Caller initiated caller ID setting method

A technology of caller ID and calling party, applied in the direction of subscriber special service, etc., can solve the problems of single display content, unable to meet the individual needs of calling users, unable to show the personality of calling users, etc., and achieve the effect of promoting enterprises

Inactive Publication Date: 2005-11-30
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Problems solved by technology

Such as the current caller ID service, but the display content of the current caller ID service is only the phone number of the calling party, which is relatively single and fixed, and cannot meet the individual needs of the calling user; the Chinese caller ID supported by the current mobile phone It is realized by using the phonebook function. The method of implementation is to search the phonebook first when there is an incoming call. If there is an incoming call in the...
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This invention discloses one wire or wireless communication technique field and especially to one method to display the calls with one calling device. The user applies opening calling set in the communication system to display the calling display with added services and set the content on the counter phone. When dialing the phone number, then the counter phone shall display it wanted personal content.

Application Domain

Special service for subscribers

Technology Topic

Value-added servicePersonalization +3


  • Caller initiated caller ID setting method
  • Caller initiated caller ID setting method
  • Caller initiated caller ID setting method


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Example Embodiment

[0013] The present invention provides a method for the calling party to actively set the caller ID, which is described below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0014] The present invention is that the calling party actively sets the personalized information of the text, picture, sound, animation and even movie that want to be displayed on the called party’s phone, and the steps for realizing the setting include figure 1 The user application shown is steps 1), 3); figure 2 The settings shown are as step 2) and image 3 The implementation shown is step 4). details as follows:
[0015] 1) The calling party user applies for this value-added service in the telecommunications system by dialing the telecommunications service provider’s hotline, logging on to the telecommunications service provider’s website, or logging on to the third-party value-added service website;
[0016] 2) The calling party user has set the content that he wants to display on the called party's phone. There are two setting methods: 1. Direct input through the keyboard in the mobile phone; (2) computer production; (3) dedicated network or The computer network download method is edited by oneself. Second, the user sets or selects the desired caller ID in the telecommunications server by dialing the telecommunications service provider’s hotline, logging in to the telecommunications service provider’s website or logging in to the third-party value-added service website.
[0017] 3) After the calling party pays the service fee to the telecommunications system website, the telecommunications system website opens this value-added service;
[0018] 4) When the calling party makes a call, if the called party has a fixed telephone, mobile phone or special equipment that supports this function, the content of the caller ID set by the calling party will appear on the called party’s phone, such as image 3 Shown as "Taiyue wooden door for you", "Pull the light to love you" or "Beijing Hospital reminds you".


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