Rolling pendulum

A technology of rolling and rotating shafts, which is applied in the field of rolling and can solve the problems of small force bearing area, easy breaking of silk thread, strong thread pressure, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-11-09
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[0004] After observation, the reason why the silk thread is easy to break is: if figure 2 As shown, the hole for the silk thread to pass through is hollow and straight, that is, the inner wall of ...
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The invention discloses a rolling pendulum. The rolling pendulum comprises a cross beam in which a left oillet and a right oillet are formed, a rotating shaft in which a left oillet and a right oillet are formed, and wires which pass through the corresponding oillets in the cross beam and the rotating shaft to suspend the rotating shaft and a bearing wheel, and is characterized in that: the inner walls of the oillets in the cross beam and the surface of the cross beam have smooth arc shapes; and the inner walls of the oillets in the rotating shaft and the surface of the rotating shaft also have smooth arc shapes. By adoption of the structure, contact areas between the wires and the oillets are increased remarkably, born pressure is reduced obviously and a trouble that the wires are easy to break is solved.

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  • Rolling pendulum
  • Rolling pendulum
  • Rolling pendulum


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[0012] Such as image 3 As shown, the inner walls of the left eyelet 61 and the right eye 62 of the beam and the surface of the beam are in a smooth arc shape; the inner walls of the left shaft 63 and the right eye 64 of the shaft also have a smooth arc with the surface of the shaft.


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