Tea-frying machine

A tea frying machine and frame technology, applied in the field of tea making tools, can solve the problems of low degree of mechanization, improve efficiency, low precision, etc., achieve the effect of coordinating working relationship and improving production efficiency

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-12-04
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Problems solved by technology

However, the precision of the existing tea frying machines is not high, and almost all of them just transfer the traditional...
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The invention relates to a tea-frying machine comprises a frame, a barrel type water-removing pot disposed on the frame, a first conveying belt, a second conveying belt, a first hui pot and a second hui pot. The bottom of the barrel type water-removing pot is provided with a first discharging outlet and a second discharging outlet, each of the first discharging outlet and the second discharging outlet is provided with a discharging valve, a feeding section of the first conveying belt is located at a position of the first discharging outlet, a discharging section of the first conveying belt is matched with a feeding inlet of the first hui pot, a feeding section of the second conveying belt is located at a position of the second discharging outlet, and a discharging section of the second conveying belt is matched with a feeding inlet of the second hui pot. Due to the fact that one water-removing pot and the two hui pots are connected through the two conveying belts respectively to form a stable and a coordinating operation relation, production efficiency is improved as compared to that of manual tea frying.

Application Domain

Pre-extraction tea treatment

Technology Topic

EngineeringMechanical engineering


  • Tea-frying machine


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Example Embodiment

[0009] Example
[0010] according to figure 1 As shown, the tea frying machine in the present invention includes a frame 1, a drum type fixing pot 2 arranged on the frame 1, a first conveyor belt 3, a second conveyor belt 4, a first hui pot 5 and a second conveyor belt Erhui Pot6.
[0011] Wherein, the bottom of the drum-type fixing pot 2 is provided with a first discharge port 7 and a second discharge port 8, and each of the first and second discharge ports 7 and 8 is provided with a discharge valve. The feed section of a conveyor belt 3 is located at the first discharge port 7, the discharge section of the first conveyor belt 3 is connected to the feed port of the first boiler 5, and the second conveyor The feed section of the belt 4 is located at the second discharge port 8 , and the discharge section of the second conveyor belt 4 is connected to the feed port of the second boiler 6 .
[0012] The first and second Hui pots 5 and 6 are respectively provided with outlets, and the finished tea is discharged from the outlets.
[0013] The first and second huiguo are 6CMG-63A tea roller huiguo machines produced by Xinchang County Yinqiu Machinery Co., Ltd.


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