Balance chair controller

A technology for controllers and seats, which is applied to patient chairs or special means of transportation, vehicle rescue, medical transportation, etc. It can solve problems such as reduced practicality, encountering obstacles, and single function of wheelchairs, so as to improve the user experience. Experience, improve the response speed, and the effect of soft motor action

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-03-22
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] The existing wheelchair has a single function and cannot automatically balance the seat. When the wheelchair is reversing, people need to look backward...
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The invention discloses a balance chair controller which comprises a box. A multi-axis gyroscope sensor is connected with the side wall of a side of the box, an ultrasonic distance measuring sensor isarranged on a side of the multi-axis gyroscope sensor, an electric quantity acquisition sensor which is connected with a side wall of the box is mounted on a side of the ultrasonic distance measuringsensor, a circuit board is arranged inside the box, a CPU (central processing unit) is connected onto the circuit board, a motor driver is arranged on a side of the CPU, and a buzzer is arranged on aside of the motor driver. The balance chair controller has the advantages that current chair posture can be sensed by the gyroscope sensor, and chair states can be adjusted by wheelchair driving execution components (push rod motors) to have initial values after Kalman filtering setting is carried out; vehicle operating states can be measured and calculated by vehicle backing radar of wheelchairsby the aid of gyroscope modules, and users can be prompted for rear obstacle conditions according to ultrasonic distance measuring results if the vehicle operating states are vehicle backing states;motors can be controlled by the motor driver by the aid of PID (proportion, integration and differentiation) methods, and accordingly the system response speeds can be obviously increased.

Application Domain

Wheelchairs/patient conveyance

Technology Topic

EngineeringKalman filter +9


  • Balance chair controller


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0021] Embodiment: The box body 1 and the box cover 10 are fixed by a detachable connection, and then the multi-axis gyroscope sensor 2, the ultrasonic distance measuring sensor 3, the motor driver 6 and the buzzer 7 are passed through the threading hole 9 to correspond to the wheelchair The connection line is connected. When the wheelchair is reversing, the ultrasonic distance measuring sensor 3 detects the distance of the obstacle behind. When the distance is too close, the buzzer 7 will give an alarm to remind. When the seat is not in a balanced state, The axis gyroscope sensor 2 senses, and after Kalman filter setting, drives the executive component (push rod motor) of the wheelchair to adjust the seat state to the initial value (balanced state).


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