Method of manufacturing mobile phone theme based on PSD analytic technique

A theme and mobile phone technology, applied in the field of making mobile phone themes based on PSD analysis technology, can solve the problems of less than demand, high rework rate, long production cycle of a single set of themes, etc., and achieve the effect of reducing the volume of the theme

Active Publication Date: 2015-09-09
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Problems solved by technology

This method leads to 1. The learning cost of theme production is high, and many designers quit directly
2. The theme rules are complicated, the production is prone to errors, and the re...
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Method used

5) by picture compression module, picture is car...
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The invention provides a method of manufacturing a mobile phone theme based on a PSD analytic technique. The method comprises the steps of: using a photoshop tool to carrying out modification design on a PSD template according to theme requirements of a manufacturer, and finishing the manufacturing of the theme; starting a theme manufacturing tool, and guiding the modified PSD template into a core PSD analysis module for analysis; guiding layer images out in batch; guiding word colors out; carrying out batch compression on the images; generating a .9 image format in accordance with theme displaying; matching the image format and the word color configuration format needed by the manufacturer theme; carrying out packing on the integrated image and word color configuration; finishing the theme manufacturing or calling a mobile phone theme preview tool; carrying out package structure analysis on generated packages; generating preview images for preview displaying of the theme style; and packing the preview images again, finally finishing the theme manufacturing. According to the invention, the PSD template is used, so that only the theme design is focused, complex theme manufacturing rules of each manufacturer need not to be learned specially, and the theme manufacturing of a plurality of manufacturers can be finished easily.

Application Domain

Geometric image transformation

Technology Topic

Lean manufacturingMobile phone +2


  • Method of manufacturing mobile phone theme based on PSD analytic technique
  • Method of manufacturing mobile phone theme based on PSD analytic technique


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Example Embodiment

[0027] The following describes in detail a method of making a mobile phone theme based on the PSD analysis technology of the present invention in conjunction with the embodiments and the drawings.
[0028] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 As shown, a method for making a mobile phone theme based on PSD analysis technology of the present invention is to make a PSD template through a set of general themes, a theme making tool based on PSD analysis technology to assist in making the theme, and a theme preview tool to achieve multiple Manufacturer theme preview. Including the following steps:
[0029] 1) Use photoshop tools to modify the design of the PSD template according to the manufacturer's theme requirements to complete the theme production;
[0030] 2) Start the theme creation tool and import the modified PSD template into the core PSD analysis module for analysis;
[0031] The theme creation tools include: core PSD analysis module, layer export module, text color export module, image compression module, .9 file compilation module, XML module, manufacturer theme rule matching module, and theme packaging module.
[0032] The core PSD parsing module includes the analysis of the following information in the PSD: document structure, file size, layer/directory size and configuration information, layer/directory name, layer information, font data (via psd-enginedata ). Wherein, the layer information includes color mode and bit depth, vector mask data, flattened image data, .9 picture format, and the font data includes text area content and font name, size and color.
[0033] 3) Through the layer export module, integrate the layer data obtained by PSD analysis, and export layer pictures in batches;
[0034] 4) Through the text color export module, integrate the text color obtained by PSD analysis to export the text color;
[0035] 5) Through the picture compression module, the pictures are compressed in batches to reduce the subject volume;
[0036] 6) Through the .9 file compilation module, batch compressed pictures are processed in batches. 9 compile processing to generate .9 picture formats that meet the needs of the theme display;
[0037] 7) Through the file management module, combined with the manufacturer's theme rule matching module, match the image format and text color configuration format required by the manufacturer's theme;
[0038] The manufacturer theme rule matching module encapsulates the complex theme rules of multiple manufacturers, and is to correspond each element in the PSD template with the mobile phone theme information of the element on each type of mobile phone. Use the configuration file record in XML format. The mobile phone theme information includes: picture name, picture path, picture format, picture size, and theme text color configuration information. Through the manufacturer theme rule matching module, the theme generated by a set of PSD template resources can be directly matched to multiple manufacturers.
[0039] 8) Through the theme packaging module, package the integrated picture and text color configuration;
[0040] 9) Determine whether there is a preview image in the theme package. If there is a preview image, directly package the preview image through the theme packaging module, and finally complete the theme production and end; if there is no preview image, connect the mobile phone through the USB interface and call the mobile theme preview tool;
[0041] The theme preview tool includes: a theme package analysis module, a theme interface display module, and a preview image automatic generation module.
[0042] 10) Analyze the package structure of the package generated in step 9) through the theme package analysis module in the theme preview tool;
[0043] 11) Realize the preview display of the theme style through the theme interface display module in the theme preview tool, and generate the preview image through the preview image automatic generation module;
[0044] 12) The preview image is sent back to the theme creation tool, and the preview image is repackaged through the theme packaging module. At this time, the theme package contains the preview image, and the theme production is finally completed.
[0045] The above is a detailed introduction to the method of making mobile phone themes based on PSD analysis technology provided by the present invention. Specific examples are used in the present invention to explain the structural principles and implementation modes of the present invention. The above embodiments are only used for To help understand the method and core idea of ​​the present invention; at the same time, for those of ordinary skill in the art, according to the idea of ​​the present invention, there will be changes in the specific implementation and the scope of application. In summary, the content of this specification It should not be understood as a limitation to the present invention.


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