Climbable cargo carrying trolley

A trolley and stair-climbing technology, which is applied to trolleys, motor vehicles, multi-axis trolleys, etc., can solve the problems of large size and labor

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-03-13
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However, some old buildings in the past, buildings with lower floors, schools, etc. do not have elevators, which brings us some inconvenience...
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The invention relates to a climbable cargo carrying trolley, which consists of a trolley body, trolley wheels, a trolley wheel frame, elastic cloth, trolley wheel shafts and bundling hooks, wherein the trolley wheels are installed on the trolley wheel frame through the trolley wheel shafts; the elastic cloth is tied on the trolley wheel frame; the trolley wheel shafts are fixed on the trolley body; and the bundling hooks are fixed on the two sides of the trolley body. The climbable cargo carrying trolley can not only move on the flat ground, but also climb to carry cargos. Cargos can be firmly fixed on the trolley through the bundling hooks, so that the burden of people is extremely alleviated, in particular to convey heavy and large cargos.

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Hand carts with multiple axesHand cart accessories

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  • Climbable cargo carrying trolley


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Example Embodiment

[0008] A stair-climbing cargo trolley is composed of a car body 1, a wheel 2, a wheel frame 3, an elastic cloth 4, a wheel shaft 5, and a binding hook 6. The wheel 2 is mounted on the wheel frame 3 through the wheel shaft 5 , The elastic cloth 4 is tied to the wheel frame 3, the wheel 5 is fixed on the car body, and the binding hook 6 is fixed on both sides of the car body 1.
[0009] When pushing the trolley to climb the stairs, when it comes to the steps, the elastic cloth and the steps first contact can also reduce the vibration of the car body, and then the wheel frame rotates ninety degrees around the wheel axis. At this time, the trolley can climb a step, and there is still The four wheels are in contact with the ground, so that the cycle trolley can easily achieve "climbing".


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