Three-wheel type road sweeper

A sweeper and three-wheeled technology, used in cleaning methods, road cleaning, construction, etc., can solve the problems of narrow cleaning range, laborious operators, and difficulty in cleaning, and achieve good cleaning effect and large cleaning range.

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-05-23
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[0002] There are few small street sweepers operated by individuals, and two rotating brooms are generall...
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The invention discloses a three-wheel type road sweeper, and relates to an environmental sanitation sweeping device. In the three-wheel type road sweeper, a small-sized belt conveyor and a garbage storage tank frame connected with the small-sized belt conveyor are arranged on a tricycle frame, and a garbage storage tank is arranged in the garbage storage tank frame; and the front side of the tricycle frame is provided with two straight sweeping rollers, and the rear side of the tricycle frame is provided with a sweeping rotary roller. The three-wheel type road sweeper has the advantages of relatively saving labor during riding of operators, along with large sweeping ranges and extremely good sweeping effects.

Application Domain

Road cleaning

Technology Topic

Vehicle frameEngineering +4


  • Three-wheel type road sweeper
  • Three-wheel type road sweeper
  • Three-wheel type road sweeper


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Example Embodiment

[0008] refer to figure 1 , figure 2 The three-wheel sweeper is to set a small belt conveyor 1 and a garbage storage box frame 2 connected thereto on a tricycle frame 4, and put the garbage storage box 3 in the frame 2; the front of the small belt conveyor 1 One side of the roller is equipped with a sprocket 5, which is connected with the sprocket 6 on the outer side of the wheel 7 axles through a chain; Wheel 10 is connected with the sprocket 16 of pedal with chain, and sprocket 11 is connected with the driving sprocket 17 of straight cleaning roller; Colloid sheet 8, a cleaning rotary roller 9 is established at the colloid sheet 8 rear, and the support bearing of cleaning rotary roller 9 is used as the rear tug wheel 10 of vehicle frame 4 simultaneously; The sprockets 17 on the transmission shafts of the two straight cleaning rollers 14 set below the vehicle frame 4 are connected, and a tower gear 12 is respectively arranged on the shafts on both sides of the sprocket 17, and each tower gear 12 meshes with a gear. 13. A straight sweeping roller 14 is fixed in the center hole of the gear 13, and the angle between two straight sweeping rollers 14 is close to 90°; Then the operator steps on the three-wheel frame, and the three-wheel sweeper can move forward, and the shaft of the wheel 7 drives two straight cleaning rollers 14 to rotate relatively, so that the garbage on the side of the street can be collected between the two wheels 7, The cleaning rotary roller 9 between the two rear tugwheels 10 at the back of the vehicle frame 4 sweeps the collected rubbish onto the thin rubber plate 8, and gradually moves to the top of the beginning of the small belt conveyor 1, and finally the rubbish is swept away. Be transported in the garbage storage box 3, after there is more rubbish in the garbage storage box 3, you can pull out the garbage storage box 3 from the frame 2, so as to topple over.


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