High-speed lifting-rotating piece replenishing device

A patch and high-speed technology, which is applied in the field of high-speed lifting-rotating patch devices, can solve the problems of film production speed reduction, achieve the effect of changing efficiency loss and improving production efficiency

Pending Publication Date: 2021-08-06
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the above-mentioned deficiencies, and provide a high-speed lifting-rotating patch device to make up for problems caused by the multi-station stacking machine at one (or more) station stacking mechanism or one (or more) ) station completes the stacking work of one cell (multiple pole pieces stacked to meet the product requirements), the problem of slowing down the production speed; It can absorb the redundant pole piece under the condition of constant production speed, and can...
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Method used

When the pole pieces of subsequent process stacking platform are piled up, the controller receives the alarm signal, and the control patch assembly grabs the pole piece and stores the pole piece in an appropriate position, adjusts the pole piece quantity on the belt conveying line, when the vacancy When the sensor senses the vacancy, the controller controls the patch assembly to patch. The patch assembly is located directly above the belt conveyor line, making reasonable use of the space and making the structure more compact. Because the patch assembly has a storage functio...
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The invention relates to a high-speed lifting-rotating piece replenishing device which comprises a piece replenishing mounting seat and a plurality of piece replenishing components. Each piece replenishing component comprises a piece replenishing motor, a fixed seat assembly, an eccentric crankshaft and a turnover component; each piece replenishing motor is fixed on the piece replenishing mounting seat through the corresponding fixed seat assembly, the output end of each piece replenishing motor is connected with the corresponding eccentric crankshaft, each eccentric crankshaft drives the corresponding turnover assembly to move up and down, each turnover assembly comprises a turnover motor, a lifting plate and a turnover suction cup, each eccentric crankshaft converts the rotary motion of the corresponding piece replenishing motor into the up-and-down motion of the corresponding lifting plate, each turnover motor is fixed to the corresponding lifting plate, and an output shaft of each turnover motor penetrates through the corresponding lifting plate and then is connected with the corresponding turnover suction cup. The device can make up the vacancy of pole pieces, timely adjust the number of the pole pieces of a vacuum belt line, ensure that the pole piece conveying speed of the vacuum belt line is matched with the lamination speed of lamination machines at multiple stations, effectively improve the production efficiency and avoid excessive waste.

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  • High-speed lifting-rotating piece replenishing device
  • High-speed lifting-rotating piece replenishing device


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Example Embodiment

[0017] See figure 1 and figure 2 The present invention relates to a high-speed lifting-rotating patch device, which is picked up on the air space on the belt conveying line, which includes a patch mount 1 and a plurality of patch assemblies, the patch assembly including a patch motor 2, The fixed seat assembly 3, the eccentric crankshaft 4, and the flip assembly 5, the piping motor 2 is fixed to the patch mount 1 by the fixing seat assembly 3, and the output end of the patch motor 2 is connected to the eccentric crankshaft 4. The eccentric crankshaft 4 is moved up and down, and the flip assembly 5 includes a flip motor 5.1, a lifting plate 5.2, and a flip suction cup 5.3, and the eccentric crankshaft 4 is connected to the lifting plate 5.2 through the connecting shaft 6, the lifting plate 5.2 corresponds to the connection The shaft 6 is provided with a chute, the flip motor 5.1 fixed to the lifting plate 5.2, and the output shaft of the flip motor 5.1 is connected to the lifting plate 5.3 after the lifting plate 5.3.
[0018] The flip assembly 5 also has a hanging plate 5.4 and a support plate 5.5, which is disposed in parallel with the flip chuck 5.3, and is fixed to the lifting plate 5.2, the top of the support plate 5.5 is fixed to the suspension plate 5.4, The bottom portion of the support plate 5.5 is rotatably connected to one end of the flip suction cup 5.3.
[0019] The fixing seat assembly 3 includes a first mounting seat 3.1, a fixing plate 3.2, and a second fixing seat 3.3, and the top of the fastener 3.1 and the top of the first fixing seat 3.1 and the second fixing seat 3.3, respectively, and flip the motor. 5.1 Located below the fixed plate, the turning motor is reserved between the flip motor between the turbine.
[0020] A guide is provided in the second fixing seat 3.3, and a rail is provided on the lifting plate 5.2, the guide grooves match the guide rail to ensure smooth movement of the lifting board.
[0021] The guide tank is provided with two, symmetrically disposed on the front and rear sides of the second fastener. Ensure the stability of the flipping components up and down.
[0022] The flip suction cup 5.3 is provided with a plurality of adsorption surfaces.
[0023] A inductor 7 is provided on the belt conveying line, and the sensor 7 corresponds to the front end of the patch assembly, and when the sensor 7 senses the vacancy, the patch assembly performs patch.
[0024] The plurality of patch components may also move alone, so that the pole sheets on the belt conveyor can be simultaneously moved at any time, which can be adjusted to the number of poles of the belt conveying line.
[0025] The turning motor drives the inverting suction cup to flip, then the four adsorption faces of the suction cup face the absorption or storage of the pole, so that four adsorbent vectors can be grasped or stored on the belt wire, the patch motor drives eccentricity The crankshaft movement, through the rotation of the eccentric crankshaft, driving the lifting plate up and down movement, so that the flip suction cup mounted on the lifting plate can be ensured that the turning suction cup can be quickly moved to the vacuum belt wire to grab or store the pole piece It is quickly separated from the vacuum belt line.
[0026] When the polar segment of the lamination stage is deposited, the controller receives the alarm signal, and the control patch assembly grabs the pole sheet in the appropriate position and stores the pole piece, adjust the number of poles on the belt conveying line, when the space sensor is inductive When the vacancy, the controller controls the patch component patch. The patch assembly is located directly above the belt conveying line, reasonably utilized spatial position, and the structure is more compact. Since the patch assembly has a storage function, a reasonable adjustment of the number of plates, which can shorten the length of the belt conveying line, reducing the cost of the equipment.
[0027] In addition to the above implementation exceptions, the present invention also includes other embodiments, where an equivalent transform or equivalent replacement method is used, and it should be within the scope of the claims of the invention.


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