Terminal monitoring method and device, equipment and storage medium

A terminal and target terminal technology, applied in the field of computers, can solve problems that are not suitable for actual use scenarios, and achieve the effect of easy use

Pending Publication Date: 2022-02-18
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] The main purpose of the present invention is to provide a terminal monitoring method, device, equipment and storage medium, aiming to solve the te...
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Method used

It can be understood that the pre-trained neural network model has a very high detection rate when detecting, therefore, the content detection is carried out to the interface display video by the pre-trained preset video recognition model, which can speed up the speed of content detection, It enables faster control when students use the target terminal in violation of regulations.
[0149] In this embodiment, content detection is performed on the interface display video through a preset video recognition model to obtain a content detection result; if the content detection result is that the interface display video violates the rules, then the target terminal is systematically Functiona...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of computers, and discloses a terminal monitoring method and device, equipment and a storage medium. The method comprises the steps of obtaining display interface information in a target terminal; when the display interface information does not meet the preset condition, performing image acquisition on each display interface in the target terminal to obtain an interface display video; and performing content detection on the interface display video, and performing system function management and control on the target terminal according to a content detection result. The image acquisition can be automatically performed on each display interface when the display interface information in the target terminal does not meet the preset condition, the content detection is performed on the acquired interface display video, whether the content is illegal is determined, the content detection result is generated, and the system function control is performed on the target terminal according to the content detection result. Student parents only need to set preset conditions without paying attention to application types, and the method is easy and convenient to use and suitable for actual use.

Application Domain

Character and pattern recognitionNeural architectures +1

Technology Topic

Embedded systemEngineering +3


  • Terminal monitoring method and device, equipment and storage medium
  • Terminal monitoring method and device, equipment and storage medium
  • Terminal monitoring method and device, equipment and storage medium


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  • Effect test(1)


[0129] Based on the first embodiment above, the step S30 of the terminal monitoring method of the present embodiment may include:


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