Processing method and device for waterproof paper face plasterboard

A paper-faced gypsum board and processing method technology, applied in the direction of surface layering devices, manufacturing tools, ceramic molding machines, etc., can solve the problems of the decline in the qualified rate of finished boards, foaming of the boards, and large space for breathing and ventilation, so as to improve the qualified rate effect

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[0002] The existing waterproof paper-faced gypsum board achieves waterproof effect by adding waterproofing agent inside the gypsum core and using special protective paper for waterproof boards; The evaporation of gas requires that the breathing space is usually too large, and there is a problem of uneven ventilat...
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Method used

Next need polymer waterproofing agent and compressed air to be carried out proportioning according to certain ratio, reach excellent atomization effect, afterwards through shower head to protective paper uniform spraying; Referring to Fig. 2, spraying device comprises storage tank 4a, conveying pump , the gas delivery pipeline 4c and two atomizing nozzles, the suction port of the delivery pump 4b is connected to the storage tank 4a, the outlet of the delivery pump 4b is connected to the first inlet 4e of the atomizing nozzle, and the gas delivery pipeline 4c is connected to the second inlet of the atomizing nozzle 4f, the outlet 4g of the atomizing nozzle is facing the protective...
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The invention discloses a processing method and a processing device for a waterproof paper-faced gypsum board. The method includes unfolding an upper paper surface and a lower paper surface, and the upper paper surface and the lower paper surface are both common face-protecting papers; The outer surface of the lower paper surface and the lower paper surface are sprayed with polymer waterproofing agent to form a hydrophobic film on the surface of the board after forming; the gypsum wet material used to form the gypsum board core is added to the lower paper surface; the upper paper surface, gypsum board core and The lower paper surface forms a shaped board. By spraying the polymer waterproof agent on the ordinary face paper (upper paper surface and lower paper surface), instead of adding waterproof agent to the wet material of the gypsum board and purchasing special waterproof face paper, and can Overcome the defects of board foaming caused by the high air permeability and unevenness of the protective paper in the production process of waterproof paper-faced gypsum board, improve the qualified rate of finished boards, reduce production costs and simplify the production process.

Application Domain

Surface layering apparatus

Technology Topic

Paper sheetGypsum +2


  • Processing method and device for waterproof paper face plasterboard
  • Processing method and device for waterproof paper face plasterboard


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Example Embodiment

[0018] Example
[0019] See figure 1 , The present invention provides a waterproof gypsum board processing method and processing device. The processing flow will be described in detail below in conjunction with the device:
[0020] First, unfold the face protection paper rolled on the roller of the paper loading machine. The face protection paper on the lower roller 11 below is used as the lower paper surface 10, which is laid flat on the forming table 31 of the platen machine, and is located on the upper side. The upper surface protection paper of the roller 12 is located above the lower paper surface 10 as the upper paper surface 20, and passes under the pressing plate 32 of the plate press;
[0021] Before the face protection paper enters the press machine, the wet gypsum board is filled on the paper surface 10 through the discharge port of the mixer 2 downwards. There is no need to add gypsum waterproofing agent to the wet plaster board, but before the face protection paper passes through the mixer 2 Spray the polymer waterproofing agent on the face protection paper through the spraying equipment, and form a hydrophobic film on the surface after the sheet is formed, making the ordinary face protection paper waterproof;
[0022] After passing through the plate press, the upper paper surface, the gypsum board core and the lower paper surface are combined to form a shaped plate, and the shaped plate is conveyed by a conveyor 5 to the next process for drying. The conveyor 5 is usually a roller conveyor or a belt conveyor.
[0023] When the whole device is in working condition, the protective paper moves along the conveying direction under the traction of the conveyor.
[0024] When spraying the polymer waterproofing agent, first determine the spraying position of the waterproofing agent according to the adsorption time of the daily-used polymer waterproofing agent and ordinary facial protective paper. During production, it is necessary to observe in advance whether the pressure of the spraying device and the flow rate of the waterproofing agent can meet the requirements, and to observe the uniformity of the spraying of the waterproofing agent to meet the waterproof requirements of the finished product. The water-proof performance of the finished board is tested in time, and the addition amount is adjusted according to the daily production data and the waterproof performance index of the finished board.
[0025] Secondly, it is necessary to mix the polymer waterproofing agent and compressed air according to a certain ratio to achieve an excellent atomization effect, and then spray evenly on the facial paper through the nozzle; see figure 2 The spraying device includes a storage tank 4a, a delivery pump, a gas delivery pipe 4c, and two atomization nozzles. The suction port of the delivery pump 4b is connected to the storage tank 4a, and the outlet of the delivery pump 4b is connected to the first inlet 4e of the atomization nozzle. The pipe 4c is connected to the second inlet 4f of the atomizing nozzle, and the nozzle 4g ​​of the atomizing nozzle faces the masking paper; the nozzle of the lower atomizing nozzle 41 faces the outer surface of the paper surface 10 (the side facing away from the gypsum board core 30) for spraying waterproof The spray nozzle of the upper atomization nozzle 42 sprays the water repellent on the outer surface of the paper surface 20 (the side facing away from the gypsum board core 30); the distance between the nozzle atomization and the spraying surface is usually between 10 and 20 cm to ensure uniform spraying and avoid Uneven spraying of waterproofing agent leads to poor local waterproofing effect and substandard waterproofing effect. As the polymer waterproofing agent, the silicone waterproofing agent 100 can be used.
[0026] The atomizing nozzle is located in front of the roller (viewed along the conveying direction of the sheet), and spraying can be started after the mask is unfolded, providing sufficient time for the waterproofing agent to be adsorbed on the ordinary mask.


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