Word stock chip processing method capable of randomly changing vector word stock and word stock chip

A processing method and technology of vector characters, applied in the field of printers, can solve the problems of uneven display, distortion and deformation, unsuitable for high-resolution display devices, etc., and achieve the effect of saving resources and smooth fonts

Pending Publication Date: 2021-12-17
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[0002] At present, font chips are mainly based on dot matrix font chips. Dot matrix fonts will cause serious distortion and deformation after being thickened, tilted and scaled, and the display is not ...
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The invention provides a word stock chip processing method capable of randomly changing a vector word stock, which is characterized by comprising the following steps: acquiring the vector word stock by a microprocessor MCU, and burning the vector word stock in a FLASH chip connected with the microprocessor MCU; and according to a font operation instruction sent by a user, calling the word stock in the word stock file stored in the FLASH chip, processing words in the word stock, and returning the words to the user for use after being processed. According to the method, the words can be randomly zoomed, and thus the words are more suitable for high-resolution display and high-precision printing equipment; and vector word stock files can be changed at will, and a vector word stock can be customized.

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Resource allocation

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EngineeringHigh resolution +2


  • Word stock chip processing method capable of randomly changing vector word stock and word stock chip


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Example Embodiment

[0024] The present disclosure embodiment will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0025] The embodiments of the present disclosure can be easily understood by the present specification by specific embodiments, and those skilled in the art can easily understand other advantages and efficacy of the present disclosure. Obviously, the described embodiments are merely the embodiments of the present disclosure, not all of the embodiments. The present disclosure can also be implemented or applied by different embodiments. The details in this specification may also be based on different perspectives and applications, and various modifications or changes are made without departing from the spirit of the present disclosure. It should be noted that the features in the following examples and embodiments may be combined with each other in the case of unlilled. Based on the embodiments of the present disclosure, those of ordinary skill in the art will belong to the scope of the present disclosure without all other embodiments obtained without creative labor.
[0026] Incidentally, the following description of various aspects of the embodiments within the scope of the appended claims. It should be apparent that aspects described herein may be embodied in a wide variety of forms, as described herein, and that any specific structure and / or function merely illustrative. Based on the present disclosure, one skilled in the art will appreciate, one aspect described herein may be implemented independently of any other aspects, and may be a combination of these aspects of the above two or in various manners. For example, the device may be implemented and / or a method practiced using any number of the aspects set forth herein. Further, it may be used in addition to the aspects set forth herein in one or more of the other structure and / or functionality of the embodiments of this device and / or a method practiced.
[0027] It is further noted that the illustrated embodiment merely illustrative examples provided in the following embodiments described basic concept of the present disclosure, the drawings show only the components related to the number of components in accordance with the present disclosure, rather than in actual embodiments, the shape and drawn to scale, its actual implementation of each component type, number and proportion of changes may be as a free, and the layout of the components may also be more complex patterns.
[0028] Further, in the following description, specific details are provided to provide a thorough understanding of the examples. However, those skilled in the art will appreciate that the aspects may be practiced without these specific details.
[0029] In one aspect, the present disclosure provides a method for processing a character chip vector font can be arbitrarily changed, comprising:
[0030] Step 1, the microprocessor MCU acquiring vector font, the vector font and FLASH chip programming in connection with the microprocessor in the MCU;
[0031] In a specific embodiment, the memory of the present embodiment can be connected to the microprocessor MCU FLASH chip, the microprocessor in the MCU acquiring vector font, firstly by the microprocessor MCU USB interface connected to the computer through the computer operation, through the micro the processor MCU FLASH plug-chip analog into a U-disk, the required vector font stored in the simulation U disk.
[0032] Wherein TTF font file format may be a standard font file suffix TTF file formats or user-defined may be extracted directly TTF Windows vector font file.
[0033] Before a font file for font operation, retrieval of font files, saved searches font files FLASH chip, the purpose is to confirm the existence of the retrieved font file, addition, typically by the microprocessor MCU save file system FATFS there FALSH vector font file in the file system mount chip.
[0034] Step 2. The user sends an operation instruction font, font files FLASH chip retrieved stored in the font, the font and font corresponding processing, the process returns to the user;
[0035] In a specific embodiment, the user interface or the MCU SPI serial transmission operation instruction font, MCU call after receiving the operation instruction FREETYPE processing algorithm, the corresponding scaled font, bold, reverse inclination, crochet, grayscale, etc. processing, and the processed dot data into the font, then the MCU serial SPI interface or returned to the user.
[0036] Finally, the microprocessor MCU FLASH chip or integrated process for bonding process into an integrated whole, retain the external USB interface, SPI interface or a serial interface and an operation to replace the font file transfer instructions and data.
[0037] This embodiment utilizes a microprocessor MCU achieve FATFS file system, the file system reads the saved TTF FATFS vector font files FLASH plug-chip microprocessor MCU SPI transfer instruction according to the operation performed by the font FREETYPE vector font processing algorithm scaling, bold, reverse inclination, crochet, gradation processing, etc., after processing to form the corresponding dot data, the dot data is then output through serial interface or SPI.
[0038] This embodiment can be arbitrarily scalable fonts, more suitable for high-resolution display, and high-precision printing apparatus; any changes in the vector font files, the custom vector font; can produce a variety of high-quality output characters, font smoothing without distortion.
[0039] A second aspect, a vector font can arbitrarily change the font chip, comprising a microprocessor integrated with the MCU and microprocessor MCU FLASH chip together, the FLASH chip vector font file is stored, the microprocessor MCU the user sends an operation instruction font, font retrieval FLASH stored in the chip, and the character font corresponding processing, the process returns to the user. Wherein said chip further comprises a character or serial SPI interface, the user is connected to the microprocessor by a microprocessor MCU SPI interface or the MCU serial transmission operation instruction font.
[0040] Font chip manufacturing method, the structure and function can be described with reference to the above-described methods, not described herein again.
[0041]As described above, only the specific embodiments of the present disclosure, but the scope of the present disclosure is not limited thereto, and any technicress that will be described in the technical scope of the present disclosure can easily think of change or replacement.It should be covered within the scope of protection of this disclosure.Therefore, the scope of protection of the present disclosure should be based on the scope of protection of the claims.


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