Magnet mutual effect tester

An experimental device and magnet technology, applied in the direction of instruments, educational appliances, teaching models, etc., can solve the problems that students are difficult to observe clearly, troublesome to operate, and inconvenient to move to classrooms of each class, etc. small effect

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[0003] This experimental method requires an iron stand, which is not convenient to move it from the laboratory to each classroom, and the operation is also troublesome
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Disclosed is a magnet mutual effect tester. The magnet mutual effect tester comprises a pair of bar magnets, and is characterized by further comprising a transparent cylinder for accommodating the magnets, wherein the internal diameter of the transparent cylinder is greater than the maximum transverse dimension of the magnets and is smaller than the length of the magnets, and the transparent cylinder is made of plastics and is provided with a cylinder cover. The The magnet mutual effect tester has the following advantages: since the internal diameter of the transparent cylinder is smaller than the length of the magnets, the magnets can only slide in the transparent cylinder and cannot reverse to opposite-polarity magnetic poles for attraction, when the transparent cylinder is vertically placed, an upper-surface magnetic pole is suspended at an upper position, the transparent cylinder is reversed, a magnet originally arranged at a lower position can also be suspended in the air, it is visually and vividly indicated that same-polarity magnetic poles repulse each other, and students are impressed and can have a better understanding. The apparatus is small, can be placed in a pocket and is conveniently carried. Since the plastic cylinder is not easily damaged, the magnet mutual effect tester is durable.

Application Domain

Educational models

Technology Topic

Transverse dimensionMagnetic poles


  • Magnet mutual effect tester


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0010] like figure 1 As shown, a pair of magnets 3 are placed inside the transparent cylinder 2 . The transparent cylinder 2 is equipped with a cylinder cover 1 to facilitate the storage of the inner magnet 3 .
[0011] The magnet 3 may be a cylindrical magnet or a rectangular parallelepiped magnet.


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