Method for generating system interactive API document from source code based on Internet financial system

A financial system and generation system technology, which is applied in the field of generating system interaction API documents from source code based on Internet financial systems, and can solve problems such as high transformation costs and risks, inconsistent versions, and inconsistent API fields.

Pending Publication Date: 2021-07-09
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Problems solved by technology

[0006] 1. The documentation for system interaction is likely not up-to-date;
[0007] 2. The versions of the system interaction documents obtained by each system are likely to be inconsistent;
[0008] 3. The API field in the document may be inconsistent with the code;
[0009] 4. The entire bank...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of information, and discloses a method for generating system interactive API (Application Program Interface) documents from a source code based on an internet financial system, which comprises the following links: S1, carrying out a configuration link in an api management system; S2, submitting codes by developers; S3, carrying out a devops trigger event link; S4, a working link of the api management system; and S5, a static page display link. According to the method, the invasion to the existing project is very small, the rapid access of a new project can be solved, and the method can be rapidly popularized to each system, so that each system can be rapidly used; meanwhile, developers only need to pay relatively low docking cost, and only need to provide corresponding code libraries for related configuration before docking; in addition, the generated API documents are subjected to all-line centralized management, the API documents are output through the same caliber, the API documents are always kept consistent with the source codes, and the API documents are automatically updated along with updating of the source codes.

Application Domain

Program documentationSoftware deployment

Technology Topic

Information technologyCodebase +8


  • Method for generating system interactive API document from source code based on Internet financial system
  • Method for generating system interactive API document from source code based on Internet financial system


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Example Embodiment

[0047] The following description will be described below, and the embodiments described are intended to be in the embodiment of the invention, not all of the embodiments. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, those of ordinary skill in the art will belong to the scope of the present invention without making in the pre-creative labor premistence.
[0048] The technical solutions of the present specification embodiments will be more clearly described below, and the accompanying drawings need to be used in the description of the embodiments will be briefly described below. Obviously, the drawings in the following description are merely some examples or embodiments of the present specification, and will be applied to these accompanying drawings without having to pay creative labor. Other similar scenarios.
[0049] In conjunction with the drawings, the present invention adopts the following technical solutions:
[0050] A method of an API document based on an internet financial system interacts from the source code generation system.
[0051] S1: Code developer or system leader.
[0052] Step S11: The code developer or the system is submitted to the configuration of the API management system to configure system administrators for the API management system.
[0053] Step S12: The system administrator of the API management system configures the relevant information of the system / application, mainly including the name of the system / application, the purpose of the code warehouse, the person in charge, the purpose of the configuration is to provide the pre-condition for subsequent automation of the API document.
[0054] S2: Code developers.
[0055] Step S21: Developers develop code when receiving new needs, and write corresponding annotations, comments can provide the corresponding gadgets to generate one-click to help developers generate corresponding comments.
[0056] Step S22: When the code development is complete, directly submit the code to the git warehouse. When the code is in progress Code + 2, DEVPOS automatically triggers the corresponding event, you can automatically call the API of the API management center, trigger generated automatic generation API Documentation features.
[0057] S3: DEVOPS integration.
[0058] Step S31: DEVOPS automatically triggers the corresponding event while detecting code for Code + 2, and actively captures the branch information of the current system / application, writes all branch information of the current system / application to a file, waiting API The management system is tested, and the subsequent API version is consistent with the branch.
[0059] Step S32: DEVOPS automatically triggers the corresponding event while detecting code + 2, call the corresponding API of the API management system.
[0060] S4: API management system.
[0061] Step S41: When receiving the API called by DevOps, the code is automatically taken.
[0062] Step S42: When pulling the corresponding code, detect the integrity of the project file, mainly the integrity of the file required by the API management system, and if you need to check if other files are complete, it can also be set according to the requirements.
[0063] Step S43: When the file is detected, the file is parsed under the item, as long as the corresponding parsing of the file-defined corresponding annotation is satisfied.
[0064] Step S44: Analysis of the branch of the current code, the purpose of parsing the code is mainly updated version of the API, and always consistent with the branch information of the API.
[0065] Step S44: When parsing the data over the API, and keep the corresponding API and the branch information is consistent, saved to the database.
[0066] S5: Static page show.
[0067] Step S51: You need to view the appropriate API document, log in to the API management system to view. In actual use, we export the data of the final API document as needed to generate external Excel and World documents.
[0068] The basic concepts have been described above, and it is apparent to those skilled in the art, and the above disclosure is merely examples only, and is not limited to the specification. Although there is no clear explanation here, those skilled in the art may make various modifications, improvements, and modifications of this specification. This type of modification, improvement, and corrections are recommended in this specification, so this class is modified, improved, and the amendment remains in the spirit and scope of the exemplary embodiment of the present specification.
[0069] At the same time, this specification uses specific words to describe the embodiments of the present specification. As "one embodiment", "an embodiment", and / or "some embodiments" means a certain feature, structure, or characteristic of the present specification at least one embodiment. Therefore, it should be emphasized and noted that "one embodiment" or "one embodiment" or "an alternative embodiment" or "an alternative embodiment" mentioned in this specification is not necessarily referred to as the same embodiment. . Further, certain features, structures, or features of one or more embodiments of the present specification can be combined.
[0070] Moreover, unless otherwise specified in the claims, the sequence of this specification, the order of the sequence of the present specification, the use of digital letters, or other names are not used to define the order of the present specification processes and methods. Although some examples of the invention currently considered useful in the present invention are discussed in the above disclosure, it should be understood that the details of this class will only be described, and the appended claims are not limited to the disclosure embodiments. The requirements are designed to cover all modifications and equivalents combined with the substance and range of the present specification. For example, although the system components described above can be implemented by hardware devices, it can be implemented only by software, such as installation of the described systems on an existing server or mobile device.
[0071] In addition, it should be noted that in order to simplify the expression disclosure of this specification, it will help the description of one or more of the invention, and the foregoing will be returned to one embodiment, and BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS However, this disclosure method does not mean that the characteristics of the characteristics required for this specification are more than the characteristics mentioned in the claims. In fact, the characteristics of the embodiment are less than all of the features of the single embodiment of the above disclosure.
[0072] Finally, it should be understood that the embodiments described herein are only used to illustrate the principles of the embodiments of the present specification. Other deformations may also belong to the scope of this specification. Thus, as an example, an alternative configuration of the embodiments of the present specification can be regarded as consistent with the teachings of the present specification. Accordingly, the embodiments of the present specification are not limited to the embodiments of the present specification clearly described and described.


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