A method for controlling mobile phone to play music

A technology for playing music and mobile phones. It is applied in the direction of telephone communication, electrical components, radio/inductive link selection and arrangement, etc. It can solve the problems of inconvenient process and achieve the effect of convenient use.

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-01-09
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At this time, if the user wants to switch to other songs to play, or wants to adjust the volume, he must enter from the standby inte...
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The method comprises: 1) when music is played in backstage, the user starts up the acceleration sensor of the mobile phone; user shakes said mobile phone; the acceleration sensor senses the phone-shaken direction in order to determine the direction information; 4) the music player in the mobile phone makes relevant process for the currently-played music according to the phone-shaken direction sensed by the acceleration sensor.

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Radio/inductive link selection arrangementsSubstation equipment

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Music playerStart up +4


  • A method for controlling mobile phone to play music


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0020] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings.
[0021] The music player in the mobile phone reads the music files stored in the mobile phone or the flash memory card, and chooses to start playing in the background from the first music file or the music file that has stayed since the last time it was played. As shown in Figure 1, when music is playing in the background, the user can activate the phone’s acceleration sensor by long pressing the preset key, and then shake the phone. The acceleration sensor detects the direction in which the user shakes the phone to determine the location information of the phone; if the user The amplitude of shaking the mobile phone is too small so that the acceleration sensor cannot detect the direction in which the user is shaking the mobile phone, and thus cannot determine the orientation information of the mobile phone, and the mobile phone music player maintains the current state; otherwise, the music player is determined after the orientation information is determined. According to the position information, the current music is processed accordingly, which specifically includes: when the user shakes the phone upwards, the music player receives the upward position information, and then increases the volume of the currently playing music; the user shakes the phone downwards When the music player receives the downward orientation information, it reduces the volume of the music currently playing; when the user shakes the phone to the left, the music player receives the left orientation information, then stops the currently playing music and switches Go to the previous music file in the playlist to play; when the user shakes the phone to the right, the music player receives the orientation information to the right, then stops the currently playing music and switches to the next music file in the playlist to play; where , The playlist includes one or more music files. If the playlist only includes one music file, the currently playing music will still be played when the user shakes the phone to the left or right.


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