Concentrating and drying equipment for producing L-prolinamide

A technology for concentrating drying and prolineamide, which is applied in separation methods, climate sustainability, chemical instruments and methods, etc., can solve the problems of low processing efficiency and poor drying temperature control accuracy, and achieves improved heating uniformity and rapid heating. Concentration, the effect of improving the efficiency of heating and concentration

Active Publication Date: 2021-07-16
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The existing drying equipment has low processing eff...
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Method used

[0017] The baffle plate 8 is provided with an arc-shaped concave surface 18 toward the first side of the cavity 4, and the two sides of the arc-shaped concave surface 18 are provided with guide grooves 19. After the raw material liquid is sprayed onto the arc-shaped concave surface 18, the arc-shaped concave surface ...
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The invention discloses concentrating and drying equipment for producing L-prolinamide. The equipment comprises a tank body, wherein a driving motor is mounted at the bottom of the tank body through a bracket, an output shaft of the driving motor is connected with a cavity, the top of the cavity is connected with a liquid inlet pipe through a rotary joint, a plurality of liquid outlet pipes are arranged on the side wall of the cavity, a plurality of baffles are annularly distributed in the tank body and located on the outer side of the cavity, a confluence groove is formed in the bottom, located on the inner sides of the baffles, of the tank body, and a heater is installed at the bottom of the tank body. According to the concentrating and drying equipment, defects in the prior art can be overcome, and the concentrating and drying efficiency of L-prolinamide is improved.

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Evaporator accessoriesChemical industry

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Electric machineryDrive motor +3


  • Concentrating and drying equipment for producing L-prolinamide
  • Concentrating and drying equipment for producing L-prolinamide
  • Concentrating and drying equipment for producing L-prolinamide


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Example Embodiment

[0016] Refer Figure 1-3 One embodiment of the present invention includes a can body 1, and the can body 1 is attached to the drive motor 3 by the bracket 2, and the air cavity 4 is connected to the output shaft of the drive motor 3, and the top of the cavity 4 is connected by the rotary joint 5. The liquid tube 6, the side wall of the cavity 4 is provided with a plurality of outlet tubes 7, and the inner ring arrangement of the can body has several baffle 8, and the baffle 8 is located outside the cavity 4, the canister located inside the baffle 8. The body 1 is provided with a bus groove 9, and a heater 10 is mounted at the bottom of the can body 1. The bottom of the can body 1 is fixed with a hollow slot 11, and the baffle 8 is inserted into the hollow slot 11, and there is a gap between adjacent baffles 8, and the angle of adjacent baffle 8 is 130 °. A thermally conductive sheet 12 is provided in the hollow slot 11. The outer end of the liquid tube 7 is in the outer end of the extension tube 13, and the inner wall of the extension tube 13 is provided with a spiral guide groove 14. The cone groove 9 is a tapered, and a stirred blades 15 are mounted in the bus tank 9, and a rotary electric machine 16 is attached to the bottom of the stirring blade 15. The top of the stirring blades 15 is fixed with a wire mesh layer 17.
[0017] The baffle 8 is provided with an arcuate concave surface 18 toward the first side of the cavity 4, and a guide groove 19 is provided on both sides of the curved concave surface 18. After the raw material liquid is sprayed into the curved concave surface 18, the curved concave surface 18 can be uniformly dispersed on both sides, and then the raw material that is not sufficiently concentrated is flowing downward by the guide groove 19, and finally collected in the bus tank 9. The extension effect of the baffle 8 on the raw material can be further improved.
[0018] The basic principles and main features of the present invention will be described above and described above and the advantages of the present invention. Those skilled in the industry will be appreciated that the present invention is not limited by the above embodiments, and the above-described embodiments and descriptions are intended to illustrate the principles of the present invention, and the present invention will also have the present invention. Various changes and improvements, these changes and improvements have fallen within the scope of the claimed invention. The invention requires the scope of protection by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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