Pipe clamp type temperature controller

A temperature controller and tube clamp technology, which is applied in the direction of temperature control using electric methods, can solve problems such as inability to install, thread slippage, cumbersome installation, etc., achieve simple and easy installation and disassembly, improve assembly efficiency, and reduce production cost effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-02-09
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At present, most of the thermostats are fixed on the outer wall of the pipeline with bolts. During the production process, the installation is cumbersome and the efficiency is...
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The invention discloses a pipe clamp type temperature controller, which comprises a temperature controller and a shell used for embedding the temperature controller. The shell wall of the shell is inserted with two parallel steel wire hooks hooking to a pipe to be controlled; and one end of each of the two hooks is bent along the pipe to be controlled to extend into a hook shape, while the other end is inserted into the shell wall on the two sides of the shell along the horizontal direction of the pipe to be controlled. The steel wire hooks closely hook the temperature controller to the pipe to be controlled, so the pipe clamp type temperature controller is simple and easy to assembly and disassembly, and the temperature controller cannot be damaged during maintenance. In the production, a numerical control wire bending machine is only adopted for quick production, excessive wastes cannot be generated, and the production cost of manufacturers is reduced; and during assembly, the hooks are directly inserted into the shell to complete the assembly, so the assembly efficiency is greatly improved.

Application Domain

Temperature control using electric means

Technology Topic

Mechanical engineeringNumerical control


  • Pipe clamp type temperature controller
  • Pipe clamp type temperature controller
  • Pipe clamp type temperature controller


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Example Embodiment

[0010] The tube card thermostat as shown in the figure includes a thermostat 1 and a shell 2 for embedding the thermostat 1. Two parallel steel wire hooks are inserted on the shell wall of the shell 2. 4a, 4b, one end of the two steel wire hooks 4a, 4b is bent and extended into a hook shape along the controlled pipe 3, and the other ends are inserted into the shell walls on both sides of the casing 2 along the lateral direction of the controlled pipe 3. , the radius of the peripheral surface enclosed by the steel wire hooks 4a, 4b and the thermostat 1 is smaller than the radius of the peripheral surface of the controlled pipe 3, and the steel wire hooks 4a, 4b are hooked on the controlled pipe, so that the The thermostat 1 is in close contact with the pipe wall of the controlled pipe parts 4a, 4b.
[0011] Of course, in order to realize the last molding in production, reflect the integrity of the product, and prevent the hooks 4a and 4b inserted on the housing 2 from swinging left and right, the two hooks 4a and 4b are formed into one piece, that is, the two hooks 4a and 4b are integrally formed. The hook-shaped ends of the hooks 4 a and 4 b extend toward each other along the longitudinal direction of the controlled pipe member 3 as a whole.


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