Original ecological kid finger painting method by pen

A painting method and an original ecological technology, applied in the field of painting, can solve the problems of not being able to reflect children's creativity and sensibility of external affairs, lack of fine art painting, and lower self-evaluation, so as to enhance self-confidence and establish a self-evaluation system, Save teaching and daily painting costs, expand thinking and creativity

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-03-06
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Problems solved by technology

When teaching and popularizing children's finger painting, through children's painting performance, it is found that most rural children do not have the basis for systematic learning of art painting knowledge, while traditional children's finger painting focuses on the similarity of painting, requiring children to create pictures entirely with their hands However, if children are requi...
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Method used

The present invention utilizes the method for dot ink outline and line embellishment, allows children to more easily accept the knowledge of light and shade, can let children realize the difference of the overall relationship that light brings to object in advance, is easy to grasp whole and local relationship. There are no strict requirements for the paper plane medium of painting creation, and it is not limited to the size and material of the paper. Children can draw and create according to the paper situation arbitrarily. On the one hand, it expands children's thinking and creativity. It also saves the cost of ...
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The invention provides an original ecological kid finger painting method by a pen. The method comprises the steps of: firstly, dipping pigment by hand and preliminarily drawing an integral outline and the light and shade relation on a paper planar medium; and then, carrying out secondary drawing creation by using a pen with the combination of the preliminarily drawing. According to the invention, a point ink drawing and line embellishing method is used, so that children can easily receive knowledge about light and shade, can feel the integral object relation difference under light in advance, and can wonderfully master the relation of the whole body and local parts. Requirements on the paper planar medium for drawing creation are not strict, the children can arbitrarily draw and create according to the paper sheet conditions without limitation by the size and material of paper sheets, on one hand, the though and creativity of the children are expanded, and on the other hand, the teaching and daily drawing costs are also saved.

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Special artistic techniques

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Example Embodiment

[0016] The present invention will be further described in detail below in conjunction with specific embodiments.
[0017] The invention provides an original ecology children's pen finger drawing method, the drawing steps are simple and easy to learn. First of all, children can use any part of their hands, including fingertips, fingers, palms, back of hands, side of hands, etc., to dip the paint on the paper plane medium to make a preliminary outline of the overall shape and the relationship between light and shade, usually by pushing, pulling, Most of the actions are pressing, printing, swiping, pressing and sliding. Among them, the overall shape can be expressed by dots of ink, and the relationship between light and dark is mainly expressed by the intensity of the ink. Then use the pen to combine the preliminary outline of the image for secondary painting creation, and more use of point, line, surface and other processing methods for painting creation. Here can be based on the preliminary outline of the overall image, or it can be based on the partial ink image, so that the creativity of the painting is no longer limited to the preliminary outline of the image, but allows the children to use their creativity and imagination at will. Even if the children are not creative or have a wrong configuration in the initial sketch, they can still be repaired and perfected in the second creation.
[0018] The present invention uses the method of ink outline and line embellishment to make it easier for children to accept the knowledge of light and shade, and can make children perceive the difference in the overall relationship brought by light to the object early, and it is easy to grasp the relationship between the whole and the part. . There are no strict requirements on the paper-based graphic media for painting creation. It is not limited to the size and material of the paper. Children can freely outline and create according to the paper situation. On the one hand, it expands the thinking and creativity of children. On the other hand, It also saves teaching and daily drawing costs. The invention can effectively promote the development of children’s painting in rural areas. After a preliminary sketch, the children can combine what they see, hear, and think, as well as the knowledge images obtained through books and external media, to carry out interesting and creative ideas. Sexual painting creation allows children to fully express their inner world through the processing and expression of points, lines and surfaces, and at the same time enhance children's self-confidence and establish a self-evaluation system through children's own paintings.


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