Rubber mixing chamber facilitating burdening

A technology of rubber banburying and banburying, which is applied in the field of rubber banburying room for convenient batching, which can solve the problems of prolonging banburying time, increasing production cost, and difficult dispersion of ingredients, so as to shorten banburying time and precise banburying operation the effect of

Active Publication Date: 2018-05-04
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[0002] After the rubber formula is determined, it needs to be mixed and stirred, and banburying is carried out under the condition of high temperature and high pressure. The traditional method is to put all ...
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The invention discloses a rubber mixing chamber facilitating burdening, and belongs to the technical field of rubber mixing devices. The rubber mixing chamber facilitating burdening comprises a mixingshell, two mixing rollers, a rubber cutting part and a burdening part, wherein an opening is formed in the upper part of the mixing shell; the two mixing rollers are arranged in the mixing shell sideby side in parallel; the rubber cutting part is arranged at the bottom of the mixing shell and is provided with a protruded cutting surface; the cutting surface is positioned between the two mixing rollers; the burdening part comprises a pressure supply device and a plurality of burdening cavities which are connected to the rear of the pressure supply device; a solenoid valve is arranged at an outlet of each burdening cavity; and the outlets of the burdening cavities are finally gathered at a pipeline and then communicate with the mixing shell. The rubber mixing chamber is used for mixing ofrubber on a mixer, the adding time and the adding amount of rubber ingredients are controllable, the ingredients can be added according to an actual process, mixing operation of rubber is precise, theingredients are easily dispersed uniformly, and the mixing time is shortened.

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  • Rubber mixing chamber facilitating burdening
  • Rubber mixing chamber facilitating burdening


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Example Embodiment

[0027] Example 1: Reference figure 1 with figure 2 , A rubber mixing chamber for convenient batching, including:
[0028] A banbury shell a-1 with an upper opening. The banbury shell a-1 is surrounded by four side plates, and the side plates include two opposite flat side plates a with a flat upper surface. -1.1, and a curved side plate a-1.2 connecting two ends of the two flat side plates a-1.1 and having a curved upper surface;
[0029] Two parallel mixing rolls a-2 arranged side by side in the mixing shell a-1, both ends of the mixing roll a-2 are hinged in the mixing shell a-1 through a rotating shaft , One end is the spiral stirring part a-2.1, provided with spiral stirring protrusions, and the other end is the rotating shaft part a-2.2, the position of the spiral stirring part a-2.1 on the banbury roll a-2 and The position of the shaft portion a-2.2 on the other internal mixing roller a-2 corresponds to the position;
[0030] A rubber cutting part a-3 is arranged at the bottom of the banburying shell a-1, on which a convex cutting surface a-3.1 is provided, and the cutting surface a-3.1 is located on the two banburying rollers Between a-2, the rubber cutting part a-3 is divided into two sides of the cutting surface a-3.1 with a banbury roll accommodating part a-3.2, the banbury roller accommodating part a- 3.2 is a groove curved downwardly, and the banbury roll a-2 is arranged in the banbury roll accommodating portion a-3.2;
[0031] A batching part a-4 includes a pressure supply device a-4.1, and 3 to 5 batching chambers a-4.2 connected after the pressure supply device a-4.1; the pressure supply device a-4.1 is an empty The press is followed by a pressure buffer tank, and the pressure buffer tank is provided with a pressure gauge; the batching chamber a-4.2 is a vertically arranged tank body, and the lower part of the tank body is provided with a gradually reduced diameter Cone outlet
[0032] A solenoid valve is provided at the outlet of each batching cavity a-4.2, and the outlets of a number of the batching cavities a-4.2 are finally converged in a pipeline and communicated with the mixing shell a-1.


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