Bicycle rear goods rack structure with panel integrally formed

A bicycle and rear shelf technology, applied in the field of bicycle rear shelf structure, can solve the problems of inconvenient disassembly and assembly, complicated production process, etc., and achieve the effect of simplifying the production process, ensuring strength, and convenient disassembly and assembly

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-02-12
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The panels of the bicycle rear racks currently on the market are frame structures, and the various part...
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The invention discloses a bicycle rear goods rack with a panel integrally formed. The bicycle rear goods rack with the panel integrally formed comprises the panel, supports, connecting rods, fixing blocks and elastic binding strap positioning pieces, wherein the supports are connected with the middle of the panel, the connecting rods are located at the bottom of the panel in front of the supports, the fixing blocks and the elastic binding strap positioning pieces are located at the lower ends of the supports, and the panel is of an integrally formed structure. The supports are divided into a front group and a rear group, beams are formed at the tops of the two groups of supports, and the panel and the beams are movably connected together through screws. Because the panel is of the integrally formed structure and movably connected with the supports through screws to replace a welded structure, not only is the production technology simplified, but also the bicycle rear goods rack with the panel integrally formed is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and meanwhile the strength of the bicycle rear goods rack is guaranteed.

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Luggage carriers

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Surface plateElectrical and Electronics engineering


  • Bicycle rear goods rack structure with panel integrally formed
  • Bicycle rear goods rack structure with panel integrally formed


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Example Embodiment

[0013] see figure 1 with figure 2 Shown: the bicycle rear rack with integrated panels of the present invention includes a panel 10, a bracket 20, a connecting rod 30, a fixing block 40, and an elastic band positioning piece 50, wherein the bracket 20 is divided into two groups of front and rear, two groups of brackets 20 They are arranged obliquely to each other, the top of which is formed with a crossbeam 21, the panel 10 is integrally stamped and formed by sheet metal, and the crossbeam 21 is movably connected with the crossbeam 21 by screws 11. The bottoms of the two sets of brackets 20 are respectively formed with parallel positioning feet 22, fixed blocks 40 is welded between the positioning legs 22 of the front and rear two sets of brackets 20, the elastic band positioning piece 50 is connected to the fixing block 40, and a positioning slot 51 is opened on it to cooperate with the elastic band hook, so that the elastic band can be fixed Live the items on the shelf.
[0014] The connecting rod 30 for connecting the front seat frame of the bicycle is hinged to the connecting seat 31 fixed at the bottom of the panel 10 so that the connecting rod 30 can swing up and down. In addition, in order to enhance the strength of the bracket 20, an auxiliary rod 60 is further provided between the front and rear sets of brackets 20, and the front and rear ends of the auxiliary rod 60 are respectively connected to the upper ends of the front and rear sets of brackets 20 by screws.
[0015] The above content is only a preferred embodiment of the present invention. For those of ordinary skill in the art, according to the idea of ​​the present invention, there will be changes in the specific implementation and the scope of application. limits.


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