Pneumatic clutch

A pneumatic clutch and air intake technology, applied in the field of clutches, can solve the problems of high cost, large transmission torque, small size and space, etc., and achieve the effects of long service life, low fuel consumption and cost saving

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[0002] The existing single-friction plate pneumatic clutch is large in size and high in cost, and can only be used with an additional rotary joint; in addition, the existing pneumatic spur clutch cannot be separated and combined freely without stopping the engine, and the operator misuses it. One time will damage the clutch, so this product is very easy to damage...
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The invention relates to a pneumatic clutch, which includes an inner ring and an outer ring. Splines are arranged on the outer ring of the inner ring. The splines are equipped with transmission discs and several white steel sheets in turn. A copper base is inserted between the several white steel sheets. For the friction plate, a transition ring and a support ring are arranged in turn on the side of the transmission disc on the inner ring, and an air inlet and an air outlet are arranged on the support ring, the air inlet and the air outlet are connected, and the air outlet points to the transition ring. The invention overcomes the disadvantages of the prior art, has simple design, reasonable structure, can be clutched at any time, and saves energy; it has the advantages of high wear resistance, long service life, low noise, low fuel consumption and cost saving during use.

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Fluid actuated clutchesActuators

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ClutchCopper +1


  • Pneumatic clutch
  • Pneumatic clutch
  • Pneumatic clutch


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Example Embodiment

[0012] With reference to the attached drawings, the pneumatic clutch includes an inner ring 1 and an outer ring 2. The inner ring 1 is provided with splines on the outer ring, and the splines are equipped with a drive disc 3 and several white steel plates 4 in sequence. , A copper-based friction plate 5 is inserted between the several white steel sheets 4, a butterfly spring 6 is provided between the white steel sheet 4 and the copper-based friction plate 5, and the copper-based friction plate 5 The inner ring 1 is provided with protrusions, and the side of the white steel sheet 4 on the inner ring 1 is connected to the outer ring 2 through a bearing 201. The inner ring of the outer ring 2 is provided with a groove, and the groove In conjunction with the protrusions of the copper-based friction plate 5, the inner ring 1 is provided with a transition ring 7 and a support ring 8 on the side of the transmission disc 3 in turn. The support ring 8 is provided with an air inlet 801 and The air outlet hole is connected with the air outlet hole, and the air outlet hole points to the transition ring 7; the support ring 8 is connected to the inner ring 1 through the bearing two 804; the transition ring 7 is connected to the transmission through the bearing three 701 The disk 3 is connected, and the transition ring 7 is connected to the support ring 8 through a number of O-rings 702 and pins 803; there are two O-rings 702, which are respectively arranged on two sides of the air outlet; the air inlet 801 is provided with a thread; the two ends of the pneumatic clutch are also provided with a hole retaining spring 101 and a shaft retaining spring 102.


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