Novel strong magnet-guided wire-passing device

A threading device and strong magnetic technology, applied in the field of wire harnesses, can solve the problems of destroying the integrity of corrugated pipes and inability to work with PVC pipes

Pending Publication Date: 2018-01-26
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Problems solved by technology

In the existing wire harness industry, PVC pipes and corrugated pipes account for about 60% of the demand for wire harness wrapping, or even more; and in the existing wire harness threading technol...
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The present invention discloses a novel strong magnet-guided wire-passing device. The device comprises a wire releasing end, a tube locking end, a wire-passing sliding end and a back end fixing seat;two telescopic slide channels which extend from the tube locking end to the back end fixing seat are arranged among the tube locking end, the wire-passing sliding end and the back end fixing seat; thewire releasing end is composed of a tray seat, a shaft and a wire releasing tray, wherein the tray seat is connected with the wire releasing tray; the tube locking end is composed of a fixing seat, aZ-shaped slider and a Z-shaped slider pressing plate; the wire-passing sliding end is composed of a plastic fixing plate, an L-shaped supporting plate and a tube guide shaft; a wire-passing head is atubular body; the front end of the tubular body is a conical head; and a cylindrical magnet embedded in the tubular body is arranged behind the conical head. With the novel strong magnet-guided wire-passing device of the invention adopted, defects in the prior art can be eliminated; and a wire can be smoothly led into a hose without cutting the hose required. The novel strong magnet-guided wire-passing device has the advantages of convenient installation, high applicability and high working efficiency.

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Insulating conductors/cables

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MagnetEngineering +1


  • Novel strong magnet-guided wire-passing device
  • Novel strong magnet-guided wire-passing device
  • Novel strong magnet-guided wire-passing device


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Example Embodiment

[0019] In order to make the objectives, technical solutions, and advantages of the present invention clearer, the following further describes the present invention in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings and embodiments. It should be understood that the specific embodiments described herein are only used to explain the present invention, but not to limit the present invention.
[0020] Such as figure 1 , 2 , 3, 4, 5, and 6, the embodiment of the present invention provides a new type of strong magnetic guide threading device, which includes a pay-off end, a lock tube end, a threading sliding end, a rear fixing seat, and the lock tube end , Two parallel telescopic slides (13) from the end of the self-locking tube to the rear fixing seat are arranged between the threading sliding end and the rear fixing seat.
[0021] The pay-off end is composed of a tray seat (14), a shaft (16), and a pay-off tray (15), wherein the tray seat and the pay-off tray are connected by the shaft;
[0022] The lock tube end is composed of a fixed seat (4), a Z-shaped slide block (2), and a Z-shaped slide block pressing plate (1). The fixed seat is provided with a slide block, and the longitudinal contact surface between the slide block and the fixed seat A return spring (17) is provided. The return spring ensures that the slider is separated from the upper plane of the fixed seat without external force. Both ends of the slider are also provided with pressure plates, and a part of the pressure plate is fixed on the fixed seat. The other part is used to control the movable range of the slider on the fixed seat. The longitudinal contact surface of the slider and the fixed seat is respectively provided with a lock tube shaft (3), and both ends of the fixed seat are provided with horizontal clamps (5);
[0023] The threading sliding end is composed of a plastic fixing plate (10), an L-shaped support plate (11), and a catheter shaft (9), wherein the upper part of the plastic fixing plate is embedded with a through-hole ring magnet (8), and the threading is placed in the ring magnet Head; a pallet is fixed on the back of the plastic fixing plate, and two catheter shafts are fixed side by side on the pallet. There is a gap between the two catheter shafts, and the gap is on the same horizontal line with the center of the ring magnet;
[0024] The threading head is a tubular body (19), the front end of the tubular body is a conical head (22), and a cylindrical magnet (21) embedded in the tubular body is arranged behind the conical head; the rear end of the magnet is an open U-shaped tubular body A shaft tube (6) is fixed in the U-shaped tubular body, a pressure spool (20) is penetrated in the shaft tube, both ends of the pressure spool are folded at right angles to the shaft tube, and a U-shaped clamping coil (23) is topped on the end of the tubular body.
[0025] A pulley (18) is also fixed at the lower end of the plastic fixing plate.
[0026] An open linear bearing (7) is arranged between the plastic fixing plate and the telescopic slide.
[0027] The rear end fixing base structure is an L-shaped fixing bracket (12).
[0028] In actual use, the working principle of the present invention is: in the first step, slide the threading sliding end to the end of the lock tube, take the hose through the middle of the two catheter shafts, then pass through the ring magnet, and finally sleeve it on the lock tube shaft. Use a horizontal clamp to squeeze the Z-shaped slide block, and separate the lock tube shafts fixed by the return spring Z-shaped slide block and the fixed seat to achieve the purpose of locking and loosening the tube, and then lock the hose; the second step , Put the wire coil on the wire-paying tray, put one end of the wire into the threading head, rotate the crimping shaft, press the wire terminal, fix it up and down, lock the wire in the threading head; the third part, the wire will be fixed The threading head of the thread is placed in the locked hose and is attracted by the ring magnet; finally, the sliding end of the threading is slid to the fixed bracket, and the wire is smoothly passed into the hose. The structural advantage of the design of the present invention is that the defects in the prior art can be changed, and the wires can be smoothly introduced into the hose without cutting the hose; the installation is convenient, the applicability is extremely strong, and the work efficiency is high, compared to The existing threading technology saves manpower and material resources, and is an economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly new type of strong magnetic guide threading device.


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