Furnace bottom machine oblique rail base and manufacturing method thereof

A technology of inclined rail seat and inclined rail, which is applied in the field of furnace bottom mechanical inclined rail seat and its production, can solve problems such as difficulty in ensuring installation accuracy, and achieve the effects of high installation accuracy, easy manufacturing, and reduced manufacturing and installation costs

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-05-31
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Problems solved by technology

If there is deviation in the manufacturing of the ramp s...
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Method used

[0029] The ramp seat of the present invention, through the adjustment of the adjusting bolt 6 for installation, makes it easier and more accurate to f...
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The invention discloses a furnace bottom machine oblique rail base and a manufacturing method thereof. The furnace bottom machine oblique rail base comprises an oblique rail base, an oblique rail plate, a stop part, stop iron and adjusting bolts. The oblique rail plate is arranged on the upper surface of the oblique rail base, the stop part is arranged at the lower end of the oblique rail plate, the stop iron is arranged at the rear portion of the stop part, and the adjusting bolts are arranged on an oblique rail base bottom plate. The installing precision of the oblique rail base is the basic guarantee of a furnace bottom machine, and the furnace bottom machine is the basis of a whole heating furnace. The oblique rail base is simple in structure and convenient to manufacture, the points of requirements for the manufacturing precision of the oblique rail base are few, installing is accurate and reliable, and the manufacturing and installing cost is reduced.

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Furnace types

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EngineeringHeating furnace


  • Furnace bottom machine oblique rail base and manufacturing method thereof
  • Furnace bottom machine oblique rail base and manufacturing method thereof
  • Furnace bottom machine oblique rail base and manufacturing method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0021] Example 1
[0022] A mechanical ramp seat for furnace bottom of the present invention is composed of a ramp seat 1, a ramp plate 2, a stop 4, a stopper 5, and an adjusting bolt 6. The ramp plate 2 is installed on the upper surface of the ramp seat 1, and the stop 4 It is installed at the lower end of the ramp plate 2, and the stopper 5 is installed behind the stop 4.

Example Embodiment

[0023] Example 2
[0024] The inclined rail seat 1 of the present invention is fixedly connected with the civil foundation through anchor bolts. There are multiple sets of ramp seats during installation, arranged in two rows. During installation, the vertical marking line through the ramp seat 1 coincides with the determined roller distance. Example 3

Example Embodiment

[0018] image 3 figure 1 Single-piece right side view of the illustrated embodiment.
[0025] The ramp seat of the present invention determines the elevation of the ramp seat through the elevation point (sample punch) of the ramp seat H1; the ramp seat installation module 7 only plays the role of finding the level of the ramp seat at the H1 elevation.


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