Method for realizing multi-person synchronous self-help conference registration through two-dimensional code scanning

A two-dimensional code scanning and two-dimensional code technology, which is applied in the field of multi-person self-service conference sign-in at the same time through two-dimensional code scanning, can solve the problems of time-consuming and labor-consuming, troublesome and inconvenient for the sponsor, and achieve improved sign-in efficiency, The effect of reducing workload

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-10-15
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Both of these methods require participants to queue up for a long time, and the organizer is also very troubles...
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The invention relates to a method for realizing multi-person synchronous self-help conference registration through two-dimensional code scanning. The method comprises the steps of: 1. generating a registration two-dimensional code through a background system terminal, then printing the registration two-dimensional code on a registration card and putting the card at a conference entrance; 2. letting conference attendees buy tickets on the background system terminal through an internet terminal, and generating identity information in the background system terminal; 3. scanning the two-dimensional code in step 1 via a mobile terminal by the conference attendees, sending the scanned information to the background system terminal automatically after successful scanning, and if the scanning fails, returning to step 2; and 4. decoding the received information by the background system terminal, and comparing the decoded identity information with the identity information generated in step 2, thus finally generating electronic admission tickets. The method provided by the invention can realize multi-person synchronous self-help registration by two-dimensional code scanning, greatly reduces the workload, and improves the registration efficiency.

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Individual entry/exit registers

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Example Embodiment

[0012] According to the embodiment of the present invention, a method for realizing multi-person self-service conference sign-in at the same time through QR code scanning can be used for each large-scale event. The organizer can generate a unique sign-in QR code through the background system. The code can be printed on the two-dimensional sign-in sign and placed at the entrance of the venue. Many participants can scan this QR code at the same time. For those who have successfully purchased tickets before, the background system will automatically identify them. After the participants scan the code, the anti-counterfeit electronic admission ticket will be automatically displayed on the mobile phone. For those who have not purchased a ticket, the anti-counterfeiting electronic ticket will not be displayed on the mobile phone. In this way, many participants can scan the same QR code at the same time (for example, 100 people can scan a QR code at the same time), and can sign in at the same time. The organizer’s back-end system will display participants who have already signed in. Participants who have purchased tickets before can display the anti-counterfeiting electronic admission ticket on their mobile phones, and show the electronic admission ticket to the staff at the gate. Admission directly.
[0013] The basic information of each participant who successfully purchases a ticket will be stored in the ticket purchase system in the background system (such as the participant’s mobile phone number and WeChat ID). The system has two sets of identification logic, which are divided into scanning in the WeChat environment. QR code and scan QR code in non-WeChat environment. Scan the QR code in the WeChat environment to automatically identify whether the person has successfully purchased the ticket through the WeChat ID. If the ticket is successfully purchased, the electronic admission ticket will be displayed. If the ticket has not been purchased, it will not be displayed; for the non-WeChat environment Scan the QR code, and a web page will pop up on the mobile phone, which requires the participant to fill in the mobile phone number and verify with the mobile phone verification code to determine whether the person has purchased a ticket. Similarly, if the ticket has been purchased before, the electronic entry will be displayed. Tickets.
[0014] The generated electronic ticket will display the participant information (because the person’s WeChat ID or mobile phone number has been identified, it will automatically correspond to the person’s previously filled-in name, such as Zhang San, who purchased the VIP ticket of the main venue, etc.) . In specific use, the electronic ticket displayed on the mobile phone cannot be screenshotted or forwarded, because the electronic ticket has a dynamic effect (for example, there is a wheel that rotates all the time, and it can change color), so if you take a screenshot, then There is no dynamic effect, which proves to be a fake admission ticket; it cannot be forwarded because the ticket can only be opened and displayed in the phone of the person who confirms the identity. If it is forwarded to others, it will not be recognized and the electronic admission ticket cannot be opened. In this way, the "anti-counterfeiting" of the electronic admission ticket is truly achieved.
[0015] The present invention is not limited to the above-mentioned best embodiments. Anyone can derive other products in various forms under the enlightenment of the present invention, but regardless of any changes in its shape or structure, any product that is the same or similar to the present application Approximate technical solutions fall within the protection scope of the present invention.


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