Dampening device of lithographic machine

A technology of printing presses and lithography, applied in the direction of lithographic rotary printing machines, printing machines, rotary printing machines, etc., can solve the problems of increasing the cost of printing enterprises, and achieve the effect of reducing the adhesion of paper powder and reducing costs

Inactive Publication Date: 2010-09-29
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For most printing companies, if they want to print with two different dampening methods for different paper qualities, t...
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After putting on water velvet cover 601 on water bucket roller 501, water dampening solution can be passed on metering roll 502 from water bucket 101 smoothly, and water velvet cover 602 can be...
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The invention discloses a dampening device of a lithographic machine. The dampening device comprises a bailer, a water foundation roller partly arranged in the bailer, a metering roller contacted with the water foundation and a form damping roller one side of which is connected with the metering roller and the other side of which is contacted with a dampening vibrator, wherein the form damping roller is contacted with a plate cylinder, and the water foundation roller and the form damping roller are sleeved with molletons. In the invention, the printing way of water dampening can be realized by slightly changing an alcohol dampening device, thus printing enterprises do not have to allocate specific water dampening machines, thereby saving the cost of the printing enterprises.

Application Domain

Rotary lithographic machines

Technology Topic

Printing pressPlanographic printing +1


  • Dampening device of lithographic machine
  • Dampening device of lithographic machine
  • Dampening device of lithographic machine


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Example Embodiment

[0017] Such as figure 1 As shown, the dampening device of the lithographic printing machine of the present invention is an improvement on the alcohol dampening device. The improvement is to remove the middle roller, and put a water lint cover 601 on the water bucket roller 501 and the water roller 504 , 602. The specific method is to choose a water bucket roller with a diameter of 4.5mm smaller than that of the alcohol dampening device, and then put on a 140-pin dampening sleeve 601, and choose a dampening roller with a diameter larger than that of the alcohol dampening device. A dampening roller with a small diameter of 4.5mm, and a 126-pin velvet cover 602 on it.
[0018] Putting the dampening sleeve 601 on the water bucket roller 501 can smoothly transfer the dampening solution from the water bucket 101 to the metering roller 502. The dampening sleeve 602 on the dampening roller 504 can remove the The paper powder is taken away, reducing the adhesion of paper powder on the printing plate cylinder, so that the printing can proceed smoothly.
[0019] With the above structure, compared with the original alcohol dampening device, the dampening device of the present invention has obvious advantages in terms of printing products with poor paper. The following is the usage of two dampening devices:
[0020] 1. When using alcohol dampening device
[0021] 1. The monthly cost of alcohol and fountain solution will increase by about 120,000 yuan;
[0022] 2. Due to too much paper powder, the blanket must be scrubbed when printing about 1000 sheets, otherwise the printing quality will be seriously reduced due to paper powder;
[0023] 3. Because the cost of bottled purified water is high and the water processor is not durable, the user needs 3 days to remove calcium when using tap water, otherwise the ink will not be ink due to the glaze of the ink roller, and the printing quality will be serious.
[0024] 2. After using the dampening device of the present invention
[0025] 1. The printing quality when the paper is poor can be between alcohol dampening printing and intermittent dampening printing;
[0026] 2. Because alcohol and fountain solution are not used, only tap water and fountain powder are used, which greatly reduces the cost by about 120,000;
[0027] 3. Even if the paper powder is too much, the blanket needs to be scrubbed when printing 8000-10000 sheets;
[0028] 4. There is no strict requirement on water, and it is no longer necessary to decalcify (the price of decalcifying machine with better quality is also very high).
[0029] 5. When printing products with poor paper quality, the printing output increased by 140%.
[0030] In summary, the dampening device of the present invention only slightly improves the alcohol dampening device to realize the water dampening method. From another point of view, the same device can be used to achieve two dampening methods, as long as simple replacement Water roller is sufficient. For products with good paper quality and high printing requirements, use alcohol rollers (water bucket rollers and landing rollers with thick diameters), and replace water rollers with poor paper quality (water bucket rollers and water landing rollers with fine diameters). Put on a velvet cover for both).
[0031] After comparison with actual use, the improvement of the dampening device of the present invention is an excellent solution for value-added printing in the current low-margin printing market. Because it uses less (relatively fewer jobs with high prints) or does not use alcohol, It also meets the requirements of environmentally friendly and ecological printing and reducing carbon emissions.
[0032] The above-mentioned specific implementations are only exemplary, and are intended to better enable those skilled in the art to understand this patent, and cannot be understood as a limitation on the scope of this patent, as long as it is any equivalent change made in accordance with the spirit disclosed in this patent. Or modification, all fall within the scope of this patent.


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