Conveniently-collected balcony clothes hanger

A technology of drying racks and balconies, which is applied in the field of drying racks, and can solve the problems that clothes cannot be exposed to sunlight, clothes cannot be stretched out to dry, and skin diseases are easy to get

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-10-20
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[0002] Now there are more and more high-rise buildings in the city. When we dry clothes, because the high-rise buildings do not have balconies that ...
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The invention provides a balcony clothes hanger which is convenient for storage. The clothes hanger is provided with rack bars which can fix the wall on both sides. We can fix the rack bars on the wall of the balcony, and open the After being supported by the space, the clothes hanger can be set up to dry the clothes. After drying, the support can be folded down, and the shelf board and the shelf board can be stored and pasted on the wall for storage together, which is very suitable for high-rise residential use.

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Other drying apparatusTextiles and paper

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Clothes hangerEngineering +1


  • Conveniently-collected balcony clothes hanger


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[0008] figure 1 Shown: both sides of the clothes drying rack 1 are provided with rack rods 2 that can fix the wall, and a support 3 is provided between the rack rod and the rack plate.


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