Animal trap cage

A technology for trapping and trapping animals, applied in the field of animal trapping cages, which can solve the problems of animals rushing through the door and escaping, and achieves the effect of low production cost, not easy to damage, and conducive to promotion

Active Publication Date: 2010-01-13
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[0002] Most of the existing animal trapping devices use spring flap devices to trap animals. CN101176443A is a net-type mouse trap, which consists of upper and lower grille cover pl...
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The invention relates to an animal trap cage which comprises an upper and a lower grating cover plates, a left and a right grating side plates, a front and a rear grating door plates, and a cage body formed by movably connecting cage pillars; wherein a door opening is reserved on the front grating door plate and is provided with an arc-shaped bridge, the two sides of which are respectively provided with blocking fences, and the two ends of the blocking fences are respectively connected on the upper and the lower grating cover plates; the top of the door opening is articulated with door leaves, the bottom end of which is contacted with the arc-shaped bridge under the action of gravity; a hole of the door opening is provided with the at least two door leaves which can movably rotate, each door leaf is formed by reticular grids, and the lower end of the door leaf is provided with long burr. By adopting the scheme, the trapped animals can not easily escape, and the animals also can be caught when in the escaping process; furthermore, the animal trap cage has the advantages of long service life, lower cost and being capable of trapping animals in batches.

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  • Animal trap cage
  • Animal trap cage


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[0017] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings, see attached figure 1 And figure 2 , The preferred embodiment of the present invention: the upper and lower grille cover plates 1, 2, left and right grille side plates 3, 4, and the front grille door plate 5 and cage pillars made of iron wire, steel wire or other flexible materials 9 is movably connected to form a cage. One end of the rear gate plate 6 is welded to the bottom surface of the cage column 9 with a soft iron sheet. At the upper end of the cage column 9 in contact with the rear gate plate 6, a pin hole is opened at the same position When in use, the latch 16 connects the rear gate door panel 6 with the cage column 9 through the latch hole. A door hole 7 is reserved on the front grille door panel. An arc bridge 8 is provided under the door hole 7, and both sides of the arc bridge 8 are equipped with barriers. The two ends of the barrier are connected to the upper and lower grille cover plates 1, 2 respectively. The top of the door hole 7 is provided with a rotating shaft 14 on which two movable door leaves are suspended. image 3 , Figure 4 , Figure 5 , The first door leaf 10 is hinged with the rotating shaft 14 with a movable hook 12, and the second door leaf 11 is hinged on the grid of the first door leaf 10 with another movable hook 17. The lower end of the door leaf is provided with a stab, and the end with the stab is in gravity Under the action, the first door leaf 10 and the second door leaf 11 that conflict with the curved bridge 8 are in a certain angle relationship with the curved bridge 8, so that the door leaf will become longer, which can increase the difficulty of opening the door leaf after the animal enters the cage. ; Under the curved bridge 8 is provided with a food plate 15, the upper grille cover 1 is located in the cage on one side with a baffle 13 that can touch the door leaf, the function of the baffle 13 is: when the animal enters the cage, It can prevent the stab at the lower end of the door leaf from crossing the upper grille cover 1 to prevent the door leaf from falling; when the animal opens the second door 11 and prepares to impact the first door 10, the baffle 13 provides a support point to make the The two doors 11 are jointly supported by the baffle 13 and the first door 10 to produce a barrier, which enhances the impact resistance of the door leaf.
[0018] Preferred embodiment two: on the basis of the first embodiment, one end of the movable hook 17 is welded to the end of the second door leaf 11 without a stab, the other end of the movable hook 17 is directly hinged with the rotating shaft 14, and the second door leaf 11 is longer than The first door leaf 10.
[0019] On the basis of increased costs or needs, the grille that composes the door leaf can continue to increase.
[0020] The above-mentioned embodiments are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, and are not intended to limit the scope of implementation of the present invention. Therefore, all changes made in accordance with the shape and principle of the present invention should be covered by the protection scope of the present invention.


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