window, the vertical frame 12 is opened and placed vertically, and the clamping feet 121 on both sides of the frame are placed The inner and outer sides of the wall 7 are fixed on the wall with hand-twisted fasteners 122.
[0047] Such as figure 2 As shown, when electric drilling, the pressure arm 5 at the front end of the hanger is opened and placed vertically outside the window, the bolted buckle plate 552 on the clamp 55 is opened and the electric drill 6 is placed in the opposite direction to tighten, and the moving plate 2 is slid left and right to position. The hanger 3 is slid and positioned forward and backward, the pressure arm is slid up and down and fixed, and the electric drill 6 is positioned to the proper position, the folding rod 54 is pulled in and the power control switch 62 is turned on for drilling. The upper end of the pressure arm 5 is also synchronized with the drill in the same direction Sliding, high-speed rotation of the drill bit 61, a very short hole can be made with a small reverse pressure.
[0048] When moving and installing the air conditioner, rotate the hanger 3 at right angles to the horizontal frame 11 and tighten the buckles 25 of the upper and lower swivel plates, move the lifting device 4 to the indoor position, hang the hook on the outside of the air conditioner, and shake it. The wheels 42 hoist the body to the window and fasten it with the gear buckle 46, push it horizontally out of the window, and then drop it onto the fixed support frame.
[0049] Such as Figure 8 As shown, when folding into a ladder, the plug at the lower end of one mullion 12 can be connected to the nozzle at the upper end of the other mullion 12.
[0050] Such as Picture 9 As shown, the mounting frame can be folded and placed.


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