Vehicle-mounted media system

A media and intelligent terminal technology, applied in the field of media information systems, can solve problems such as cumbersome and troublesome methods, inconvenience for users, and illegal duplication of paid audio, and achieve the effect of guaranteeing copyright and avoiding rumors

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[0003] And the existing way of listening to the audio is mostly to connect the downloaded audio to the multimedia device of the car through the U disk or the bluetooth of the mobile phone, but such a method is cumbersome and troublesome, which brings great inconvenience to the user.
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The invention provides a vehicle-mounted media system. The vehicle-mounted media system comprises an intelligent terminal, a media device and a cloud server. The intelligent terminal selects an audio on the internet and pushes the audio to the cloud server; the cloud server encrypts the audio, matches a media device consistent with an intelligent terminal account, and transmits the audio to the media device; and the media device automatically downloads and stores the audio. The media device comprises a virtual SIM card, a master controller, a memory and a voice player. The virtual SIM card, the memory and the voice player are connected with the master controller, and the virtual SIM card is communicated with the cloud server and downloads audio resources from the cloud server; and the master controller is further connected with a voice switch, the voice switch is connected with a car engine, the voice switch automatically turns on when the car engine starts, and the voice player automatically plays the downloaded audio. When using the vehicle-mounted media system, a user pushes the audio with one account in different devices, so that paid audio is not disclosed and the copyright is protected.

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[0014] The embodiments of the technical solution of the present invention will be described in detail below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings. The following embodiments are only used to explain the technical solutions of the present invention more clearly, and therefore are only used as examples, and cannot be used to limit the protection scope of the present invention.
[0015] It should be noted that, unless otherwise specified, the technical or scientific terms used in this application shall have the usual meaning understood by those skilled in the art to which the present invention belongs.
[0016] See figure 1 , The vehicle-mounted media system provided in this embodiment includes a smart terminal, a media device, and a cloud server. The smart terminal selects audio on the Internet and pushes the audio to the cloud server. The cloud server encrypts the audio and matches it with the smart terminal account. The corresponding media device transmits audio to the media device, and the media device downloads and stores the audio by itself.
[0017] The media device includes a virtual SIM card, a main controller, storage and a voice player. The virtual SIM card, storage and voice player are respectively connected to the main controller. The virtual SIM card communicates with the cloud server and downloads audio resources from the cloud server. ; The main controller is also connected with a voice switch, which is connected with the car engine, and the voice switch is automatically closed after the car engine is started. The media device is also equipped with a touch screen, which can perform read and write functions.
[0018] The use of the virtual SIM card gives users the right to freely switch the operator's network. Users can easily switch operators as they like according to the signal strength and cost performance between different operators. Secondly, the virtual SIM card can improve information security, and users will no longer be threatened by the theft or forced cracking of the SIM card.
[0019] The cloud server includes a storage unit, an encryption unit, and an account management unit. The storage unit is used to store audio pushed by the smart terminal, the encryption unit is used to encrypt the audio, and the account management unit is used to manage and match user accounts.
[0020] The main controller is also connected with a memory module, which is used to read and memorize the audio playback progress. The media device also includes a data deletion module, which is respectively connected to the memory module and the memory. After the memory module reads and plays the audio, the data deletion module is used to delete the audio data in the memory to save the storage space of the media device.
[0021] The data deletion module is also connected with the main controller to receive the control of the smart terminal to delete the data in the memory, and the user can delete it remotely.
[0022] Finally, it should be noted that the above embodiments are only used to illustrate the technical solutions of the present invention, but not to limit them; although the present invention has been described in detail with reference to the foregoing embodiments, those of ordinary skill in the art should understand: It is still possible to modify the technical solutions described in the foregoing embodiments, or equivalently replace some or all of the technical features; and these modifications or replacements do not make the essence of the corresponding technical solutions deviate from the technical solutions of the embodiments of the present invention. The scope shall be covered by the scope of the claims and specification of the present invention.


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