Indoor ultra-clean workbench of dust-free work room

A technology for ultra-clean workbenches and studios, applied in laboratory stools/laboratory benches, dispersed particle filtration, combined devices, etc., can solve problems such as heavy workbenches, inconvenient movement, and poor filtering effects, and achieve guaranteed Cleanliness, convenient mobile work, good filtering effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-08-21
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The ultra-clean workbench in the prior art only passes through primary filtration, and the filtering effect cannot meet ...
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The invention discloses an indoor ultra-clean workbench of a dust-free work room. The indoor ultra-clean workbench of the dust-free work room comprises a workbench body; an operating platform is arranged in the middle of the workbench body; an air inlet is formed in the top of the workbench body; the air inlet takes the shape of a round groove; an air inlet prefilter is arranged in the groove; anair channel is formed below the air inlet; a vertical air feeder is arranged in the air channel; an efficient filter is arranged below the vertical air feeder; an air outlet is formed below the efficient filter; the air outlet is positioned at the top of the operating platform; a lighting and sterilizing lamp is arranged on the inner side of the top of the operating platform; a glass baffle is arranged above the operating platform; a glass baffle push rod is arranged on the lower part of the glass baffle. The indoor ultra-clean workbench of the dust-free work room can shield the external air well, isolate dust and biological particles and guarantee the cleanness of the operating platform; meanwhile, the ultra-clean workbench is provided with an anti-static universal wheel, so that the moving work of the ultra-clean workbench is facilitated.

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Combination devicesDispersed particle filtration +2

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  • Indoor ultra-clean workbench of dust-free work room
  • Indoor ultra-clean workbench of dust-free work room
  • Indoor ultra-clean workbench of dust-free work room


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Example Embodiment

[0018] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and embodiments:
[0019] Such as Figure 1 to 4 As shown, an ultra-clean workbench in a dust-free studio includes a workbench body 1, an operating platform 6 is provided in the middle of the workbench body 1, and a transverse support rod 14 is provided below the workbench body 1. A visible glass window 15 is provided on the right side of the workbench body to facilitate observation. The top of the workbench body is provided with an air inlet 3 which is in the shape of a circular groove, and the groove is provided There is an air inlet pre-filter 3-1, an air passage 2 is provided below the air inlet 3, and a vertical blower 4 is provided in the air passage 2. The vertical blower 4 is produced by Zhongshan Naxin Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. A vertical blower, a high-efficiency filter 5 is arranged below the vertical blower 4, and the high-efficiency filter 5 includes an activated carbon adsorption layer 5-1, a medium-efficiency filter 5-2, and a HEPA high-efficiency filter layer 5-3 from above and below And the negative ion generator layer 5-4, an air outlet 8 is provided below the high efficiency filter 5, and the air outlet 8 is located on the top of the operation table 6, and the inner side of the operation 6 is provided with an illuminating germicidal lamp 9. A glass baffle 7 is provided on the side of the operating table 6, and a glass baffle push rod 7-1 is provided under the glass baffle 7
[0020] In order to facilitate movement, an anti-static universal wheel 13 is provided under the main body 1 of the workbench.
[0021] Furthermore, a socket 9 is provided on the left side of the console 6, a power cord outlet 11 is provided below, and a detachable debris drawer 12 is provided on the right side of the console 6 below.
[0022] In summary, the present invention achieves the intended purpose.


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