A blockchain-based working method for effective allocation of medical prescriptions

A working method and blockchain technology, applied in the field of blockchain computing, to achieve the effects of ensuring stability and unalterability, reducing the burden of data transmission, and ensuring data security

Active Publication Date: 2022-03-11
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[0002] Due to the continuous development of blockchain technology, the application fields are becoming more and more extensive. In particular, the blockchain can realize functions such as decentralization and tamper-proof, which also makes its promotion more in-depth. However, in the process of data uploading and acquisition, its security It needs to be continuously improved. Among them, hospitals and patien...
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The present invention proposes a working method for the effective configuration of medical prescriptions based on blockchain, which includes the following steps: S1, the patient terminal requests blockchain nodes to go up to the chain, performs data encryption processing through an encryption method, and encrypts the patient terminal. The data is broadcast on the blockchain, and the broadcast content is the patient terminal index information; S2, the doctor terminal connected to the blockchain obtains the broadcasted patient terminal index information, and if the corresponding doctor terminal makes an inquiry request, it needs to perform a decryption operation. Obtain all the data sent by the patient terminal; S3, after decryption, the physician terminal obtains all the data of the patient terminal and issues a drug list, which is sent to the blockchain. The rationality of prescription medication is reviewed, and finally the prescription review results are uploaded to the chain; S4, the patient terminal performs the payment operation according to the prescription reviewed by the pharmacist's prescription review terminal, so that the pharmacy terminal performs the dispensing process.

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Key distribution for secure communicationDrug and medications +1

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Medical emergencyComputer network +5


  • A blockchain-based working method for effective allocation of medical prescriptions
  • A blockchain-based working method for effective allocation of medical prescriptions
  • A blockchain-based working method for effective allocation of medical prescriptions


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Example Embodiment

[0038] Embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below, and examples of the embodiments are illustrated in the drawings, in which the same or similar reference numerals represent the same or similar elements or elements having the same or similar functions. The following is exemplary, and is intended to be illustrative of the invention, not to be construed as limiting the invention.
[0039] Such asfigure 1 As shown, the present invention proposes a working method of a pharmaceutical prescription based on the block chain, including:
[0040] 1. For physicians, pharmacists, patients, pharmacies, and deploy block chains and differential nodes in each node and join the block chain network;
[0041] 2, after the patient's terminal is online, the physician terminal is submitted to the patient, and the procedure and prescription information are uploaded to the block chain after encryption;
[0042] 3. The pharmacist audit terminal in the block chain network receives the prescription by decryption, and conducts a signature of the prescription. This process and prescription information are uploaded to the block chain after encryption.
[0043] 4. After receiving the prescription, the patient terminal receives the prescription and confirms the purchase to the corresponding pharmacy system;
[0044] 5. The pharmacist auditor terminal in the block chain network receives the prescription by decryption, according to the prescription information, the physician signs the pharmacist drug chapter in the electronic prescription, and the procedure and prescription information are uploaded to the block chain after encryption.
[0045] The S1 includes:
[0046] S1-1, the patient terminal sends an authentication request to the block chain, and the authentication information of the patient terminal is detected by the multi-node network exists. If there is, execute S1-2, if there is no end authentication information;
[0047] S1-2, after the patient terminal acquires the block link node upper chain notification, the key generation process is performed; the key generates a 256-bit data encryption key and transmits it to the block chain;
[0048] The encryption process first establishes a key package by the patient terminal, and judges the legality of the patient terminal through the block chain multi-node network. If it is a legal patient terminal, if the patient terminal login instruction is correct, if a large number of patient terminals occur in a short period of time Error login authentication request, then determine that illegal attacks, encrypts the encrypted hash function, generates a double linear group Q = (S, E, S, S, E, S, S, E, S, S, E, S) T , P) and the first large number O, and disclose these two numbers, where the symmetry double linear operation D: = S × S → S T , Other block chains select the random second large number P, the second largepex number P satisfies P
[0049] Define (G 1 , G 2 Two random elements, mapping the patient terminal identity information, the hash function h 1 : {1,0} → g 1 Hidden 2 : {2,0} → g 2 Strings are projected to g 1 And g 2 On the process of encrypting identity information of the patient terminal, the symmetric key M is formed, and the following information is calculated according to the public parameters:
[0051] Among them, the identification Is the first generation element U 1 And the second generation element U 2 The square of the data collection, where hash function h 1 For the first generation element U 1 Hash value logo, identify C 2 = T 1 γ · U is used to generate encrypted package data, T 1 γ For patient terminal identity information keyword reference, U is a third-party security parameter, identify C 3 : = H 2 (T 1 γ · U) 2 Is the square, identification of the encrypted package data of the hash function H2 Is the first corrective code Product, identification of the probability value of the key distribution Index string i 1 Hash function h 1 After the different or calculation, the product convergence of σ balance coefficient is performed; Index string i 2 Hash function h 2 After the different or calculation, the σ balance coefficient product converge is performed; μ is the convergence coefficient of the plaintext document, the λ is expanded, and the γ is an encrypted hierarchy symbol; n is a positive integer of less than 128;
[0052] The problem of the system parameters, the system is secured and solve the problem of the system's terminal key, and the running lifecycle is divided into discrete time fragments. The information of each time clip will be embedded in the encryption key of the patient terminal. When transmitting a patient terminal encryption key is revoked, updated, or leak, by updating the patient terminal encryption key to ensure that the block chain is supercharged, and the encryption operation is performed, and the encrypted operation is performed. 1 : = CH (X 1 || x 2 || ... ||| i K) and H 2 = CH (Y) 1 || y 2 || ... || y i , l), where X i To increment ciphertext, y i For the reduction ciphertext, k is the increment key, L is a reduction key, if the power e (h 1 H 2 , gk) ≠ e (x i Y i ), Where GK is the public key, the end operation stops the upper chain;
[0053] S1-3, the block chain to generate the corresponding patient terminal encrypted data block; the encrypted data block is combined with the patient terminal index information as the same compressed file. Among them, the encrypted data block and the patient index information are compressed, form the same compressed file, the corresponding other nodes and physician terminals can see the patient terminal index file, the index file includes a brief patient identity information, and the summary data of the patient diagnosis, including Basic blood analysis, CT examination, nuclear magnetic resonance summary information
[0054] S2-1, after the physician terminal acquires the corresponding consultation request, select the process and not processed, if the selection process is selected, then after the encryption algorithm is decrypted, all data is obtained, if the selection is not processed, the interval must be The time period is reminded and gradually reduces the number of reminders;
[0055] S2-2, the physician terminal enables index information of different patient terminals in real time by real-time, and performs a consultation operation.
[0056] Preferably, the S3 also includes:
[0057] S3-1, the pharmacist auditor terminal conducts a compliance of the drug issued by the physician terminal on the corresponding drug list;
[0058] S3-2, there is resistance between drugs, or the drug itself belongs to non-prescription drugs, or the drug dose exceeds the compliance range, and the pharmacist audit terminal is carried out accordingly;
[0059] S3-3, if passing through the pharmacist trial terminal, send payment information to the patient terminal for payment operation, if the pharmacist auditor terminal review is not passed, then return to the doctor terminal to re-open the drug list.
[0060] Preferably, the S4 also includes:
[0061] S4-1, the patient terminal performs payment operation during payment operation, and will pay the payment to complete the data transmission area block chain after payment through the network platform, and the pharmacy terminal will be carried out, and the stocking drugs and inventory drugs will be conducted. The drug list is confirmed, and the corresponding drug is complete;
[0062] S4-2, when the patient terminal provides the patient terminal positioning information, the patient terminal positioning information is provided, and the closer pharmacy terminal is taken, on-site payment, or after payment through the network;
[0063] S4-3, when the patient terminal passes the method of payment by the patient terminal, the pharmacy terminal is completed according to the positioning information of the patient terminal, and the drug is sent to the positioning position of the patient terminal, on-site payment.
[0064] While the embodiments of the present invention have been shown and described, those skilled in the art will appreciate that these examples can be made, modified, replaced, and variants without departing from the principles and dedication of the invention. The scope of the invention is defined by the claims and the like.


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