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Cultivation method for potted camellia nitidissima

The invention discloses a cultivation method for potted camellia nitidissima. The method includes the procedures of stock stump cultivation, stock stump potting and management, grafting propagation and pruning, and is characterized in that protection and management cultivation is carried out on good camellia nitidissima seed trees of ten years old or older in a nursery, scions are collected and grafted to cultivated camellia osmantha stock seedlings, and then a large quantity of good-quality potted camellia nitidissima can be obtained, wherein the camellia nitidissima seed trees are introduced from a camellia nitidissima native area. According to the method, based on various good stock seedling application characteristics of camellia osmantha, under the condition that the camellia nitidissima seed tree resource is quite limited, large camellia osmantha stumps are obtained through cultivation with a field cultivation method, then the cultivated large camellia osmantha stumps are transplanted into seedling growing bags for conservation and management, and then the camellia nitidissima and camellia osmantha large stock grafting cultivation method is developed; a large quantity of potted camellia nitidissima can be rapidly obtained, a foundation is laid for prompting industrialized development of potted camellia nitidissima, and good economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits are achieved.

Greenhouse planting method for high-sweetness dragon fruits

The invention discloses a greenhouse planting method for high-sweetness dragon fruits. The method comprises the following steps that 1, site selection, greenhouse building and frame erecting are carried out; 2, a soilless culture medium is prepared and laid; 3, rattle stick dance seedling is selected, and is subjected to cuttage and fixing; 4, the dragon fruits of the excellent variety are selected for grafting, and topping and pinching are carried out; 5, compound organic fertilizer is applied to the roots of dragon fruit plants, and the humidity of the medium is kept to be 70%; 6, in a flowering period, artificial crossing pollination is carried out; 7, in a fruiting period, ventilation and cooling are carried out, and nutrition is enhanced; 8, picking is carried out. Soilless culture is adopted for planting the dragon fruits, and the time of the dragon fruits entering a full productive age is shortened by one year, so that economic benefits are increased. In the fruiting period of the dragon fruits, the dragon fruits are subjected to nutrition enhancing operation, and therefore the sweetness of the planted dragon fruits is very high. The obtained dragon fruits have the capacity of resisting diseases, pests and draught, and therefore fertilizer or hormone or pesticide is not needed. The requirement for a site selection condition is reduced, and therefore a positive promoting function is achieved.

Grafting method taking masson pine tissue culture seedlings as stocks

The invention discloses a grafting method taking masson pine tissue culture seedlings as stocks. The grafting method comprises processes of stock cultivation, scion preparation, seedling grafting and post-grafting management and protection; by taking the masson pine tissue culture seedlings cultivated for 4 to 6 months as the stocks and collecting bud sticks germinating on stock plants as scions, grafting is performed by adopting a split grafting method in December to January or in March to April; grafted seedlings are cultivated under the conditions of suitable light and humidity, and water and fertilizer management and pest control are performed by a conventional method. According to the grafting method disclosed by the invention, the masson pine tissue culture seedlings with developed roots, vigorous metabolism and rapid growth are cultivated through a tissue culture technological means to serve as the stocks, therefore not only can the seedling period of the stocks be shortened and the grafting survival percentage be increased but also the genetic gain of an excellent variety is ensured; adverse effects brought by the fact that heterogeneous-stock grafting is performed by taking slash pines as the stocks widely in masson pine grafting in production at present are effectively avoided, and the working effect of masson pine tissue culture stocks is greatly promoted; the grafting method has a broad application prospect, and has better economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit.

Seedling scion grafting method

The invention relates to a seedling scion grafting method, which comprises the following steps of (1) sun-shading greenhouse, cutting seedling bed and cutting substrate preparation; (2) scion and stock preparation: new tips of a well-bred parent tree under the healthy growth condition are selected as scions, new tips of a well-bred parent tree under the strong growth condition are selected as stocks, the length of the stocks is about 2 to 10cm, 1 to 2 sections of leaves are left, and the left leaves are positioned in positions being 1 to 2cm below an upper shearing opening and positions being 1 to 4cm above a lower shearing opening; (3) stock pretreatment; (4) grafting: a cleft grafting method is adopted, the stock is flatly placed to be tightly adhered to a base plate, and a split opening with the length being 0.5 to 1cm is longitudinally cut in the position of the upper shearing opening, the scions with the length being 2 to 3cm is sheared, 1 to 2 buds are remained, a two-sided wedge shape with the sharp top end and the length being 0.8 to 1.2cm is cut in a position being 1cm below a scion leaf, the cut scions are aligned with the split opening of the stock, in addition, at least one side is required to form layer aligning, the cut scions are slightly inserted so that the cut scions and the stock are tightly pasted, the middle position of an aluminum sheet covers a grafting opening, and the aluminum sheet is tightly pinched and folded back so that the fixation is realized; (5) cottage; and (6) daily management.

Cherry grafting and cutting propagation method

The invention discloses a cherry grafting and cutting propagation method. The cherry grafting and cutting propagation method comprises the steps that annual branches are collected from a cherry tree and a cherry stock tree in autumn and in winter respectively; a cion and a cutting shoot are cut, the long cut surface of the cion is inwards inserted into a cut opening of the cutting shoot, and the cut surface of the cion and the cut surface of the cutting shoot are firmly twined by means of a grafting film; the grafted cutting shoot is placed in a storage box laid with a plastic film in the growing direction of the branch, and after the grafted cutting shoot is stored at room temperature for half a month, the plastic film is opened for ventilation every three to five days and then the grafted cutting shoot is wrapped in the storage box again; organic fertilizer is applied in late autumn and early winter for preparation of cuttage and seedling breeding, nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium mixed fertilizer is applied on a seed bed in spring of the next year, the seed bed is covered with black mulching film, the temperature rises back to 10 DEG C or over 10 DEG C in spring, and cutting shoots obtained through well healed cions are selected for conducting cuttage according to spacing in the rows and spacing between rows; after the cion germinates, a main branch is formed by a robust bud, the other buds are removed, and fertilization is applied properly during growth of the nursery stock. The height of the nursery stock reaches 1.2 m and the thickness of the nursery stock reaches 0.5 cm or over 0.5 cm after the nursery stock is cultured for one year. According to the cherry grafting and cutting propagation method, it can be guaranteed that nursery stocks are uniform, and the survival rate of the nursery stocks is increased; meanwhile, the seedling growing period is effectively shortened, and production cost is reduced.

Method for grafting and shaping tree bodies of perennial seedling walnut trees

The invention relates to a method for grafting and shaping tree bodies of perennial seedling walnut trees. The method comprises following steps of: (1) selecting seedling walnut trees at tree age of more than 5 years as stocks, adopting an improved bark grafting mode in such a manner that scions are connected to stocks, dewatering outlets are arranged right under vertical knife edges of the stocks to the depth of xylem parts, diversion pipes are inserted to the dewatering outlets, scions and stocks are sealed and bound, the dewatering outlets and the diversion pipes are sealed and bound; and (2) shaping after grating. The method for grafting and shaping tree bodies of walnut trees has following beneficial effects: prior to grating, water is drained off on main trunks in order to reduce impact of root pressure upon upper main brunches on the ground in order to be favorable to graft union; grating survival rate is increased; the diversion pipes are inserted in directions facing the stocks of scions so that water is completely drained off; technology of the diversion pipes is adopted in order to reduce breeding influence during grating and comprehensively increase survival rate of walnut grating; and seedling walnut trees can be produced prematurely and stably in high yield.

Full-automatic mechanical grafting device

The invention discloses a full-automatic mechanical grafting device which comprises a rack. A first conveying belt and a second conveying belt are arranged below the rack, one side of the first conveying belt is provided with a fourth overturning seedling-supply mechanism, one side of the second conveying belt is provided with a fifth overturning seedling-supply mechanism, a docking mechanism forgrabbing stocks and scions and making the stocks and scions coaxially arranged at intervals is arranged on the rack, a cutting mechanism for cutting the stocks and scions is arranged on the rack, a driving mechanism for dragging a thermal shrinkage belt is arranged on the rack, a shearing mechanism for cutting the thermal shrinkage belt is arranged between a belt reel and the driving mechanism, amanipulator for grabbing the thermal shrinkage belt and arranged between the stocks and the scions is arranged on the rack, a first driving part for driving the stocks to be butt joint with the scionsis arranged on the rack, a hot drying part is arranged on the rack, an output conveying belt is arranged above the second conveying belt, the manipulator transplants grafted seedlings in holed trays,and the whole trays are output by an output conveying belt. The full-automatic mechanical grafting device has the advantages that the full-automatic mechanical grafting device can achieve automatic grafted seedling supply, mechanical grafting and full automatic grafting of transplantation, accordingly greatly improves the grafting efficiency and automation and reduces the labor intensity and labor cost.

Cultivation method for camellia oleifera tree seedlings

The invention discloses a cultivation method for camellia oleifera tree seedlings, and relates to the technical field of cultivation of nursery stocks. According to the cultivation method, the survival rate of grafted seedlings is greatly increased by selecting tea seeds, cultivating rootstock seedlings, selecting good clone scions, grafting the scions and the rootstock seedlings, planting the grafted seedlings into a light-medium non-woven cloth container, covering the container by a plastic thin film, building a covering shade above a seedbed, controlling the temperature and the humidity in the plastic thin film and preventing and treating plant diseases. The cultivation method disclosed by the invention is used for directly planting the grafted camellia oleifera seedlings into the light-medium non-woven cloth container for cultivation and the grafted camellia oleifera seedlings can grow fast without seedling recovering; the seedling qualification rate is about 60 percent; the seedlings are convenient to carry; the time and the labor are saved, and the labor can be saved by 50 percent; the qualified seedlings are not needed to be transplanted again, and the roots of the grafted seedlings are not injured; the grafted seedlings are planted in the light-medium non-woven cloth container, so that the survival rate is high, and the large-area afforesting survival rate is 93.7 percent.

Grafting method of Magnolia wufengensis

ActiveCN105009946ASolve the technical difficulties of rapid reproductionOvercome technical deficiencies of low survival rateGraftingMagnolia denudataAxillary bud
The invention discloses a grafting method of Magnolia wufengensis. A Magnolia denudate nursery-grown plant is taken as a rootstock, a current-growth branch of the Magnolia wufengensis is taken as a scion, and when the branch has a lignifying tendency in autumn, grafting can be started. The grafting method has the following steps: cutting an angular cut reaching xylem closely at the inner side of a phloem portion, then, performing longitudinal vertical sliding cutting downwards from right above the angular cut to the angular cut so as to cut a flat and smooth long tangent plane and ensure that the exposition position of the long tangent plane is mainly disposed on a cambium layer; performing sliding peeling downwards at the opposite side of a scion axillary bud to form a flat and smooth long-horse-ear-shaped tangent plane, wherein the tangent plane bridges over the diameter of the whole branch, a heart center is seen below the middle of the long-horse-ear-shaped tangent plane, and the axillary bud is sheared at a position 0.8 to 1cm away from the upper portion of the axillary bud; and carrying out scion colligation. According to the grafting method provided by the invention, the grafting butt joint surface is enlarged, the more callus a wound generates, healing can be speeded up, through such a means, the technical difficulty of rapid breeding of the Magnolia denudate is solved, and the technical defect is detected that the survival rate by use of a conventional Magnolia denudate grating method is low.

Quick cultivation method of grafted sweet cherry seedlings

The invention relates to a quick cultivation method of grafted sweet cherry seedlings and belongs to the field of plant cultivation. The method comprises steps as follows: collection and storage of variety scions; preparation of a cutting bed, cuttage and management after cuttage of rootstock, grafting of the scions and management of nursery stock after grafting. A greenhouse is adopted for special cultivation, grafting of the variety scions is performed in the second half of May, transplantation can be performed in the very year after leaf falling, the seedling raising time is greatly shortened, and the grafted sweet cherry seedlings are obtained quickly. With the adoption of the method, sweet cherries only take one growth season from rootstock seedlings to transplantation of the grafted variety scions, and cultivation time of the grafted sweet cherry seedlings is 1 year shorter than that of the seedlings cultivated with a conventional seedling raising method. The nursery stock can be transplanted after leaf falling in the early winter, the seedlings are 1.5-2.0 m high, the base of each seedling is 1.0-1.5 m thick, sprouts are plump, the germination rate is high, and the nursery stock is high in quality and strong. The seedling raising cost is greatly reduced due to the fact that the seedling raising time is shortened by 1 year.

Muskmelon organic cultivation annual production method

InactiveCN104823674AHigh Fertilizer Water RequirementsImprove qualityGraftingPlant cultivationFertilizerAnnual production
The invention discloses a muskmelon organic cultivation annual production method and relates to the technical field of muskmelon cultivation. The muskmelon organic cultivation annual production method includes the following steps that 1, a proper place is selected to establish an organic muskmelon production base; 2, a proper muskmelon variety and a stock variety are selected and used for grafting and seedling; 3, a paddy-upland rotation cultivation pattern adopts the sub-steps of spring crop muskmelon, late rice, astragalus sinicus green fertilizer (a first year), early rice, autumn crop muskmelon and vegetable pea (a second year); 4, the spring crop muskmelon is firstly cultivated on half of the base area, the late rice is cultivated after the muskmelon is harvested, the autumn crop muskmelon is firstly cultivated on the other half bas earea, the vegetable pea is cultivated after the muskmelon is harvested, and then cultivation is performed according to the rotation cultivation pattern. According to the cultivation pattern, not only can the production of the organic muskmelon be achieved, but also the production of the spring crop muskmelon and the autumn crop muskmelon every year is achieved, 1-2 batches of muskmelon can be harvested for every crop muskmelon, and therefore the annual production and supply of the organic muskmelon are achieved.
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