Medicine for curing cholera and preparation method thereof

A drug and cholera technology, applied in the direction of drug combination, medical formula, medical preparations containing active ingredients, etc., can solve the problems of poor effect and multiple side effects, and achieve the effect of no toxic side effects, quick effect, and short course of treatment

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-10-02
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The invention discloses medicine for curing cholera and a preparation method thereof. The medicine is mainly prepared from the following raw materials in a certain weight proportion: agastache rugosus, fructus perillae, radix angelicae, platycodon roots, pericarpium arecae and mangnolia officinalis. The medicine has the functions of regulating qi-flowing for strengthening spleen, drying dampness for resolving phlegm, eliminating dampness for diuresis and removing pathogenic heat from blood, is used for curing cholera, and has the advantages of instant effect, good curative effect and high curative ratio.

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  • Medicine for curing cholera and preparation method thereof


  • Effect test(2)

Test Example

[0041] [Test Example 1] Animal toxicity test report of the drug of the present invention
[0042] Take 30 rabbits, both male and female, weighing 2.0-2.5kg, divided into two groups, each with 15 rabbits, one of which is the overdose test group and the other is the normal dose test group. The super normal group is 20ml/kg and the normal dose is 10ml/kg. The administration method is gavage, twice a day for 7 days. The administration reaction is observed every day. The results show that the rabbits in the two groups have normal activities and diet , The drug has no adverse side effects.

Test Example

[0043] [Test Example 2] Clinical observation data of the drug in the treatment of cholera
[0044] 1. General information
[0045] A total of 280 outpatients were admitted, including 120 male patients and 160 female patients.
[0046] 2. Diagnostic criteria
[0047] Clinical manifestations: The patient's limbs are fatigued, the mouth is short of food, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, not thirst, red and astringent urine, lack of energy, pale tongue, slippery fur, heavy pulse and weak pulse.
[0048] 3. Treatment methods
[0049] The above-mentioned medicines are selected and administered to the patients, one dose each time, once a day in the morning, noon, and evening, 5 days as a course of treatment, and 2 consecutive courses of treatment.
[0050] 4. Efficacy evaluation criteria
[0051] Significantly effective: the symptoms of cholera disappeared and the physique returned to normal;
[0052] Improvement: The symptoms of cholera have improved significantly, and the physique gradually recovered;
[0053] Invalid: Those who fail to meet the improvement standard.
[0054] 5. Treatment results (see the table below)
[0056] In the above treatment, 280 cases of cholera patients were treated with the medicine of the present invention, and the results showed that 270 cases were markedly effective, the markedly effective rate was 96.43%, 6 cases improved, the improved rate was 2.14%, 4 cases were ineffective, and the total effective rate was 98.57%.


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