Parking lot booking system and its use method

A parking space reservation and parking space technology is applied in the directions of indicating various open spaces in the parking lot, reservation, and data processing applications. The effect of improving the utilization rate and reducing the cost of use

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-01-09
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[0003] 1) Free parking spaces cannot be queried in advance
[0004] Car owners must drive to the vicinity of the electronic signs or at the entrance of the parking lot to know whether there are free parking spaces. Sometimes during the peak parking period, some parking lots often have no free parking spaces, and the car owner has to drive around to look for them. Sometimes there are some parking spaces immediately. There are a small number of free parking spaces in the field, and several vehicles may compete for a parking space
[0005] 2) The real-time performance of parking space information is not enough
[0006] The current system only indicates when the parking space vacancy actually changes, and it is still difficult to meet the ideal parking space query requirements. For example, if the car owner sees a small number of parking spaces on the electronic sign, it may be idle when the car arrives at the target parking lot. The parking space has already been occupied, and ...
the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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This system consists of a car position tester (CPT) and a car position managing server (CPS). CPS consists of the position managing module, the idle position judging module (EPJ), the position inquiry module, the position preserving module (PP) and the position preservation charging module. Steps of using this system include: 1) numbering the positions; 2) CPT sending position state info to EPJ; 3) real-time judging position idle state; 4) the position preservation terminal (PPT) sending the position inquiry instruction to CPS; 5) PPT obtaining the inquiry result and sending the position preservation info; 6) PP preserving the position and sending the preservation result to PPT. This technical scheme records accurately all position idle states of the parking lot and forecasts the position state changing. This raises the utilization of car position resource and reduces the cost of car using.

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[0033] In order to facilitate those of ordinary skill in the art to understand and implement the present invention, the present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings and specific embodiments.
[0034] A modern parking lot is located in a downtown area. The garage has three floors and each floor has thousands of parking spaces. During the peak parking period, the parking space occupancy rate exceeds 90%, and sometimes many cars compete for parking spaces. In order to improve the utilization rate of parking spaces, speed up the turnover rate of parking spaces, and relieve the pressure of car owners from parking difficulties, the technical scheme of the present invention has been adopted to develop a mobile parking space reservation system (hereinafter referred to as this system), and launch a mobile parking space reservation service to the society. Parking spaces can be booked through mobile phone text messages or websites. The SMS number for parking space reservation is 168999, and the URL of the website for parking space reservation is
[0035] The above parking space reservation system includes a parking space detector and a parking space management server. The parking space detector is connected to the parking space management server through a local area network, and the parking space management server is connected to the Internet. The parking space management server includes a parking space management module, an empty parking space judgment module, and a parking space query. Module, parking space reservation module, parking space reservation charging module, the management module controls the other three modules to perform specific information processing tasks.
[0036] When this system is installed, each parking space is assigned a number. The number is composed of a Chinese character and 3 digits. The Chinese character represents the floor where the parking space is located, and the number represents the parking space serial number. For example, "上105" means the upper 105th parking space, "中"087" means parking space No. 087 on the middle floor, and "下516" means parking space No. 516 on the lower floor.
[0037] This system uses the original camera of the parking lot as the parking space detector, and supplements some cameras so that the camera's photographing range covers all parking spaces. The photographing range of each camera is a surveillance area. There are 40 parking spaces in a surveillance area. There are 25 cameras on each floor of the garage. First take a picture of each surveillance area, process the photographed pictures, and process the image of each parking space area into an image when the parking space is empty, and then use the pictures of all the parking spaces as the free surveillance area as the parking space template picture. The template picture is One by one vacant parking spaces.
[0038] A parking space database is established in the parking space management server (hereinafter referred to as the server). There is a parking space occupancy status registration form (hereinafter referred to as the parking space registration form) in the database. The parking registration form records the record of each parking for each parking space, and the data records include “Parking space reservation time, booker’s mobile phone number, starting time of parking space, ending time of occupancy, license plate number, car photo”, etc. There is also a parking space free status table (hereinafter referred to as the parking status table) in the database. The parking status table records each The current vacancy status and reservation status of each parking space, the data record includes "parking space status, planned occupancy time, planned end time", etc. The content of "parking space status" includes "occupied, reserved, and free".
[0039] The camera shoots each surveillance area in real time and sends the captured real-time video to the server. The server can determine the free status of each parking space by comparing it with the template picture of the corresponding surveillance area, and update each parking space status table in real time. Free data of parking spaces.
[0040] When a car owner plans to come to the parking lot at a specific time, he can send a text message to the number 168999 by sending the content "A20:00" in advance, where "A" means to inquire about the number of available parking spaces, and "20:00" means to inquire The parking time is 20:00, which is whether there is an empty parking space at 20:00. If it is a parking space a few days after the query, you can also add a date, such as "A10-26 20:00" means "October 26 At 20:00".
[0041] After the server receives the message, it will immediately query the number of parking spaces currently free from the parking status table and the parking spaces that have been scheduled to end the occupied time at that time. For example, there are 58 free parking spaces and 106 parking spaces planned to end the occupied time. There are 91 parking spaces reserved at 20:00, and there may be 58+106-91=73 empty parking spaces at 20:00 at the time specified by the vehicle owner, and a receipt text message will be sent to the vehicle owner with the content: "You There are 164 free parking spaces at 20:00 in the query. There are 1000 parking spaces in this building. If you want to make a reservation, please indicate the start and end time of the occupied parking space. Reply to this message. The parking fee is subject to the city’s commercial parking fee standard, directly in your mobile phone account. Deducted". The user thinks it is worth the reservation, and responds to the message. The message content is "B20:00-22:00", where "B" means the reservation location, and "20:00-22:00" means that the parking space is occupied at 20:00 Until 22:00.
[0042] After the server receives the short message for the reserved parking space, it increases the number of parking spaces reserved at 20:00 to 92, which means that the system must reserve at least 92 empty parking spaces for reservations at 20:00. After the above-mentioned car owner has reserved a parking space, before the reserved parking time arrives, he can also modify the reservation time or cancel the reservation, and a certain handling fee may be charged at this time.
[0043] If the car owner arrives at the parking lot in advance at the scheduled time, if there is currently a free parking space, it will be provided to the car owner immediately. If there is no free parking space, the car owner will be prompted to wait, and can only enter and park after other vehicles withdraw at the reserved time. If the owner is late for more than a certain period of time, the server sends a text message to the owner in advance, prompting the estimated parking time is up, whether to cancel the parking, the owner will cancel the reservation after confirming the cancellation, otherwise continue to wait for the owner.
[0044] When the car owner arrives at the parking lot at the reserved time, the system detects that the user has entered the entrance of the parking lot, and then arranges an empty parking space, usually starting from the innermost empty parking space, and sending the number of the empty parking space to the owner's mobile phone, and Indicate the direction of the vacant parking space and the walking route, such as "Please go to the parking space of No. 118, go forward about 50 meters and turn left into the lower garage, go straight for about 40 meters, turn right and go straight for about 20 meters and keep to the right", the owner only needs to follow this prompt to walk You can find an arranged parking space.
[0045] And take a picture of the user’s car to identify the license plate number. When the parking space detector detects that the owner’s car has stopped, it sends the information to the server, and the server automatically updates the parking space status table data, marking the parking space status as "occupied", and Fill in the parking registration form with "parking space reservation time, booker's mobile phone number, parking space start-occupancy time, end-occupation time, license plate number, car photo", etc. When the parking end time is almost 22:00, such as 21:40, the server will automatically send a prompt message to the owner’s mobile phone, such as "You have 20 minutes left in the parking space. Please prepare to leave. If you want to extend the time , Please send the letter C and add a new end of parking time" If the owner wants to extend, the text message sent is "C-22:40", which means to extend to "22:40", where the letter C means to extend the parking time. After the server receives the vehicle owner's short message for extending the parking time, it automatically updates the "end occupancy time" in the parking registration form.
[0046] If the car owner leaves the parking lot and the occupied parking space is free, the server automatically updates the parking status table data. The parking record in the parking registration form of the owner will be kept for a period of time for other purposes. At the same time, the system calculates the parking fee according to the actual parking time of the car owner, plus the handling fee for the parking change, and deducts the cost from the car owner's mobile phone account. After deduction, send a deduction text message to the owner’s mobile phone. The text message can be "You parked in this building for 1 hour and 58 minutes. According to the commercial parking lot charging regulations, the parking fee is 20 yuan, and the reservation change fee is 2 yuan, totaling 22 yuan has been deducted from your mobile phone account, please verify."
[0047] You can also log in during the above query or reservation process On the website, the status of parking spaces in the parking lot is displayed more intuitively on the webpage. The user can directly book on the webpage, but he must enter his mobile phone number. The server sends a SMS confirmation code to the owner’s mobile phone. The user enters the confirmation code on the webpage and the server After the confirmation code is correct, the reservation of the parking space is completed, and the subsequent prompts are sent by SMS. The website here can be an Internet website or a mobile phone WAP network.
the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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