Fastening and straightening apparatus for transplanted trees

A kind of technology for stabilizing trees, applied in application, cultivation, agriculture, etc., can solve problems such as inability to straighten, collapse, and instability, and achieve a good stabilization effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-12-11
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] When carrying out garden construction, it is usually necessary to transplant trees from other places, and the transplanted trees need to be stable and vertical when replanting, so as to avoid unsightly or collapsing due to instabilities caused by inclination in later production. The most common method is to use support rod...
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Method used

In preferred scheme, described outer hoop ring 1 is made up of two semicircular annular metal plates, and the first lug plate 6 is all provided on two semicircular annular metal plate one ends, and the second fixed Bolt 7 passes through two first...
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Disclosed is a fastening and straightening apparatus for transplanted trees. The apparatus includes an outer hoop, inner hoops and support legs. A plurality of the inner hoops are arranged in the outer hoop. The inner hoops are arc metal plates. A connecting rod is arranged on each inner hoop. The connecting rods are arranged on the outer hoop in a passing manner. Second ear plates are arranged onthe outer wall of the outer hoop. Each support leg is connected to the corresponding second ear plate through a third fixing bolt. The outer hoop consists of two semi-circular annular metal plates. Afirst ear plate is arranged on one end of the each of the two semi-circular annular metal plates. Second fixing bolts pass through the corresponding two ear plates to fix the two semi-circular annular metal plates. The other ends of the two semi-circular annular metal plates are hinged to each other by hinges. The connecting rods are threaded rods. A first fixing bolt is arrange on one section, located on the outer side of the outer hoop, of each connecting rod. Each third fixing bolt is a bolt with a smooth section. Through the adoption of the structure, the stable fastening and straightening work of the transplanted trees is realized, and skewing and collapsing problems of the trees happening in the tree growth process can be effectively avoided.

Application Domain

Cultivating equipments

Technology Topic

Architectural engineeringBolt connection


  • Fastening and straightening apparatus for transplanted trees
  • Fastening and straightening apparatus for transplanted trees


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Example Embodiment

[0020] As shown in the figure, a stable and straightening device for transplanting trees includes an outer hoop 1, an inner hoop 2 and a leg 3. The outer hoop 1 is provided with a plurality of inner hoop rings 2, and the inner hoop ring 2 is Arc-shaped metal plate, the inner hoop ring 2 is provided with a connecting rod 4, and the connecting rod 4 passes through the outer hoop ring 1;
[0021] A second ear plate 8 is provided on the outer wall of the outer hoop ring 1, and the legs 3 and the second ear plate 8 are connected by a third fixing bolt 9.
[0022] In a preferred solution, the outer hoop ring 1 is composed of two semi-circular ring-shaped metal plates. One end of the two semi-circular ring-shaped metal plates is provided with a first ear plate 6, and the second fixing bolt 7 passes through it. Two semicircular ring-shaped metal plates are fixed by two first ear plates 6, and the two semicircular ring-shaped metal plates are fixed and the other end is hinged by a hinge. By being able to open and close, the fixation of the entire device is more convenient.
[0023] In a preferred solution, the connecting rod 4 is a threaded rod, and a first fixing bolt 5 is provided on a section of the connecting rod 4 located outside the outer hoop ring 1. By adopting the above method, the inner hoop ring can be adjusted for trees of different thicknesses, so as to adapt to the stable straightening work of different trees.
[0024] In a preferred solution, the third fixing bolt 9 is a bolt with a smooth section, and the length of the smooth section of the third fixing bolt 9 is smaller than the width of the connecting hole of the leg 3. With the above structure, the switch between the adjustment and fixation of the leg is realized.
[0025] In a preferred solution, a level 10 is also provided on the outer hoop ring 1. The level set is used to determine whether the device is level.
[0026] By adopting the above structure, the present invention realizes the stable uprighting of trees, avoids the unsightly caused by the skew during the growth of the trees, and can be used for trees of different thickness and size, and the present invention can be recycled and used in tree transplantation. Very good results.


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