Portable glasses case

A glasses case and portable technology, applied in the field of glasses cases, can solve the problems of laboriousness and easy clamping of users by the glasses case, and achieve the effects of convenient use, compact structure and collision avoidance.

Inactive Publication Date: 2019-05-28
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[0002] The glasses case is a must-have for storing glasses, but the glasses cases on the market are generally divided into an upper cover and a lower cover. When storing and takin...
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Method used

The beneficial effect of the present invention is: adopt the adsorption effect of magnet to cover box body and box cover, draw ring is convenient box body is pulled out and pulled in,...
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The invention discloses a portable glasses case. The portable glasses case comprises a case body and a case sleeve, wherein the case sleeve is provided with a through hole; the case body is arranged in the through hole of the case sleeve; the case sleeve and the case body are respectively provided with a first magnetic block and a second magnetic block which are magnetically attracted correspondingly; a cross beam is arranged in the middle of the case body; a groove for fixing a glasses frame is formed in the cross beam; and pull rings are arranged on two sides of the case body. The portable glasses case has the beneficial effects that the case body and the case sleeve are combined in a covering manner by the adsorption effect of the magnets, the case body can be conveniently pulled out and in by the pull rings, the portable glasses case is convenient to use, glasses can be protected from collision due to arrangement of an elastic sponge pad, the glasses can be fixed by the groove andis prevented from shaking, and the portable glasses case is small in structure and convenient to carry.

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Example Embodiment

[0015] In order to deepen the understanding of the present invention, the present invention will be described in further detail below in conjunction with embodiments and drawings. The embodiments are only used to explain the present invention and do not constitute a limitation on the protection scope of the present invention.
[0016] Such as figure 1 The portable glasses case shown includes a box body 1 and a box sleeve 2. The box sleeve 2 has a through hole, the box body 1 is arranged in the through hole of the box sleeve 2, and the box sleeve 2 and the box body 1 are both provided with Corresponding to the first magnetic block 3 and the second magnetic block 4 that are magnetically attracted, a cross beam 5 is provided in the middle of the box body 1, and the beam 5 is provided with a groove 6 for fixing the spectacle frame. There is a pull ring 7;
[0017] The first magnetic block 3 is located in the middle position of the box sleeve 2, and the second magnetic block 4 is located in the middle position of the box body 1;
[0018] The cross section of the box body 1 is a U-shaped structure;
[0019] Elastic sponge pads 8 are arranged on both sides of the inside of the box body 1.
[0020] The beneficial effects of the present invention are: the box body and the box cover are covered by the adsorption effect of the magnet, the pull ring is convenient to pull the box body in and out, the use is convenient, the setting of the elastic sponge pad can protect the glasses from collision, and the groove can The glasses are fixed to prevent shaking, and the structure is small and easy to carry.
[0021] The above are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, and are not intended to limit the present invention in any other form. Any modification or equivalent change made according to the technical essence of the present invention still belongs to the scope of protection claimed by the present invention. .


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