Safety system of stereo parking garage

A technology of three-dimensional parking lot and safety system, applied in the field of auxiliary equipment of three-dimensional parking lot, can solve the problems of low efficiency, congestion, slow speed, etc., and achieve the effect of improving efficiency, avoiding inconvenience and saving time.

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[0003] However, in real life, car owners often need to take and place items from the car. In the current three-dimensional parking lot, the car owner must move the car to the vehicle entry and exit position before opening the door for operation. The speed of the eq...
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The invention provides a safety system of a stereo parking garage. The safety system of the stereo parking garage comprises mobile parking spaces, portals, safety isolating devices, a top platform, a lift car guide rail, a lift car, a horizontal guide rail and a transmission mechanism, wherein the portals are fixed to the mobile parking spaces; each safety isolating device is arranged between the corresponding mobile parking space and the corresponding portal; and the number of the mobile parking spaces is twelve or over, and the mobile parking spaces are of a movable combined structure. By means of the safety system, car owners can go back and forth between the floor and parked cars through an elevator, so that time is greatly saved, the situation that in order to take or place objects, people have to move the cars and consequently various inconveniences are caused is avoided, the car owners can go back and forth between the floor and the cars directly, and efficiency is greatly improved. Meanwhile, safety of all the cars in the stereo parking garage is ensured, the car owners can enjoy the full sense of safety as private parking garages, lawbreakers cannot easily steal any cars parked in the stereo parking garage, and the car owners do not need to worry about that the own cars are scratched but relevant people in charge cannot be found.

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[0016] The technical solutions of the present invention are further described below, but the claimed scope is not limited to the description.
[0017] like figure 1 A three-dimensional parking lot safety system is shown, including a mobile parking space 11, a gantry 12, a safety isolation device 21, a top platform 31, a car guide rail 32, a car 41, a horizontal guide rail 51, and a transmission mechanism 52; the gantry frame 12 is fixed on the mobile parking space 11, and a safety isolation device 21 is fixed between the mobile parking space 11 and the gantry 12; the number of the mobile parking spaces 11 is a movable combination structure with more than 12; the front of the mobile parking space 11 is provided with adjacent Elevator device; there is a top platform 31 on the top of the elevator device, vertical car guide rails 32 are fixed at the bottom four corners of the top platform 31, and a car 41 that can move up and down is arranged between the four car guide rails 32; the bottom of the top platform 31 Horizontal guide rails 51 are arranged laterally along the front of the combination of the moving parking spaces 11 . The top platform 31 can be driven by a motor installed on the top platform 31 and is driven by the transmission mechanism 52 to move on the horizontal guide rails 51 along the direction of the horizontal guide rails 51 .
[0018] One end of the safety isolation device 21 is fixed on the beam or column of the portal frame 12 , and the opposite end is fixed with a safety isolation control structure 22 , which controls the opening and closing of the safety isolation device 21 .
[0019] A buffer block 43 is provided at the bottom of the car guide rail 32, and the buffer block 43 is used to buffer the downward impact of the car 41 in an emergency.
[0020] The elevator device is also provided with a counterweight 42 .
[0021] The bottom of the elevator device is provided with a safety moving wheel 53 , and the direction of the safety moving wheel 53 is the same as that of the horizontal guide rail 51 .
[0022] Doors are opened on two opposite sides of the car 41 whose connecting line is perpendicular to the horizontal guide rail 51 .
[0023] Therefore, when the owner needs to pick up and place items at the parked vehicle 71 during the process of parking the vehicle, he can enter the car 41 and be transported by the elevator device to the parking space 62 of the vehicle the owner parked, and then the console controls the safety The isolation control structure 22 only needs to open the safety isolation device 21, which is convenient and quick, and there is no need to wait for the entry and exit positions 61 to affect the efficiency.


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