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A key box and box body technology, applied in the field of key boxes, can solve problems such as single style, weak packaging, easy deformation, etc., and achieve the effect of high-end appearance

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-02-06
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[0002] The existing key packaging generally adopts the combination of a plastic mask and a paper bottom plate. This kind of packaging is not strong, ea...
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The invention discloses a key box, comprising a box body, a box cover and a partition plate, wherein a slot is arranged at the periphery of the upper edge of the box body; the box cover is matched with the slot; a window is arranged on the partition plate; the partition plate is arranged between the box body and the box cover; the box body disclosed by the invention can be made of a metal material or a transparent material and has certain strength; the box cover is made of the transparent material; the partition plate with the window is arranged between a cover board and the box body; a key inside the box can be observed by virtue of the box cover and the window on the partition plate; a key lever is baffled at the unopened part of the partition plate; a password in the key cannot be seen and the key cannot be copied; advertisement words and patterns can be printed on the partition plate; the appearance is considerably upscale, and the key is fetched just by pulling and pushing the box cover and the partition plate, so that the key box is very convenient. The key box is conveniently suspended on a hook of a storage rack by virtue of a box body platform and a hanging hole on the box cover.

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[0017] Such as Figure 1-Figure 3 As shown, the key box provided by the invention includes a box body 1, a box cover 2 and a partition 3. The upper edge of the box body extends horizontally to the periphery to form a platform 102, and a slot 101 is provided on the periphery of the platform 102. Steps 201 are provided on both sides of the cover 2 to cooperate with the slot 101 on the box body 1, so that the surface of the box cover 2 is as flat as the surface of the slot 101. The partition 3 is provided with a window 301 to separate The plate 3 is arranged between the box body 1 and the box cover 2, and corresponding hanging holes 202 and 103 are respectively provided on the platform 102 of the box cover 2 and the box body 1.
[0018] The box body 1 is made of metal materials or transparent materials, and the box cover 2 is made of transparent materials.
[0019] The partition 3 can be directly placed at the opening of the box body 1 or inserted into the slot 101 of the box body 1.
[0020] Put the key 4 into the box 1, the partition 3 on the key 4, insert the box cover 2 into the slot 101 of the box 1 to complete the placement of the key 4, take the key 4 and press the reverse process of the key 4 can.


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