VR3D video

A video and 3D technology, applied in the field of shooting and display, which can solve the problems of low image resolution, limited field of view, lack of change and immersive interaction, etc.

Pending Publication Date: 2022-01-07
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Problems solved by technology

The disadvantage is that the field of view recorded in the screen is limited, and the viewer cannot choose to display the scene outside the field of view. The viewer can only passively accept what kind of screen is played, lacking a sense of change and immersive interaction, focusing and detailing but lacking breadth, making the The charm of 3D video is greatly reduced
However, because the panoramic field of view contained in VR video is too grand, the resolution of the image in the display window is relatively low. For example, the definition of 4K VR panoramic video in the display window is only equivalent to 480P; VR video generally adopts fixed focal length and focus Strictly speaking, it belongs to "myopia". Even if the video reaches a full-view retinal resolution of 20K...
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According to the VR3D video structure and the shooting and displaying method thereof disclosed by the invention, VR panoramic display, 3D video zooming and translation and VR/3D switching technologies are combined, the defects of insufficient 3D video immersion and low VR display angle resolution are overcome, and the VR3D video structure has the characteristics of panoramic view immersion and hot spot region detail description. The VR3D video can be shot by adopting professional or convenient photographic equipment, transmission, distribution, sharing, high-definition panoramic display at a user side and free switching of the 3D video are realized under the support of a 5G network, the advantages of immersive display, human-scene interaction and three-dimensional vividness are realized, and a user can experience free and smooth impression in a virtual environment. By adopting the VR3D video technology and the shooting equipment, a brand new experience tourism, social contact, live broadcast and shopping platform can be created, and the portable VR3D all-in-one machine can also provide end-to-end bidirectional live video call for the user, so that the user can really experience that the career is the hand.

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  • VR3D video
  • VR3D video
  • VR3D video


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Example Embodiment

[0042] Implementation case one, VR, 3D separation shooting. Suitable for most environments, including theaters, stations, events, tourism or live broadcast. Professional VR devices (20) and 3D shooting equipment (21) are separate, 3D shooting equipment (21) can be moveable to track hotspot regions (22), such as Image 6 As shown, the multi-channel video captured by the professional VR device (20) can output 8K, 16K or even 24K (3D) VR video, 3D shooting device (21) can output a single eye 4K, 8K ultra HD video. Link to the VR3D video group (12), the so-called timestamp is connected to the VR3D video group (12), and the so-called timestamp is the VR, 3D frame image, and sound recorded at the same time. At the same time on the video audio stream timestamp (6). VR3D video group data flows through 5G network transmission, distributing, sharing a VR header, 3D display, etc. User terminal, after the VR3D display module is decoded, and it is displayed after rendering. like Figure 5 As shown, the display module is first played by VR video (9), and the user (18) can rotate the head free to view 360 ° panoramic space (17) image; the display module close the VR video (9) after the switching command (16) is received. 3D video (10) shows that in addition to watching the hotspot area (22) complete 3D image, the user can also enlarge the 3D image to watch local details; after receiving the switching instruction (16), the display module off 3D video (10), Turn on the VR video (9).

Example Embodiment

[0043] Implementation Cases Second, VR3D video is taken with professional or ultra HD. Can be applied to live or recording from travel, stage, shopping guide, activity record, etc., can also achieve two-way video interaction with the VR3D video user. like Figure 7 As shown, the professional VR3D machine has 24 VR lenses, which can take no less than 24K (3D) VR video (9); medium and long focus 3D lens group (24) capture a single eye 4K or 8K super HD 3D video ( 10). like Figure 8 As shown, the ultra HD VR3D all-in-one has 6 VR lens (25), which can take 8K, 16K (2D) VR video (9); one side of the main lens (29), VR lens (25), medium long The focus lens (30) constitutes a zoom 3D lens group, which can take a single eye 4K 3D video (10). In the VR video (9), the hot spot area (22) via the spinning virtual box is labeled, and when the user's eye looks around the VR video hot point identification area (7), it is automatically switched to 3D video. (10) In the switching process, the video scaling transition can be set to achieve a smoothing transition. VR3D all-in-one free movement shooting hotspot area (22) 3D image, its movement and rotation does not affect the shooting of VR video, real-time VR video (9), 3D video (10), audio (11), VR video hot point identification area ( 7) Link into a VR3D video group (12), video data flow through 5G network real-time transmission, distribution, shared to user terminal display, enable recording, live, or two-way real video calls.

Example Embodiment

[0044] Implementation case three, VR3D video is taken with portable all-in-one or external VR3D mobile phone, which is convenient to move freely, can be applied to video calls, tourism, live broadcast, short video, etc. like Figure 9 As shown, the integrated machine has two fish-eye VR lens (31), 4K, 8K (2D) VR video (9); one side of the main lens (29), fish eye VR lens (31), medium The telephoto lens (30) constitutes a zoom 3D lens group to capture a single eye 4K 3D video (10). like Figure 10 As shown, the VR camera (32) is hanging on a multi-lens mobile phone (33) through the mobile phone, can take 4K, 8K (2D) VR video (9); mobile phone's standard lens (29), super wide shot (36 ), The medium-long focal lens (30) constitutes a zoom 3D lens group (35), and a single eye 4K 3D video (10) can be taken. The frame image of the VR video (9) and 3D video (10) is spent together, forming 4K * 4K VR3D video (8), such as figure 1 B shown. External VR3D mobile phone, or portable VR3D machine connection high-performance 5G mobile phone with VR or naked eye 3D display function, you can complete the editing of asymmetric sharpness 3D video in real time, with the VR video frame image, real-time transmission to video call objects At the same time, the VR3D video (8) data transmitted by the other party is received, decoding the display, and realizes the two-way real video call for the terminal to the terminal.


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