Filter sleeve with stirring structure

A technology of filter sleeve and filter sleeve, which is applied in the directions of filtration and separation, moving filter element filter, separation method, etc., can solve the problem that the preservation liquid cannot be effectively driven.

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-06-17
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[0002] The stirring function of the filter sleeve barrel is realized by the outer wall, and the existing filter sleeve barrels are all cylinders with smooth outer walls....
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The invention relates to a filter sleeve with a stirring structure, which redesigns the shape of the outer wall or the cross section of the filter sleeve, so that the filter sleeve can effectively drive preserving fluid, and the stirring function of the filter sleeve can be improved, namely the filter sleeve is provided with the stirring structure and is a stirrer with strong driving capability and stirring function.

Application Domain

Moving filtering element filters

Technology Topic

Biochemical engineering


  • Filter sleeve with stirring structure
  • Filter sleeve with stirring structure


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0007] Example
[0008] Obviously, the solution of the present invention will not be limited only to the embodiment.
[0009] Embodiment is shown in accompanying drawing. For details, please refer to the accompanying drawings.
Description of drawings
[0010] 1) Accompanying drawing 1 is an embodiment of "adding a raised structure or a groove on the outer wall".
[0011] Scheme A is to add a raised structure on the outer wall, and its cross-section is shown in a-a. The raised structures play a major stirring role. Option B is to add a groove structure on the outer wall, and its cross-section is shown in b-b. Relative to the groove, the outer wall is raised, which plays a major role in stirring.
[0012] 2) Accompanying drawing 2 is the embodiment of "changing its cross-sectional shape".
[0013] The outer wall section is polygonal, and the corners and sides of the polygon play a major role in stirring.


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