Multifunctional writing pen and use method thereof

A writing pen and multi-functional technology, applied in the field of writing pens, can solve the problems of inconvenient use, work and study affecting efficiency, single function, etc., and achieve the effect of ensuring stability, convenient use, and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2021-05-04
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] Pen is an indispensable writing utensil for people, but the existing pens on the market have a single function, which is only used for ...
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Method used

Wherein, connecting post 8 is plugged with correction fluid bottle 10 away from the side of penholder 1, and the outside of connecting post 8 and is positioned at the side of correction fluid bottle 10 and is plugged with first marking pen 11, and connecting post 8 is outside and is positioned at A second marker pen 12 is plugged into the side of the correction fluid bottle 10 away from the first marker pen 11 , which...
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The invention discloses a multifunctional writing pen and a using method thereof. The multifunctional writing pen comprises a pen holder, a mounting cavity, a connecting column and ejectors, wherein the pen holder is sleeved with an anti-skid sleeve, the mounting cavity is formed in the pen holder, one end of the pen holder is fixedly connected with the connecting column, and the ejectors are symmetrically and fixedly connected to the side, away from the pen holder, of the connecting column. The multifunctional writing pen is novel in conception, simple, compact and reasonable in structure and multipurpose; a pen point is made of a Hold material and can be replaced, so that the use stability can be ensured; an intelligent chip is installed in the pen and can position the pen, and meanwhile, the simple communication function is achieved; and the ejectors arranged at the tail of the pen can drive the pen to fly in a short distance, and a whole pen body is made of ultra-light resin materials and conforms to the ergonomic pen grip design, so that the pen is convenient to use.

Application Domain

Mechanical clocksMultiple-point writing implements

Technology Topic

Electrical and Electronics engineeringMechanical engineering +1


  • Multifunctional writing pen and use method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0024]A multi-function writing pen, including pen lever 1, mounting chamber 5, connecting post 8, injector 9, pen bar 1 outer sleeve is provided with a non-slip sleeve 3 bar 1 inside open having a mounting chamber 5, the pen stop 1 is fixed to the connection column 8 The connecting post 8 is distinguished from one side of the pen lever 1 to be attached to the injector 9.
[0025]Among them, the pen stop is connected to one end of the connecting post 8, and the pen head 2 is made of tungsten alloy material.
[0026]Among them, the pen is made of titanium alloy material.
[0027]Among them, the injector 9 is less than fifteen cm, and the cruise time is not less than 40 minutes, and the pen can be moved and do not need to carry it with you.
[0028]Among them, the anti-skating sleeve 3 is inlaid with clock 4, which is convenient for timing.
[0029]Wherein, the mounting chamber 5 is fixedly connected to the adjustment switch 6, and the adjustment switch 6 has seven gear positions, which is convenient to adjust the use of the pen to improve the use of the pen.
[0030]The mounting chamber 5 is inside and is located on one side of the adjustment switch 6, and the smart chip 7 is fixed, and the position of the pen can be positioned, and the call function can also be implemented.
[0031]Among them, the connecting post 8 is inserted from the side of the pen lever 1 and the connecting liquid bottle 10 is applied, and the connection post 8 is inserted with a first marker pen 11, and the connecting column 8 is outside the connecting post 8 and is located in the altered liquid bottle. 10 is moving away from the first marker pen 11 with a second marker pen 12, which is convenient to mark and modify the font.
[0032]Method of use of multi-function writing pen, including the following steps:
[0033]S1, when writing a pen, you are positioned by the smart chip 7 to position the chip position carrying the user, and then the pens is rapidly transmitted to the user through the Hollyz Mountain injector 9;
[0034]S2, in use, the user can adjust the writing speed of the pen according to the adjustment switch 6, or can be replaced according to the use requirements;
[0035]S3, when marking is required, the tail of the connecting post 8 is inserted with the first oscillator pen 11 and the second omentary pen 12, which is convenient for red-blue zoning marks, and also with the altered liquid bottle 10, convenient for modification.
[0036]Among them, the head 2 is inserted and a pile is inserted, and one end of the socket is fixedly connected to the red light single point indicator.


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