A technology of syringes and plastics, applied in the field of syringes, can solve the problems of high cost, hidden dangers for patients, and non-recyclable syringes, etc., and achieve the effect of convenient use, convenient replacement, and low price

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-03-09
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In addition, there are also glass syringes, which are usually composed of a cylinder and a core rod. The friction between the core rod and the cylinder is small, the re...
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The invention discloses an injector. The injector comprises an injecting box, an injecting box cover located on an injecting plate, a plastic injector body, gears and racks. The injecting box and the injecting box cover are of a cuboid shape with holes formed in the right end; the plastic injector body is fixed to the bottom of the injecting box, the left rack and the right rack are transversely arranged on the left side and the right side of the plastic injector body respectively, the left gear engaged with the left rack is arranged at the upper portion of the left rack, the right gear engaged with the right rack is arranged at the upper portion of the right rack, a pressing roller is installed between the left gear and the right gear, the left gear is connected with a rotating handle, and a left gear rail and a right gear rail are arranged at the portions, corresponding to the left rack and the right rack, of the lower portion of the injecting box cover respectively; protrusions are arranged at the bottom of the injecting box, and small holes corresponding to the protrusions are formed in the plastic injector body. The injector is low in price, convenient to replace and fast and convenient to use.

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Automatic syringes

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[0016] The syringe of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the drawings.
[0017] As attached Figure 1-2 As shown, a syringe includes: an injection box 2, an injection box cover 12 located above the injection box, a plastic syringe 4, a gear, and a rack. The injection box and the injection box cover form a rectangular parallelepiped with a hole at the right end. The plastic syringe is fixed at the bottom of the injection box, where the liquid end of the plastic syringe protrudes from the side of the injection box, the left and right sides of the plastic syringe are respectively provided with a left rack 10 and a right rack, and one end of the left rack is installed There is a left stop 9 and a right stop 8 is installed at one end of the right rack 7.
[0018] The upper part of the left rack is provided with a left gear 3 meshing with the left rack, and the upper part of the right rack is provided with a right gear meshing with the right rack. A pressure roller is installed between the left gear and the right gear. The plastic syringe is located The lower part of the pressure roller.
[0019] The left gear is connected to a rotating handle 1, and the handle is located outside the injection box. A left gear rail 11 and a right gear rail 13 are provided at the lower part of the injection box cover corresponding to the left rack and the right rack; The gear track meshes with the left gear, and the right gear 6 track meshes with the right gear.
[0020] The bottom of the injection box is provided with a protrusion, and the plastic syringe is provided with a small hole corresponding to the protrusion for fixing the plastic syringe on the injection plate. The number of small holes 5 is three, two small holes are provided on the front part of the plastic syringe, and one small hole is provided on the back part. Shaking the handle, rotating the pressing roller and squeezing the plastic syringe, the liquid in the plastic syringe is squeezed out, so as to achieve the purpose of injection.
[0021] The injection box of the present invention can be used repeatedly. The plastic syringe is a disposable product. The liquid medicine is packaged in advance in hospitals or pharmacies, and can be directly put into the injection box when needed. The syringe is low in price and can be replaced. Convenient and easy to use.
[0022] The present invention has been exemplarily described above. It should be noted that, without departing from the core of the present invention, any simple deformation, modification, or other equivalent substitutions that can be made without creative labor by those skilled in the art fall into this The scope of protection of the invention.


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