Fixed three-phase gas-insulated transformer

A gas insulation and transformer technology, applied in the field of transformers, can solve the problems of poor dynamic stability and thermal stability of the device, large number of insulators, long primary lead wires, etc., and achieve the effects of reasonable and effective utilization, cost saving and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-03-26
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In a single system, three single-phase 220kV voltage transformers are often required to be used together. The entire equipment is too l...
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The invention discloses a fixed three-phase gas-insulated transformer. Three voltage transformers are fixed to a shell and connected with one another in parallel. Each voltage transformer comprises an insulating layer, an insulating sealed tube, a silicone rubber umbrella skirt, an earth electrode, a secondary winding and a gas sealing ring, wherein the insulating layer, the insulating sealed tube and the gas sealing ring form an airtight cavity, the cavity is filled with insulating gas, and the two ends of the earth electrode extend to the position below the root of the cavity in a horn shape. By means of the fixed three-phase gas-insulated transformer, the problem that voltage distribution along the surface of a high-voltage current transformer is uneven can be effectively solved, the discharge voltage along the surface is increased substantially, the problem of strong electromagnetic field interference of a large current major loop is solved, an integral three-phase structure is adopted, equipment space is utilized reasonably and effectively, cost is reduced, and the structure is simple.

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  • Fixed three-phase gas-insulated transformer


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[0014] The present invention will be further explained below in conjunction with the drawings:
[0015] Such as figure 1 As shown, the present invention includes a housing 10, three voltage transformers are fixed on the housing 10, the voltage transformers are connected in parallel, and each voltage transformer includes an insulating layer 3, an insulating sealing tube 5, a silicone rubber umbrella skirt 6, and a ground electrode. 7. The secondary winding 8 and the gas sealing ring 12, the insulating layer 3, the insulating sealing tube 5 and the gas sealing ring 12 form a closed cavity 4, the cavity is filled with insulating gas, and the two ends of the ground electrode 7 are horn-shaped It extends below the root of the cavity 4.
[0016] Such as figure 1 As shown, the insulating gas is sulfur hexachloride, one or more heat dissipation holes 11 are provided on the side of the housing 10, the radius of the silicone rubber umbrella skirt 6 gradually increases from top to bottom, and the secondary winding 8 is provided with Shield coil 9.


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