Automation-series silkworm breeding device

A series of silkworm excrement technology, applied in animal husbandry and other fields, can solve problems such as unevenness

Pending Publication Date: 2019-06-18
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The mulberry leaves are picked one by one, the silkworms are fed with mulberry leaves and sprinkled on the silkworm bed, the silkworm medicine is sprayed with a sprayer, t...
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The invention discloses automation-series silkworm breeding equipment designed for alleviating the labor intensity. Mulberry leaves can be quickly picked through a picking device and a leaf collectingnet, and one person can take over the work of 2-3 persons. A mulberry leaf dispersing device is involved, and simply by loading the mulberry leaves in a basket in the front of the dispersing device and starting a power switch, the dispersing device uniformly scatters the mulberry leaves on conveying sheets. After the conveying sheets arrive at a channel destination, control ropes on the conveyingsheets are automatically loosened, the sides, without sliding bearings, of the conveying sheets tilt downwards, then the mulberry leaves automatically fall onto a silkworm bed, the control ropes cooperate with a reversing rotation device to retract the tilting conveying sheets back to a starting point, and a collision tip isolates a power source for secondary starting. A water agent sprayer is changed for an automatic sprinkler when agent liquid is sprayed, a dry powder sprayer is changed for the automatic sprinkler when lime is spread, a sensor battery and other equipment are installed on acontaining hopper, and the containing hopper and the sprayer move forward for spraying or return along a channel simply by pressing a starting button of a remote control unit. A silkworm feces removing device is composed of a conveying belt and a roller broom, wherein the conveying belt runs transversely, the roller broom moves forwards straightly, after power is started, silkworm feces is swept onto the conveying belt through the roller broom, and then conveyed out of the silkworm bed through the conveying belt.

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Animal husbandry

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  • Automation-series silkworm breeding device
  • Automation-series silkworm breeding device
  • Automation-series silkworm breeding device


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Example Embodiment

[0015] 1. The mulberry leaf picker① is an open cylinder made of soft plastic, the upper part is small, the lower part is bigger, and the length is slightly longer than the palm of the hand. The soft plastic is used to avoid hurting the mulberry branch, and the index finger ring ② is placed on the index finger. Put the thumb ring ③ on the thumb. Spread out the two fingers during operation. The picker ① spreads and forks on the mulberry branch with force. The two fingers are folded into a cylinder and pushed down, the mulberry leaf falls off and falls on the mulberry branch. On the net ⑦, the slope of Sang Ye Shun the net fell and fell into the basket from the round hole in the center of the net. The leaf mesh ⑦ is woven from smooth rubber thread with a hole in it. The rigid tube of the leaf mesh ④ is a support to open the net. The mesh rope ⑤ passes through the tube, and the two joints cover the hook ⑥ Hang the hook ⑥ on the mulberry branch with a certain distance.
[0016] 2. Mulberry Leaf Disperser ① Put the mulberry leaves in the leaf basket ④, press the power start button, the leaf divider ⑦ will spread the mulberry leaves on the conveying sheet ②, and the teeth of the paddle wheel are stuck on both ends of the conveying sheet ② In the push hole ④, the conveying sheet ② is pushed forward with the power of the vane ⑦. There are sliding bearings at both ends of the conveying sheet. The bearings are placed on both sides of the channel ①. The conveying sheet ② can move back and forth on the channel with the traction of the power. A reverser is installed behind the power ⑧, the conveying sheet ② sends the mulberry leaves to the end of the silkworm platform, the control rope ⑤ is relaxed, and the bearing-less side of the conveying sheet ② tilts down, and the mulberry leaves will automatically fall on the silkworm bed. The control rope ⑤ is tightened by the reverser, and the inclined side of the conveying sheet returns to its original position. Return to the starting point with the inverter. The last piece of the conveying sheet ② is equipped with a collision slightly to knock the power source away and separate the power source. The next time you feed silkworms, press the start button to complete all the work of feeding silkworms.
[0017] 3. Automatic sprinkler, the hopper ① is carried by two steel bars with sliding wheels, and the sliding wheels ③ are placed on the channel. (The channel and the channel of the splitter are the same channel), the hopper ① is installed at the bottom with a spray nozzle ② aqua spray nozzle ⑤ is dedicated to spraying silkworm medicine, and the dry powder nozzle ⑥ is dedicated to spraying lime for disinfection. The nozzle ② can be used as needed replace. The hopper ① is equipped with batteries and sensors, and moves back and forth on the channel under the command of the remote controller ⑦.
[0018] 4. The silkworm waste remover is composed of conveyor belt ① roller broom ②, power drives steering gear group ③ movement (bevel tooth and flat tooth) roller broom sweeps silkworm waste to the conveyor belt ① roller broom ② is forward. The horizontally moving conveyor belt ① sends the silkworms swept by the broom out of the silkworm bed. The power can be automatic or remote control, and the operation is carried out with the hard edge of the silkworm bed. The dotted line ④ in the figure is the shape of the toilet cleaner.


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