Cloud storage-oriented multi-keyword ciphertext retrieval method and system

A keyword, cloud storage technology, applied in the field of information security, can solve the problems of destroying the order relationship of data, difficult keys, and low efficiency of ciphertext query.

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-10-09
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Problems solved by technology

[0008] 1) The user's key management is complex
The existing technical solutions require the user to provide a data encryption and decryption key when encrypting, and a key with sufficient strength is difficult for the user to memorize
[0009] 2) Low efficiency of ciphertext query
Once the data is encrypted, the original sequence relationship of the data will be destroyed, making the original index mechanism no longer available. When the user searches, he has to retrieve all the ciphertexts, and after decryption, h...
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The invention relates to a cloud storage-oriented multi-keyword ciphertext retrieval method and system, and relates to the field of information safety. The system comprises a client, an encryption andciphertext retrieval cloud server and a cloud storage server, wherein the client is connected with the encryption and ciphertext retrieval cloud server and the cloud storage server, and is used for uploading ciphertext data to the cloud storage server, downloading the ciphertext data from the cloud storage server or updating the ciphertext data; the encryption and ciphertext retrieval cloud server is used for complexly storing data encryption secret keys and ciphertext indexes and executing ciphertext retrieval requests of the client; and the cloud storage server is formed by a plurality of server clusters. According to the method and system, a secret key management scheme with higher safety degree is provided so that multi-keyword ciphertext retrieval is supported.

Application Domain

TransmissionSpecial data processing applications

Technology Topic

Cloud storageComputer security +5


  • Cloud storage-oriented multi-keyword ciphertext retrieval method and system


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Example Embodiment

[0049] The present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the drawings and specific embodiments, but the scope of the present invention is not limited in any way.
[0050] In one embodiment of the present invention is a cloud storage-oriented multi-keyword ciphertext retrieval system. The system includes: a cloud storage server, an encryption and ciphertext retrieval cloud server, and a number of clients. The network is connected to the encryption and ciphertext retrieval cloud server and the cloud storage server; it can be connected via traditional Internet and mobile Internet, or via local area network and wide area network;
[0051] The client includes user management components, encryption and decryption components, key management components, client meta-information management components, client ciphertext index creation components, client plain and ciphertext query components, file preprocessing components, and word segmentation components. The function description is as follows:
[0052] 1) The user management component provides functions such as user registration, login check, and information management;
[0053] 2) The encryption and decryption component uses encryption algorithms to encrypt and decrypt files and indexes. The encryption algorithms used include but are not limited to DES, AES, RSA, RC4, BLOWFISH and other encryption algorithms;
[0054] 3) The key management component provides management functions for the user's master key, file encryption and decryption keys, and index encryption and decryption keys;
[0055] 4) The client-side meta-information management component is used to manage the meta-information of the file. The meta-information includes but is not limited to: file name, file path, file size, creation time, modification time, and judge whether the file is encrypted, the file owner, etc.;
[0056] 5) The client ciphertext index component is used to create an index of ciphertext files;
[0057] 6) The client plain and cipher text query component is a unified interface for users to perform multi-keyword plain and cipher text queries. It includes query processing subcomponents, query communication subcomponents, and query result display subcomponents;
[0058] 7) The file preprocessing component is used to convert different types of files into uniform format text files. Among them, the supported file types include but not limited to txt, html, doc, pdf, ppt, php;
[0059] 8) The word segmentation component uses the word segmenter to perform entry analysis on the text file output by the text preprocessing component to obtain plaintext keywords.
[0060] The encryption and ciphertext retrieval cloud server includes: a key management component, a ciphertext index storage component, a ciphertext index query processing component, and a metadata management component. The functions of each component are described as follows:
[0061] 1) The key management component is used to manage user keys and organization master keys;
[0062] 2) The ciphertext index storage component provides index maintenance functions, including functions such as merging, updating, and deleting ciphertext indexes, ciphertext index storage devices, and ciphertext index caching devices;
[0063] 4) The ciphertext index query processing component provides the function of processing user query requests, including the ciphertext query processing sub-component and the query result merging and sorting sub-component;
[0064] 5) Meta-information management component provides the function of user file meta-information management;
[0065] The cloud storage server side includes: a ciphertext data storage component for storing and processing encrypted user data, feeding back the encrypted file to the client according to the file ID requested by the user; receiving and storing the encrypted file submitted by the client User data.


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