Construction method for manufacturing reinforcement cage by seam welder for highway engineering

A technology of rolling welding machine and steel cage, which is applied in the field of road and bridge engineering, can solve problems such as poor stability, and achieve the effects of improving stability, ensuring service strength, and improving engineering quality

Inactive Publication Date: 2021-09-24
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[0009] Aiming at the deficiencies in the prior art, the present invention provides a steel cage manufacturing method...
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The invention provides a construction method for manufacturing a reinforcement cage by a seam welder for highway engineering. The construction method comprises the following steps that non-rusted longitudinal reinforcements are mounted on the seam welder; the non-rusted stirrups are connected into a feeding mechanism of the seam welder, so that the stirrups are wound around the longitudinal steel bars through the seam welder; after multiple circles of stirrups are wound, the distance between every two adjacent stirrups is checked; the stirrups are welded to the longitudinal steel bars; whether the stirrups are in close contact with the longitudinal steel bars or not is checked; a welding spot detection unit is used for checking the welding spot, and whether the welding spot is fully welded or not is checked; and the manufacture of the reinforcement cage is completed. According to the construction method for manufacturing the reinforcement cage through the seam welder for the highway engineering, the problems that in the prior art, the distance between stirrups is neglected, and welding spots cannot be checked normatively are solved; and the quality problem caused by production is avoided by utilizing a reasonable and standard production construction method and using the welding spot detection unit, the use strength of the reinforcement cage is guaranteed, and the engineering quality is improved.

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  • Construction method for manufacturing reinforcement cage by seam welder for highway engineering
  • Construction method for manufacturing reinforcement cage by seam welder for highway engineering
  • Construction method for manufacturing reinforcement cage by seam welder for highway engineering


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Example Embodiment

[0054] The technical solutions in the present invention will be further described below with reference to the accompanying drawings and examples.
[0055] like figure 1 As shown, a reinforcing method for the production of a rolling welding machine for highway engineering is proposed for the embodiment of the present invention, including the following steps:
[0056] S1: Before installed longitudinal steel bars, check whether the longitudinal reinforcing bib 6 is rust, and obtains the longitudinal reinforced steel bar 6;
[0057] S2: Install the unfolded longitudinal steel 6 on the rollerker;
[0058] S3: Check the truss 5 if the truntele 5 is rolled before the foil 5 is connected to the welding machine, and obtain uncontholate 5;
[0059] S4: Access unorced and ribs 5 access the feed mechanism of the rollerner, so that the roller welding machine is wound around the ribs 6;
[0060] S5: After the multi-clamp 5 is rotated, the spacing of the adjacent rib 5 is inspected, and when the spacing does not meet the preset standard, the spacing of the adjacent rib 5 is adjusted until the preset criterion is convoigured;
[0061] S6: Welding the hoop 5 on the longitudinal reinforcement 6;
[0062] S7: Artificial inspection of the hoop 5 is in close contact with the longitudinal reinforcement 6;
[0063] S8: Check the solder joint 7 by the solder joint detection unit, check whether the solder joint 7 is welded;
[0064] S9: After checking the above steps, complete the preparation of the steel cage.
[0065] Further, in the S5, the spacing of the adjacent punch 5 is checked, and the specific steps are as follows:
[0066] S51: Take the distance between the adjacent punch 5 by the tape measure.
[0067] S52: Mark 5 with a hoop 5 with a yellow lacquer;
[0068] S53: Returning the hoop 5 marked in S52 and rewinds it.
[0069] Further description as the above technical solution:
[0070] In the S52, the marked position is located on the surface of the longitudinal reinforcing bar 6.
[0071] like figure 2 , image 3 , Figure 4 , Figure 5 As shown in S8, the solder joint detecting unit includes: two support 1, connecting rod 2, strong light emitter 3, photosensitive resistance 4, and pass grooves 101; the cross section of the support 1 is L-type The connecting rod 2 is disposed on the outer wall of the support 1, and two of the supports 1 are disposed opposite and up and down, the strong light emitter 3 is disposed on a surface of a support 1, the photosensitive resistor 4 The surface of the other support 1 is provided, the strong light transmitter 3 is disposed opposite the photosensitive resistor 4, the pass groove 101 being opened on the surface of the support 1, the passage 101 for inserting hoop Rib 5, the solder joint detecting unit further includes a controller, a control terminal of the strong light emitter 3, and a signal output terminal of the controller, the signal output of the photosensitive resistor 4 and the controller Signal input connection.
[0072] Further, the specific steps of using the solder joint detection unit are as follows:
[0073] S81: Two of the brackets 1 are simultaneously placed from above and below the solder joint 7, and the tribute 5 is located within the passage 101;
[0074] S82: Start the strong light emitter 3, the solder joint 7 is irradiated with strong light, the solder joint 7 blocks the portion of the light, and the unbamped light is received by the photosensitive resistance 4;
[0075] S83: The photosensitive resistor 4 transmits the signal to the controller, the controller to analyze the signal input by the photoresist 4.
[0076] Among them, the specific steps of preparing the solder joint detection unit are:
[0077] S811: When the solder joint detection unit is fabricated, the surface of the support 1 is partitioned;
[0078] S812: Sets a separate optical sensor 4 in each region, and a plurality of separate optical sensor 4 are connected to different interfaces of the controller, respectively.
[0079] The analytical process of the controller is:
[0080] SK1: The photosensitive resistance 4 interface of the controller is marked in accordance with Q1, Q2, Q3 ... Qn;
[0081] SK2: The plurality of the photosensitive resistor 4 are tightly arranged, and the area of ​​each of the photosensitive resistors 4 is 1 mm. 2;
[0082] SK3: Set Q1 and Q2 to signal generated by the edge of the photosensitive resistor 4, when Q1 and Q2 generate a signal, demonstrate that the glare transmitter 3 is operating normally;
[0083] SK4: The remaining photosensitive resistor 4 is provided between two edge photosensitive resistors 4;
[0084] SK5: When the signal is generated non-Q1 and Q2, the solder joint 7 is proved to be welded, which is welded.
[0085] When the controller judges that the solder joint 7 is non-filled, the signal is immediately issued, and the movement of the horn welder is immediately transmitted so that the worker can repair the solder joint 7 in time.
[0086] It should be noted that the welding step of the steel cage and the welding requirements should be implemented in accordance with the current national standard, the JGJ18-2012 "Reinforcing Bar Welding and Acceptance Regulations", the preparation requirements of steel cages should be based on national standard GB50202-2018 "construction foundation foundation construction Gas acceptance standards "and GB / T 1499.2-2018 steel steel for reinforced concrete.
[0087] In summary: The present invention provides a reinforcing mandatory circuit for highway engineering, which solves the problem of neglecting the spacing between the strokes 5 in the prior art, and the problem of inspection of the solder joint 7 is not specified. Using reasonable standardized production methods and the use of solder joint detection units to avoid quality problems due to production, the stability of structures is improved, and the use of steel cages is guaranteed, and the quality of engineering is improved.
[0088] Not, the above embodiments are intended to illustrate the technical solutions of the present invention, not limiting, although the present invention will be described in detail, and those skilled in the art will appreciate that the technical solutions of the present invention can be carried out. Modify or equivalent replacement without departing from the spirit and scope of the technical solutions of the invention, which should be included in the scope of the claims.


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