Fixed mounting rack of automobile skylight framework

A technology for car sunroofs and mounting frames, applied to workbenches, manufacturing tools, etc., can solve problems affecting the normal installation of car sunroof frames, easy deformation of car sunroof frames, and easy assembly deviations, etc., to achieve convenient and fast take-out and novel structure , fast fix effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-11-12
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[0002] During the assembly process of the car sunroof, the car sunroof frame is first placed at the bottom, and the parts are assembled according to the installation process to form it. At present, the placement of the car sunroof frame has become a problem. If the car sunroof frame is down, the car sunroof The corners o...
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Method used

As shown in Figure 1, one side of described workbench 1 is provided with bayonet socket 11, is fastened with the part box 12 that cooperates groove to use in described bayonet port 11, and part box 12 can deposit some screws similar T...
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The invention provides a fixed mounting rack of an automobile skylight framework. The fixed mounting rack comprises an operating platform and a bracket, wherein the operating platform is fixed on the bracket; the operating platform adopts a square table top; a pair of screw holes with symmetrical sizes are formed in each position close to a table side on the square table top of the operating platform; a rubber gasket is arranged on each screw hole; screws matched with the screw holes are arranged in the rubber gaskets; a groove matched with an edge of the automobile skylight framework is formed in each rubber gasket in one side close to the edge of the square table top of the operating platform; a supporting rod is arranged on the bracket; a part platform is arranged on the supporting rod; a bayonet is formed in one side of the operating platform; a part box matched with the grooves is buckled in the bayonet; the operating platform is made of stainless steel. The fixed mounting rack has the advantages that the skylight framework is buckled on the rubber gaskets of the operating platform during the assembly of an automobile skylight, small parts are taken out from the part box when being required to be taken out, and the fixed mounting rack has a simple structure, is convenient and practical, can achieve rapid fixing, can further improve the production efficiency, has a novel structure, and is convenient to use, and is worth of promotion and use.

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Work benches

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  • Fixed mounting rack of automobile skylight framework


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Example Embodiment

[0009] The present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the drawings and specific embodiments.
[0010] The invention provides a fixed mounting frame for a car sunroof frame, such as figure 1 As shown, it includes a workbench 1 and a support 2. The workbench 1 is fixed on the support 2, wherein the desktop of the workbench 1 is a square desktop, and each of the square desktops 6 of the workbench 1 is provided with a pair of Symmetrically sized screw holes 3, wherein each screw hole 3 is provided with a rubber pad 4, the rubber pad 4 is provided with a screw 5 for use with the screw hole 3, and the rubber pad 4 is close to the square table top of the workbench 1. One side of the side of 6 is provided with a groove 8 that matches the side of the car sunroof frame 7. The bracket 2 is provided with a support rod 9, and the support rod 9 is provided with a parts table 10, which can store some simple car sunroofs The assembled small parts are easy to pick and place.
[0011] Such as figure 1 As shown, one side of the workbench 1 is provided with a bayonet 11, the bayonet 11 is buckled with a parts box 12 that is used with the groove. The parts box 12 can store some screw-like workpieces. During the assembly process It is convenient to pick and place, which can further reduce the assembly time and further improve the production efficiency. In order to keep the workbench 1 clean, the workbench is made of stainless steel.
[0012] In the process of assembling the automobile sunroof, the sunroof frame is buckled on the rubber pad of the workbench, which is convenient to use, and it is convenient and quick to take out small parts from the parts box. The structure of the invention is simple, convenient and practical. Fast fixation is achieved, and production efficiency can be further improved. The invention has a novel structure and convenient use, and is worthy of popularization.
[0013] The specific embodiments described in the present invention do not constitute a limitation to the scope of the application. Any modification, equivalent replacement and improvement that can be made by professionals in the field within the spirit and principle of the concept of the present invention shall be included in the present invention. Within the scope of protection of the invention.


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