Intelligent alarm clock realization method and system

A technology of an intelligent alarm clock and an implementation method, which is applied to clocks, timers of integrated devices, electronic timers, etc., can solve the problems of low accuracy of alarm time, and achieve the effect of avoiding traffic jams and improving accuracy.

Active Publication Date: 2017-05-31
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[0005] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a method and system for realizing an intelligent alarm clock in view of th...
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The invention discloses an intelligent alarm clock realization method and system. The method comprises the following steps: obtaining travel information of a user input when setting an alarm clock; estimating travel time of a trip mode according to the travel information every an interval of preset time; and comparing the travel time with a preset time threshold value, and when the travel time is larger than the preset time threshold value, controlling the alarm clock to start. The method and system can obtain the required travel time according to the travel information, and the alarm clock is adjusted according to the travel time to enable the alarm clock to alarm at different time according to different weather and traffic conditions, thereby preventing the problem of failure of arrival on time according to the originally-set alarm time due to traffic jam caused by weather or accidents, and improving accuracy of alarm time of the alarm clock.

Application Domain

Acoustic time signalsTime-pieces with integrated devices

Technology Topic

Traffic congestionReal-time computing +4


  • Intelligent alarm clock realization method and system
  • Intelligent alarm clock realization method and system
  • Intelligent alarm clock realization method and system


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0077] Example one
[0078] This embodiment provides a method for implementing a smart alarm clock, such as figure 2 As shown, it includes:
[0079] M10. When receiving the user's selection of the smart alarm clock, obtain the travel information input by the user, where the travel information includes: desired arrival time, travel mode, departure place, destination, and reserved buffer time.
[0080] M20. The travel information obtained by the smart terminal is sent to the server.
[0081] M30. The server receives the travel data and adds it to the attention queue that is updated regularly.
[0082] M40. The server periodically updates the relevant road traffic information in the attention queue from a predetermined time.
[0083] M50. The server calculates the travel time of various travel modes according to travel information and related road traffic information.
[0084] M60. The server feeds back the travel mode corresponding to the travel information and the corresponding travel duration to the smart terminal.
[0085] M70. The smart terminal receives feedback information from the server, and obtains the travel time corresponding to the user preset travel direction according to the feedback information.
[0086] M80, the smart terminal compares the sum of the alarm clock setting time, travel duration, and buffer time with the expected arrival time, and if it is less than, step M90 is performed; if it is greater than or equal to, step M110 is performed;
[0087] M90. The smart terminal uses the difference between the expected arrival time and the sum of the buffer time and travel time as the time set by the alarm clock;
[0088] M100. Determine whether the alarm time is reached, if it is reached, execute step M110; if it has not reached, execute step M70.
[0089] M110. The alarm clock of the smart terminal will ring immediately, and the user will be notified of the available travel mode and arrival time.
[0090] M120. The smart terminal notifies the server to end the processing of the travel information.
[0091] M130. The server removes the travel information from the attention queue.
[0092] The present invention also provides an implementation system of a smart alarm clock, such as image 3 As shown, it includes:
[0093] The obtaining module 100 is configured to obtain travel information input by a user setting an alarm clock, where the travel information includes at least a departure place, a destination, a travel mode, an estimated arrival time, and a buffer time.
[0094] The determining module 200 is configured to estimate the travel duration of the travel mode according to the travel information at predetermined intervals;
[0095] The first execution module 300 is configured to compare the travel duration with a preset time threshold, and when the travel duration is greater than the preset time threshold, control the alarm to start.
[0096] The realization system of the smart alarm clock further includes:
[0097] The second execution module is used to readjust the alarm time according to the travel time, the estimated arrival time and the buffer time when the travel time is less than the preset time threshold.
[0098] In the implementation system of the smart alarm clock, the preset time threshold is the difference between the expected arrival time and the sum of the preset alarm time and the reserved buffer time.
[0099] In the implementation system of the smart alarm clock, the determining module specifically includes:
[0100] An acquiring unit, configured to acquire road traffic information between the departure place and the destination every predetermined time interval;
[0101] The calculation module is used to calculate the travel time of the travel mode according to the road traffic information.


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