Chinese medicine foot bath boot device and use method

A technology of traditional Chinese medicine and bath boots, which is applied in the field of health care devices, can solve the problems of large water consumption of the foot bath, and the foot bath only reaches the ankle, and achieve the effect of saving water consumption

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-09-23
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The current popular footbaths are generally integrated or split-type footbaths that cannot be moved during soaking. It is usually necessary to soak the footbath to the Zusan...
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The invention discloses a Chinese medicine foot bath boot device and a use method. As middle-aged and aged people need to undertake work such as a certain housework during foot massage, the boot type foot bath device is designed, a user can shift/move after wearing the device, only a small foot bath dosage is needed, water consumption is greatly reduced, the device is suitable for people at home or on a trip, and heating can be performed when necessary.

Application Domain

Medical devicesBathing devices

Technology Topic

MassageWater saving +3


  • Chinese medicine foot bath boot device and use method


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Example Embodiment

[0010] figure 1 In the illustrated embodiment, a traditional Chinese medicine foot bath boot device includes a boot 1, a thermostatic heater 2, and is characterized in that the height of the boot 1 is adjusted according to the height of the user's Zusanli point 4, so that the height of the shoe 1 is higher than Zusanli hole 4; the inner lining 11 of the boot 1 is made of waterproof material, and a temperature-adjustable thermostat heater 2 is placed in the interlayer between the inner lining 11 and the outer surface; the inner bottom surface of the boot 1 is designed with spherical rubber particles 5, its function is On the one hand, it has a massage effect, on the other hand, it can ensure that the sole of the foot has a medicated solution; the upper of the boot 1 has a bell mouth or a rubber bandage to prevent the foot bath solution from overflowing. A method of using a traditional Chinese medicine footbath boot device is to inject the footbath solution 3 into the boot 1, and the thermostatic heater 2 heats the footbath solution 3 to a set temperature, usually the temperature is set to about 43°C, and then the power is turned off; The user puts on the foot bath boot device, and the user's parts below Zusanli point 4 are immersed in the foot bath solution 3.
[0011] The foregoing embodiments are only used to further illustrate a traditional Chinese medicine foot bath boot device and method of use of the present invention, but the present invention is not limited to the embodiments, and any simple modification or equivalent to the above embodiments based on the technical essence of the present invention The changes and modifications fall within the protection scope of the technical solution of the present invention.


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