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Brick stacking mechanism for automatic stacker

The invention discloses a brick stacking mechanism for an automatic stacker. The brick stacking mechanism comprises a chassis fixedly connected with the automatic stacker, a rotary table driven by a power device to rotate horizontally is connected with the chassis in a rotating manner, a rotary support plate and a translation support plate which are arranged horizontally side by side are connected with the rotary table, the rotary support plate is driven to rotate horizontally by a rotation power device arranged on the rotary table, the translation support plate is driven by a translation power device arranged on the rotary table to do horizontal translation to get close to or depart from the rotary support plate, a baffle arranged vertically is arranged on the outer side of the rotary support plate, a baffle arranged horizontally is fixedly arranged on the front side of the rotary support plate, a backlash push plate which is arranged on the outer side of the translation support plate is connected with the chassis in a sliding manner and is driven by a backlash power device arranged on the chassis. The brick stacking mechanism can be used for quickly rearranging building bricks so that the bricks meet stacking requirement; therefore the labor intensity of workers is reduced and the working efficiency of the workers is improved.

Plate group welding tooling

The invention discloses a plate group welding tooling. The tooling comprises a die box, a middle upright plate is arranged in the middle of the die box to separate an inner cavity of the die box into left and right plate pack placing die cavities, push plates which can move transversely to cooperate with the middle upright plate to clamp or loosen plate packs are arranged on left and right sides of the die box, a plate lug positioning mechanism which is used for clamping plate lugs of the plate packs placed in the plate pack placing die cavities is arranged at the top of the die box, the plate lug positioning mechanism comprises comb plates which are arranged on front and back sides of the top of the die box respectively, comb teeth are arranged on the comb plates, a middle blocking iron is arranged in the middle of the die box, and the plate lug positioning mechanism also comprises a rocker arm device which drives the comb plates to move to the middle to cooperate with the middle blocking iron to position the plate lugs of plate groups. According to the tooling, air cylinders are used for clamping the plate packs, the lever type rocker arm device serves as an opening and closing die, the time-saving and efficient effect is achieved, the labor intensity of operators is reduced, the labor efficiency is improved, and the welding quality is guaranteed.

Method for removing lithium, purifying and recovering lithium of aluminum electrolyte

ActiveCN109930174AAchieve stable and balanced operationImprove labor efficiencyCalcium/strontium/barium fluoridesAlkali metal nitrate preparationChemistryLithium
The invention discloses a method for removing lithium, purifying and recovering lithium of an aluminum electrolyte. The method comprises the following steps: (1) removing lithium and purifying the aluminum electrolyte; and (2) recycling the removed lithium, namely, evaporating and concentrating filtrate, neutralizing, purifying, recovering lithium, and preparing lithium salt. The method aims at solving the problem of energy consumption increase due to enriched lithium in the electrolyte when an electrolytic bath is used for a long term in the aluminum industry. The aluminum electrolyte treatedby the method contains not greater than 0.5% of lithium; the aluminum electrolyte can be returned into the electrolytic bath for recycling; and the removed lithium can be recycled. With the adoptionof the method, a high value-added lithium salt product can be prepared; a new lithium resource is developed, and moreover, the demand condition of the current market on a high-level lithium product isreleased; the technology progress of the country in the new energy industry and the high-level lithium application industry is promoted; and the method is obvious in social benefit, wide in raw material source, low in comprehensive cost, simple and easy in processes, clean and environmentally friendly in production processes, and high in economic and social benefits.

Fully automatic paper tube machine

The invention discloses a fully automatic paper tube machine, which comprises a rotary spindle, a damping device, a drive traction device, an engine seat and a decoiling and gluing machine frame, wherein the rotary spindle is used for spirally winding a paper strip and forming a continuous paper tube; a damping wheel of the damping device acts on the rotary spindle and the damping device is used for firmly adhering the paper strip spirally wound on the rotary spindle; the drive traction device is sleeved on the rotary spindle, synchronously rotates with the rotary spindle and drives the paper tube formed on the rotary spindle to continuously lead one end of the rotary spindle out; the engine seat is used for supporting the rotary spindle and the drive traction device; and the decoiling and gluing machine frame is alternately provided with a plurality of paper rolls, guidance and tension control device, a gluing device and a paper separating frame sequentially from one end and is used for spirally winding the paper strips on the plurality of paper rolls after being alternately adhered on the rotary spindle. The fully automatic paper tube machine of the invention can fully automatically and continuously manufacture the paper tube, improves the manufacturing efficiency and can manufacture profile paper tubes of different shapes, specifications and models by exchanging rotary spindles of different shapes and models.

Anti-mildew and antiseptic treatment method for artificial bamboo boards

ActiveCN102765114AImprove labor efficiencyReduce labor costsCoating impregnationCoatingsAutomaticityAqueous solution
The invention provides an anti-mildew and antiseptic treatment method for artificial bamboo boards, and the artificial bamboo boards are outdoor restructured bamboo floorboards. The treatment method includes the processing steps: firstly, setting the clear width of a restructured bamboo floorboard surface as 90-210mm; secondly, adding water into water-based colorless bamboo wood anti-mildew and antiseptic agents of propiconazole for dilution; thirdly, regulating coating weight; fourthly, performing surface sanding and thickness setting by a sander; fifthly, performing roller coating; sixthly, drying; seventhly, spraying the surfaces and two sides of a product with water solution of the water-based colorless bamboo wood anti-mildew and antiseptic agents of the propiconazole; eighthly, entering a surface drying section of a restructured bamboo floorboard and maintaining the moisture content of the product to be 12%; and ninthly, removing hot air and simultaneously sucking in cold air by the aid of an air suction device of a cooling and dust removing box, and cooling the restructured bamboo floorboard by convection. The anti-mildew and antiseptic treatment method for the artificial bamboo boards has the advantages of high automaticity of anti-mildew and antiseptic treatment, environment protection and no contact of operators with the anti-mildew and antiseptic agents.

Hoeing and soil turn-up machine

The invention relates to the technical field of agricultural machinery equipment, in particular to a hoeing and soil turn-up machine which comprises a rack, a motor, a movable power supply and a blade group, two ends of the motor are fixedly arranged on the rack, the blade group is arranged by taking the motor as the center, and is driven to rotate by the motor, the movable power supply is connected with the motor through a long wire, the rack is provided with an operating rod vertical to the axis of rotation of the motor, and the operating rod is provided with a controller connected with the motor. The hoeing and soil turn-up machine is reasonable and compact in structure, the manganese steel blade group is driven to rotate by the efficient direct-current motor, and can go deep into soil and smash weeds with roots, so that reasonable integration of two procedures, i.e. hoeing and soil turn-up is realized, and the labour efficiency is improved; when being used for soil turn-up, the blade group can automatically roll forwards, an operator can adjust the soil turn-up depth only by controlling the travelling speed, the operation is simple and convenient, and the labor strength is effectively lowered; the movable power supply is portable to carry and can be used by being carried on the back, or the cleaning arrange is enlarged by the long wire.

Multi-stage screening spiral conveying type navel orange quantity control packaging system

The invention relates to a multi-stage screening spiral conveying type navel orange quantity control packaging system. The packaging system comprises a navel orange conveying device, a machine frame, a sorting device, a cam device, a fruit sliding groove and a packaging device; the navel orange conveying device comprises a conveying machine frame body and a conveying belt, wherein the conveying belt is horizontally arranged and connected to the machine frame; and the machine frame comprises a rotating pair, a material groove, bearings and bearing blocks. The packaging system has the advantages that the structure is simple and efficient, navel oranges are firstly conveyed to a material groove through the conveying belt and then are screened by the sorting device, meanwhile, the sorting number is recorded, then navel oranges with different sizes are classified and packaged, a quality detection link is performed before packaging so as to detect whether packaged products are qualified or not and feed back to a control panel for detection, the navel oranges are packaged into boxed after the navel oranges are qualified, and therefore an intelligent and automatic assembly line for navel orange sub-packaging operation can be completed, and the labor efficiency of farmers can be greatly improved; and equipment is simple and easy to implement, and the investment cost is low.

Scissor type lifting disc stacking roller conveyor

The invention provides a scissor type lifting disc stacking roller conveyor which comprises a lifting mechanism, a roller conveying mechanism and a lifting drive mechanism, wherein the lifting mechanism comprises a base frame, an upper frame and scissors; two pairs of scissors formed by hinging outer scissors with inner scissors are respectively arranged on two sides of the upper frame and the lower frame; the roller conveyor comprises a roller shaft frame, roller shafts and a driving device; the roller shaft frame is arranged on the upper frame of the lifting mechanism; a row of roller shafts are horizontally arranged on the roller shaft frame; two adjacent roller shafts are in driving connection by a chain; one of the roller shafts is used as a driving roller shaft which is in driving connection with an output shaft of the driving device through a chain; a hydraulic cylinder is applied in the lifting drive mechanism; a cylinder body of the hydraulic cylinder is hinged on the base frame; and a piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is hinged with a scissor connecting shaft. According to the scissor type lifting disc stacking roller conveyor disclosed by the invention, the lifting and the conveying of goods are combined together, and thus the condition that all disc stacking work of disc stacking workers is completed in an erecting state is realized, the labor intensity of the workers is greatly reduced and the labor efficiency is increased.

Technological process for brewing white spirit

The invention discloses a technological process for brewing white spirit. Grain is taken as a material; on the basis of not changing solid state fermentation, and under the premise of keeping the operational skills of the traditional handicraft, the following procedures are respectively carried out: (1) conveying the material to a soaking pool to soak by a bucket elevator scraper; feeding yeast for the first time and feeding the yeast for the second time in the process of cooling and conveying grog which is cooked at low pressure by a steamed bread pan to a brewhouse to saccharify and cool; and then carrying out case cultivation in the brewhouse; (2) conveying saccharified cultivation material to the fermented grains in a vertical stirrer vertical to mix (II) in a saccharifying manner; feeding to a fermenting tank to ferment via a travelling crane, distilling in a wine retort, and warehousing the generated white sprit in a grading manner; (3) shunting after the wine retort drops into a vinasse barrel through the travelling crane, conveying a part of white sprit being as the fermented grains to a cooling machine to cool via an unstrained spirit tank, and mixing the saccharified cultivation material in a stirrer, and feeding the saccharified cultivation material into a fermentation tank to ferment again, taking the other part of white sprit as vinasse to output by a vinasse conveyer. Mechanization of the entire brewing process is achieved; the mixing operation mode of the traditional process is changed into sub-procedure and sub-flow operations; the process stability of each processing procedure is ensured; the quality of the product is well ensured; and according to the technological process, good economic benefit and social benefit are obtained.

Method for preparing micro-fine and nanometer particle tungsten carbide

The invention relates to a method for preparing micro-fine and nanometer particle tungsten carbide. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps: mixing 800-2500 kg of tungsten powder by weight with carbon black accounting for 5.90-6.3 percent of the total weight, charging into a boat after blending carbon for 20-60 min, wherein the boat charging amount is 3-7 kg and the boat pushing speed is 6-10 min/boat, and then carbonizing through a hydrogen infusing molybdenum wire furnace, simultaneously controlling the hydrogen flow of the hydrogen infusing molybdenum wire furnace to be 1.0-2.5 m<3>/h, wherein the temperature inside the furnace is 1100-1350 DEG C, and then crushing the tungsten carbide block by using an air stream crushing system and dispersing into tungsten carbide powder. The invention has the following advantages: firstly, the method shortens the production time and controls the production process more stably; secondly, the little uncrushed or aggregate particles exist in the prepared tungsten carbide powder is very, and the granularity distribution is centralized uniformly; thirdly, single batch 800-2500 kg of scale production can be adjusted, the single batch is larger, and the product has better stability; and fourthly, the method is used for producing high-performance nanometer crystal, super-fine crystal and micro-fine crystal hard alloy with prior quality, and controls the alloy production process stably.

Full-automatic biomass stick incense production line

The invention discloses a full-automatic biomass stick incense production line which comprises a first shell and a second shell. The top of the first shell is provided with a feeding opening, a fixingframe and a water input pipe. A third shell is arranged on the top of the fixing frame. A stirring motor is arranged in the third shell. The output shaft end of the stirring motor is in transmissionwith a driven gear on a stirring shaft through a driving gear. Stirring rods are arranged on the stirring shaft at intervals. A material receiving hopper is arranged on the bottom of a fixing plate. Aforming device used for extrusion forming is arranged on an outlet in the lower end of the material receiving hopper. A cutting-off device, a clamping device, a bamboo stick discharging device and abamboo stick pushing device are sequentially arranged on the right side of the forming device. According to the production line, stirring, forming, bamboo stick inserting and cutting off operation canbe carried out on biomass powder automatically, labor intensity is low, the labor efficiency is high, the biomass powder can be stirred uniformly, the water flow and the temperature can be monitored,drying operation can be carried out, manufactured sticks are regular in length and uniform in color, and the market needs are met.

Black tea fermentation equipment and fermentation method

The invention discloses black tea fermentation equipment and a black tea fermentation method. The black tea fermentation equipment comprises a hollow cylinder which is arranged transversely in the axial direction; a central shaft which extends transversely is arranged in the center of the cylinder; a motor can drive the central shaft to rotate around the axial direction of the central shaft; temperature, humidity and color difference detecting devices are fixed to the central shaft; a circle of mesh assembly which extends coaxially with the cylinder is arranged on the outer side of the central shaft in the cylinder, and is arranged around the central shaft; black tea to be fermented is placed in the mesh assembly. The temperature, the humidity and the color difference of the tea leaves in the mesh assembly are respectively detected through the temperature, humidity and color difference detecting devices so as to judge that whether the fermentation is completed or not; the temperature and the humidity in the cylinder are controlled through the judgment on the temperature and the humidity detected by the temperature and humidity detecting devices. According to the black tea fermentation equipment and the fermentation method, the fermentation of the black tea is controlled and judged automatically, the labor intensity is reduced, the labor efficiency is improved, and the black tea fermentation quality can be improved, and the black tea fermentation time can be shortened.
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